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19 Mar 2024

Space News

SpaceVIP to offer a luxury dining experience in space

SpaceVIP, a premier space travel company, is set to provide food connoisseurs and space enthusiasts with an unparalleled dining experience in the stratosphere.

11 Mar 2024


What astronauts do when they're not working

Out there in Space, astronauts face big challenges, but guess what? They've got some pretty cool ways to have fun too!

30 Nov 2023


'Cosmos' to 'Black Holes': Best documentaries on space 

If you are an astrophile, a space enthusiast, obsessed with the theory and beauty of the cosmos, then you are in the perfect place.

17 Jul 2023

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic announces crew for first private passenger flight

Virgin Galactic is all set to take paying customers to space now.

26 Oct 2021


This company couldn't find paying billionaires for trip to space

Were you praying you would witness the day no billionaire wanted to pay for a trip to space? Well, that day is here.