Sichuan province: News

18 Jul 2022


China: Flash floods leave 12 dead, thousands evacuated

At least 12 people were killed while thousands have been evacuated to safe places after flash floods hit southwest and northwest China, as per state media.

25 Jun 2021


China launches first bullet train in Tibet

China on Friday operationalized its first fully electrified bullet train in the remote Himalayan region of Tibet, connecting the provincial capital Lhasa and Nyingchi, a strategically located Tibetan border town close to Arunachal Pradesh, India.

15 Oct 2019


Love pandas? Here are things you should know about them

Pandas are undoubtedly one of the most adored creatures on the planet. And why not? That sort of cuteness is to die for.

13 Jul 2018


China: Explosion at chemical plant kills 19, injures 12

An explosion at a chemical plant in China has killed 19 and injured 12, authorities said today, the latest industrial accident in a country where lax regulations often lead to tragedy.

14 May 2018

Air India

Sichuan Airlines' cockpit window breaks, makes emergency landing; co-pilot injured

A Chinese Flight 3U8633 with 128 people onboard was forced to divert to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province for an emergency landing after a cockpit window broke, injuring a co-pilot on the face and a crew member.

16 Apr 2018


China to launch new weather satellite to boost forecasting capabilities

China will launch a new meteorological satellite this year to further boost its weather forecasting capabilities, authorities said on Monday.

12 Mar 2018


Chinese doctor removes over 100 fish bones from man's rectum

In an unusual medical case, Chinese doctors have removed more than 100 fish bones from a man's rectum after he feasted on fish.

25 Feb 2018

Hong Kong

More Chinese people are taking to a vegetarian diet

China, the world's largest market for beef, pork, and poultry, is steadily growing wary of meat as health-conscious Chinese are now taking to vegetarian diet. This has sparked mushrooming of vegan restaurants in the world's most populous country.