Hepatitis B: News

World Hepatitis Day 2022: History, significance, causes and symptoms

Observed on July 28 every year, World Hepatitis Day is celebrated to spread global awareness about the deadly disease which has resulted in more than 1.34 million annual deaths.

Kids in US, Europe diagnosed with mysterious liver disease

Health officials in the United States and several European nations are looking into mysterious cases of serious liver disease in children for which there seems to be no known cause.

20 Oct 2020


India to play crucial role in COVID-19 vaccine process

As the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, India will play a major role in the vaccination efforts for COVID-19.

05 Oct 2020

Washington University

Nobel Prize: Three scientists win for 'discovering Hepatitis C virus'

The 2020 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine has been awarded jointly to three scientists for the "discovery of the Hepatitis C virus."

26 May 2020


New COVID-19 vaccine goes into human trials: Details here

As COVID-19 continues to batter different parts of the world, scientists are racing to find a way to fight the pandemic as soon as possible.

17 Apr 2019


CRISPR gene-editing used on cancer patients: Details here

For years, scientists have been working on CRISPR, a powerful technology that could modify DNA and help cure diseases like cancer or Hepatitis B.

05 Mar 2019


Boy, who got vaccinated against parents' wishes, to address Senate

Ethan Lindenberger from the US turned a rebel when he questioned his parents' anti-vaccine acts, and then got himself vaccinated, grabbing eyeballs from the national media.

28 Aug 2018

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#KnowTheDisease: All you need to know about Hepatitis

Technically, the word "Hepatitis" means the inflammation of liver caused by a virus/toxin.

16 Jun 2018


Strict-action will be taken if found polluting rivers/canals: Punjab Minister

Punjab Water Resources Minister Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria said stringent action will be taken against those found polluting rivers and canals.

19 Apr 2018


Uganda-President plans to ban oral-sex, because 'mouth is for eating'

In a widely televised interview, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni warned citizens against 'unnatural' sexual activities like oral sex.

11 Aug 2017


Indian-origin entrepreneur raises $1.1bn by SoftBank

A US-based biotech company founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur has raised $1.1bn from SoftBank and other investors- one of the largest fundings in the life science sector.

03 Jun 2017


Pvt firm caught red handed violating biomedical waste disposal norms

In a surprise inspection, Delhi Environment minister Imran Hussain caught a private biomedical waste treatment facility red handed in violating proper waste management rules, thereby, running the risk of causing the outbreak of diseases and endangering lives.

14 Apr 2017


Brain Cell Therapy can be the miracle cure for Parkinson's

By replacing cells to cure a damaged brain, scientists now claim they have managed to slow down and reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.