Farm laws assault on middle class, jobless youth: Rahul Gandhi

Last updated on Jan 19, 2021, 04:26 pm
Farm laws assault on middle class, jobless youth: Rahul Gandhi

Addressing the media on Tuesday over three farm laws, that have sparked a massive agitation, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said they not only impact the farmers but also the middle class and every youngster who is unemployed. He also released a booklet to highlight the flaws of the legislation, enforced in September last year. A tragedy is unfolding in the country, he added.

What he said

Laws designed to destroy agriculture: Gandhi

Gandhi pointed out India's dependency on agriculture, saying this was the last bastion that was free from monopoly. "Three new laws have been passed. They are designed to destroy agriculture by destroying the mandis, Essential Commodities Act, and by making sure that no Indian farmer can go to court to protect himself," he said. He claimed only three-five industrialists will flourish now.

Twitter Post

A few people will own entire agriculture system, he predicted


He explained how APMCs impact retail price of produce

Gandhi said the laws not only concern farmers but all sections of society. "The rice, wheat you (middle class) buy comes at the rate you purchase because of APMC and the agricultural system. This is not an assault on farmers but on the middle class and on every single youngster in the country, who is not able to get a job," he went on.


'Your independence is being taken away'

"This is what I want to tell youngsters, realize your independence is being taken away, realize this happened before and we fought this and everything that we have today is because of the fight that we fought and the exact same thing is happening to India, today," he added.


The Congress leader didn't comment on SC-mandated committee

When asked to speak about the committee formed by the top court to resolve the matter, Gandhi replied, "I won't comment on Supreme Court and India can see the reality of the Supreme Court." He asserted that the Centre doesn't even intend to end the impasse. "The talks between farmers and government have happened 9-10 times but the latter is dragging it," he added.


Like farmers, Gandhi also wants farm laws to be repealed

Taking a direct dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gandhi said the farmers of the nation understand the issue better than him. He said the only way to fix the problem is by repealing the three laws. Notably, farmers who have been sitting at Delhi's borders since November also want the same. They have repeated they won't return until the laws are rolled back.

What happened

Nadda fired salvo at Gandhi, he hit back

Earlier, JP Nadda, President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), berated Gandhi. "Rahul Gandhi has been spreading lies that all APMC mandis will be closed down. But wasn't action against the APMC Act a part of Congress manifesto? Would that not have closed down mandis?" one of his tweets read. When Gandhi was asked for a reaction, he wondered why should he respond at all.


'Why should I answer him?'

"Who is he? Why should I answer him? Farmers know the reality. All farmers know what Rahul Gandhi does. Nadda ji was not at Bhatta Parsaul. I have a clean character, I'm not scared, they can't touch me. They can shoot me," he said.

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