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16 Sep 2020

Donald Trump

He's taking something: Trump reiterates claim of Biden taking drugs

Questioning the mental acuity of his opponent Joe Biden once again, United States President Donald Trump indicated on Tuesday that the Democrat leader could be taking drugs to improve his performance during debates.

08 Apr 2020

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders drops out of US Presidential race

United States Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday suspended his campaign for the 2020 Presidential elections.

Iowa caucus: Gay US presidential candidate Buttigieg takes early lead

The Democratic candidate for United States President, Pete Buttigieg, took an early lead in Iowa's caucuses, as per partial data released for Monday's caucus tallies.

Guy, whose expressions in Trump-rally went viral, removed from seat

Donald Trump's rally on Thursday in Montana was just like any other, hats of 'Make America Great Again' dotted the venue, and everyone seemed enthusiastic. Except one guy wearing a plaid shirt.

04 Nov 2017

Donald Trump

Top Democratic senator agrees her party rigged nomination for Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren has agreed that the Democratic party "rigged" its primary for Hillary Clinton to help her secure the presidential nomination.

24 Aug 2016


The Clinton 'body count': Several mysterious deaths

Multiple reports in the U.S. media suggest nearly three dozen people associated with the Clintons have met with untimely deaths in often suspicious circumstances.