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20 Jun 2024

Dalai Lama

PM Modi meets US Congressional delegation, including Nancy Pelosi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted a meeting with a bipartisan United States delegation, led by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, on Thursday.

17 Jun 2024

Joe Biden

Explained: Why is US's Jake Sullivan's visit to India important

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser to United States President Joe Biden is on a visit to India starting Monday.

30 Mar 2024


US Congress restricts staff from using Microsoft's Copilot: Here's why

The US House of Representatives has prohibited its staff members from using Microsoft's AI-driven chatbot, Copilot, according to a report by Axios.

US: University of Pennsylvania president resigns amid antisemitism controversy

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) President M Elizabeth Magill resigned from her post on Saturday (local time) amid intense criticism for appearing to dodge a question on campus antisemitism.

UPenn loses $100m donation amid controversy over university presidents' testimony

The University of Pennsylvania or UPenn lost a $100 million grant after the university's president Elizabeth Magill's testimony before the US Congress regarding antisemitism on campus sparked controversy.

08 Dec 2023

Joe Biden

Hunter Biden now charged with tax evasion of $1.4 million

Hunter Biden, the son of United States (US) President Joe Biden, has been indicted on nine tax charges in California. This is the second criminal case against Hunter.

13 Nov 2023

Joe Biden

US government shutdown looms despite compromise plan

As the United States (US) government moves toward a possible shutdown, House Speaker Mike Johnson presented a compromise proposal that excludes stringent conservative demands such as reducing expenditure and limiting immigration.

US Congress passes stopgap measure to prevent government shutdown

The United States (US) Congress gave its go-ahead to a "stopgap funding bill" on Saturday to avert a damaging government shutdown and keep federal agencies running until mid-November.

30 Sep 2023


Ether linked to last year's FTX hack begins moving

Millions worth of ether linked to an FTX account drainer have been spotted in transactions in blockchain data.

US Congress green-lights India-US fighter jet engine deal

The United States (US) Congress on Wednesday approved a deal with India that will allow American conglomerate General Electric (GE) to jointly produce engines for military aircraft in India.

Pentagon aware of UFOs for decades: Whistleblowers tell US Congress

On Wednesday, three US military veterans told Congress that the government knows more about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) than it is telling the public.

US Congress's historic hearing on UFOs: Key takeaways

The US House of Representatives witnessed the most anticipated Congressional hearing in a long time. The publicly telecasted hearing was about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).

US Congress to hold hearing on UFOs: What to expect

The United States House of Representatives will hear testimonies from witnesses regarding unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) later today.

23 Jun 2023

Narendra Modi

India celebrates all faiths: PM Modi at US Congress

Addressing the joint session of the United States (US) Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said India celebrates all faiths as diversity is the natural way of life in the country.

20 Jun 2023

Narendra Modi

Who is the Indian-American entrepreneur set to escort PM Modi

Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar will escort Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his joint address to the United States Congress on Thursday.

07 Jun 2023

Narendra Modi

PM Modi accepts invite to address US Congress 2nd time

PM Narendra Modi has accepted the invitation of United States (US) House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to address a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington on June 22.

Spouses of H-1B workers can work in US, rules judge

In a huge relief to foreign workers, especially Indians, a United States (US) district judge ruled that the spouses of H-1B visa holders are eligible to work in the country.

25 Mar 2023

Congress Party

Indian-American Congressman seeks Modi's intervention to reverse Rahul Gandhi's disqualification  

An influential member of the United States House of Representatives, Ro Khanna, has reacted sharply to the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from the Indian Parliament.

20 Dec 2022

Donald Trump

Congressional panel probing Capitol riot recommends criminal charges against Trump

After an investigation into last year's US Capitol riots, a House of Representatives select committee unanimously recommended four criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

13 Dec 2022


Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas; to be extradited

Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced founder and former CEO of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has been arrested in the Bahamas.

30 Nov 2022


China warned US officials against interfering in Indo-China matters: Pentagon

China has warned the officials of its arch-rival US to not interfere in its relationship with India, the Pentagon claimed in its annual report submitted to the US Congress.

16 Nov 2022

Donald Trump

US: Donald Trump launches presidential campaign for 2024 elections

Former United States (US) President Donald Trump officially declared his candidacy and launched his campaign for the 2024 presidential elections at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Tuesday night.

13 Nov 2022

Joe Biden

Democrats retain control of US Senate after key mid-term polls

Amid widely predicted loss for Joe Biden-led Democratic Party in the mid-term elections in United States, the party has managed to control the Senate.

US midterm election results: Tight contest between Democrats, Republicans

The counting of votes for the US midterm elections got underway on Wednesday, which will in turn decide the composition of the US Congress — the federal legislature.

US: Why are midterm elections crucial for President Joe Biden?

The midterm elections of the US scheduled for Tuesday are said to be crucial for the country's future and, more importantly, for President Joe Biden.

22 Oct 2022

Donald Trump

US Capitol Hill riots: Probe panel summons Trump to testify

A probe panel investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill violence in the United States has summoned former President Donald Trump to testify on November 14.

14 Sep 2022


Twitter whistleblower Zatko makes shocking claims before US Senate

Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, Twitter's former head of cybersecurity turned whistleblower, has put the company in a tough spot with his testimony before the US Congress.

20 Aug 2022


21 Chinese warplanes, 5 naval ships tracked around Taiwan: Report

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense has said that it tracked 21 warplanes and five naval ships of the Chinese military around the country on Friday.

US Senate passes first gun control bill in 30 years

The United States Senate has passed the most significant gun legislation in nearly three decades.

US wants to stop foreign students from staying after studies

A group of United States of America lawmakers has reintroduced legislation in the House of Representatives to eliminate a program that allows foreign students to stay in the country for work after the completion of their studies under certain conditions.

29 Jan 2021

Ted Cruz

AOC urges US Congress to investigate Robinhood's GameStop freeze

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on the US Congress to investigate trading app Robinhood over its GameStop freeze.

30 Jul 2020


Big Tech on trial: Key moments from the historic hearing

On Wednesday, Big Tech went on trial as the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook appeared before Congress for a hearing on antitrust.

16 Jun 2020


Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos may finally testify before Congress

E-commerce behemoth Amazon has confirmed that its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is ready to testify before a US Congressional panel this July.

26 Mar 2020

Donald Trump

Coronavirus kills over 21,000 globally, nearly 3 billion under lockdown

A third of the entire global population is locked down and over 21,000 have died, courtesy the coronavirus pandemic which originated in China last year in December.

'US military perhaps behind coronavirus,' Chinese official echoes conspiracy theory

A senior Chinese official has hinted at a United States conspiracy behind the novel coronavirus outbreak.

05 Mar 2019


US-President Trump says he might end India's preferential trade treatment

Arguing that New Delhi had failed to assure America that it would provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets in numerous sectors, US President Donald Trump yesterday said he might end GSP designation of India.

03 Mar 2019

South Korea

South Korea, US to end their large-scale joint military exercises

The US and South Korea today said they will end their annual large-scale joint military exercises as Washington pursues efforts to improve ties with North Korea.

19 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

16 US states sue Trump administration over national emergency declaration

Everyone had predicted that US President Donald Trump's move to declare a national emergency would not go unchallenged.

American teenager makes film on Sikh Trailblazer Gurinder Singh Khalsa

An 18-year-old girl in the US has made a short film SINGH based on a true story of an Indian-American Sikh philanthropist, Gurinder Singh Khalsa, whose campaign forced the authorities in the US to change their policy towards turban of the Sikh community.

12 Aug 2018

Pakistan News

Trump administration suspends military training with Pakistan, says media report

The Trump administration has suspended more than a decade-long military training program of Pakistani personnel at US institutions, the Dawn newspaper reported yesterday, quoting official sources.

09 Aug 2018

Pakistan News

Our govt will build balanced, trust-based relationship with US: Imran

Pakistan's PM-in-waiting Imran Khan said his government will build a more balanced and trustworthy relationship with the US, asserting that the trust deficit between the two countries has resulted in many ups and downs.

02 Aug 2018


US Congress approves amendment to exempt India from Russian sanctions

The US Congress has cleared a $716bn defense bill that will exempt particular countries, including India, from sanctions for dealing with Russia.

27 Apr 2018


Bad news: #DeleteFacebook still won't get you off Facebook's radar

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal highlighted how data of 87 million users was exploited due to Facebook's lax policies regarding data collection by third-party apps.

22 Apr 2018

Pramila Jayapal

20 Indian-Americans running for US Congress raise over $15.5 million

A record number of 20 Indian Americans are running for US Congressional elections this year.

15 Nov 2017

North Korea

Top Senate committee question Trumps ability to order nuclear-strikes

The US Congress has for the first time in 40 years scrutinized a president's authority to launch nuclear strikes.

01 Sep 2017

US Government

Border wall: Four companies bag US government contract for prototypes

Even as Congressional funding for Trump's border wall remains a question mark, sections of the US government seem adamant on building it.

29 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

Border wall funding: What are Trump's options with the Congress?

The US Congress has shown no signs of approving funding for the proposed Mexico border wall before the October 1 deadline; President Trump may have a tough choice ahead of him.

12 Jul 2017


News Media Alliance fights back Facebook and Google's monopoly

When it comes to online publications, news outlets are at the mercy of Google and Facebook, the two platforms that run a near monopoly over online advertising and online news traffic.

23 May 2017

Donald Trump

Trump unveils budget plans, sets to cut healthcare/social spending

US President Donald Trump is set to unveil his first full budget to lawmakers on Tuesday.

14 May 2017


Mother's Day - Why do we celebrate it every year?

She gives birth, nurtures with compassion, and selflessly devotes her life to us, expecting nothing in return; Mothers truly are God's greatest gifts.

05 Jan 2017

Donald Trump

US House Republicans drop proposal to weaken ethics office

Republican Party members in the US House of Representatives have dropped a controversial proposal to curb the powers of the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).