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19 Oct 2023

Stock Market

Nestle India's Q2 net profit surges 36% to Rs. 908cr

Nestle India has announced a 36% increase in consolidated net profit for the Q2 of FY24, reaching Rs. 908 crore.

04 Oct 2023

Nestle India

Nestle India may split its stock for the first time

Nestle India has announced that its board of directors will consider a stock split of its existing equity shares on October 19, alongside the release of its September quarter results.

04 May 2023


Sensex settles near 61,750, Nifty crosses 18,250 mark

On Thursday, the stock market had a bearish opening but the benchmark Sensex and Nifty indices witnessed a surge. The Sensex jumped 0.9% to 61,749.25 points while the Nifty climbed 0.91% to 18,255.8 points.

28 Apr 2023

Stock Market

Sensex gains 463 points, Nifty crosses 18,000 mark

On Friday, the benchmark Sensex and Nifty indices saw positive gains. While the Sensex rose 0.76% to 61,112.44 points, the Nifty jumped 0.83% to 18,065 points.

13 Mar 2023


How lab-grown milk can potentially revolutionize the dairy industry

We've heard of almond milk and soy milk but now, milk is being produced in labs by using microbes.

07 Jul 2022


World Chocolate Day 2022: Have you tried these flavors?

Observed every year on July 7, World Chocolate Day celebrates the favorite dessert and the health benefits it offers.

21 Apr 2022

Fuel Price Hike

Nestle to hike prices of Maggi, KitKat, Nescafe in India?

FMCG giant Nestle India said on Thursday the cost of key raw and packaging materials was seeing 10-year highs and continued to surge this quarter, impacting its profit from operations.

28 Apr 2020


Try these variations with your regular Maggi noodles

Maggi is unofficially the favorite fast food of India.

17 Sep 2019


This 'sweet Maggi' recipe is making everyone's stomach churn

Ever since Nestle's Maggi instant noodles was brought to India in the 1980s, it has become a common sight in the households.

KitKat loses 16-year-old case to trademark its 4-fingered wafer bar

After a decade-long battle to trademark its four-finger wafer shape, KitKat-maker Nestle has been asked to take a break by the European Court of Justice.

07 May 2018

North America

Nestle buys rights to market Starbucks products at $7.15 billion

Swiss food giant Nestle announced Monday it will pay $7.15bn in cash for rights to market Starbucks products around the world, outside of its coffee shops.

14 Apr 2018

South Korea

KitKat is now available in pink color

After enjoying resounding success in Japan and South Korea, Nestle is all set to launch its new KitKat, made with original pink chocolate, in the United Kingdom on April 16.

27 Dec 2017


Soon, ready-to-eat meals from Nestle and more brands on trains

The Indian Railways' dismal catering service gained major attention when in July, a CAG report said food served on trains is "unfit for human consumption".

28 Nov 2017


Nestle India "in soup" again; Maggi noodles fail lab test

Nestle India is again facing fresh troubles after samples of Maggi noodles were found to be of "sub-standard" quality in a lab-test in Uttar Pradesh.

31 May 2017


Healthier Maggi noodles - Nestle India launches iron fortified noodles

Nestle India is revamping its Maggi Masala Noodles by cutting the salt content and adding iron to launch a new fortified variant of the ready-to-cook noodles.