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Chinese probe ready to explore dark side of the moon

A month after it was launched, a Chinese space probe is all set to land on the dark side of the moon this week.

07 Dec 2018


China is launching robots to study Moon's 'unexplored' far side

China is gearing up for a daring mission, one to land on Moon's far side.

09 Nov 2018

South Korea

As economy struggles, S-Korea's President sacks Finance Minister, Policy Chief

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in sacked his top two economic officials today, the government said, as the world's 11th largest economy struggles with slowing growth, rising unemployment, and persistent income gaps.

19 Oct 2018

Elon Musk

Soon, an artificial moon could light up streets in China

After seeing a Tesla Roadster launch into space (thanks to Elon Musk), it is time to witness an artificial moon.

04 Oct 2018


First moon outside our solar system may have been found

Astronomers may have discovered the first known moon outside our solar system, orbiting a gas-giant planet 8,000 light years away.

18 Sep 2018


Elon Musk announces Japanese billionaire as SpaceX's first space tourist

Days after SpaceX declared on Twitter that they had signed on the world's first passenger for a trip around the moon, the CEO Elon Musk, on Monday, announced that the mystery passenger is Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

21 Aug 2018


Chandrayaan-1 data shows first definitive evidence of water on moon

On Tuesday, NASA said that scientists had found patches of frozen water deposits in the coldest and darkest parts of the Moon's polar regions, courtesy India's Chandrayaan-1 probe that was launched a decade ago.

05 Aug 2018


#RaceToTheMoon: Chandrayaan-2 suffers another delay, launch unlikely till January

India's second mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-2, has witnessed another delay which will see it launch no sooner than January 2019. The Rs. 800cr mission was initially scheduled for April 2018.

26 Jul 2018


How to watch Century's longest lunar eclipse in India

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is almost upon us.

24 Jul 2018


Don't miss the century's longest lunar eclipse on July 27

With Friday approaching, the countdown has already begun for what will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

05 Jul 2018


27th July will see the century's longest total lunar eclipse

July 2018 will witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

03 Jul 2018


All of India to witness century's longest lunar-eclipse on July-27

The century's longest total lunar-eclipse would be visible from all parts of India on July 27 when the celestial body would also be tinged with reddish hue called "blood moon".

28 May 2018

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos outlines ambitions to colonize the moon

Speaking at the Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also runs a space agency called Blue Origin, detailed his plans to create a permanent settlement on the moon in the future.

21 May 2018


China launches 'Queqiao' satellite to explore Moon's far side

China successfully launched a relay satellite early on Monday to set up a communication link between Earth and a planned Chinese lunar exploration mission to explore the Moon's mysterious far side.

28 Apr 2018

Donald Trump

NASA cancels robotic mission that was to mine lunar poles

NASA has scrapped its only planned robotic mission to the moon's surface called Resource Prospector.

18 Apr 2018


Indian and French space agencies working on joint inter-planetary missions

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) of France are reportedly working together on inter-planetary missions to Mars, Venus, and other asteroids.

28 Feb 2018

Nokia Mobiles

Vodafone to create the first 4G network on the moon

Germany-based new-space company PTScientists has partnered with Vodafone and Nokia to create a 4G network on the moon in 2019.

26 Feb 2018


ISRO to build lunar habitats for astronauts on moon

With the potential to become India's biggest science program, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has started working on a project that aims at building igloos or "lunar habitats" on the moon.

20 Feb 2018


ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 mission to cost less than the movie 'Interstellar'

The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) upcoming lunar mission, called Chandrayaan-2, to the moon's South Pole will be cheaper than the Hollywood movie Interstellar.

17 Feb 2018


ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-2 mission to moon's South Pole

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch a lunar mission, called Chandrayaan-2, to the moon's South Pole in April, Minister of State for Department of Space Jitendra Singh has announced.

05 Feb 2018


ISRO's Chandrayaan-2: World's first mission to land near Moon's south-pole

ISRO is set to launch the much-anticipated Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission around April this year from Sriharikota.

31 Jan 2018


Here's how to best watch today's super blue blood moon

Ready yourself to witness a rare celestial treat today, a lunar event that hasn't happened in over 150 years.

30 Jan 2018


After 150years, we will see lunar eclipse, supermoon, blue-moon together

Skygazers and passive bystanders alike are going to witness a fantastic astronomical event on the 31st of January.

24 Jan 2018


Google's $20mn Lunar project is falling apart: Here's why

Over ten years ago, Google and XPrize Foundation launched the "Google Lunar XPrize" competition, a private Moon race with $20mn grand prize.

19 Jan 2018


Three lunar phenomena to occur simultaneously on January 31

In a rare event, the three phenomena of super moon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously on January 31, 2018.

13 Jan 2018


Chandrayaan-2: Mission to land on Moon on schedule, says ISRO

India is going back to Moon soon as the launch of its next lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 is on schedule, according to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

10 Jan 2018


ISRO-TeamIndus contract terminated: End of India's private Moonshot mission?

India's only Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) finalist, Bengaluru's space-tech startup TeamIndus's Moonshot mission hit a major roadblock.

03 Dec 2017


Look up at the sky! Supermoon shines big and bright

Get ready to witness a rare lunar event tonight at around 9:30pm IST (16:00 GMT) when the moon appears the biggest and brightest in 15 years as it comes closer to Earth.

07 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

NASA is going back to the Moon under Trump's administration!

While other countries and private space organizations are aiming for Mars and beyond, the US's NASA is "returning" to the Moon under President Donald Trump.

28 Sep 2017

Russia News

Russia-US to build first-ever space station orbiting Moon

Russia and the US have agreed to cooperate on a programme to build the first-ever space station orbiting the Earth's Moon.

22 Aug 2017

Solar Eclipse

Millions of Americans witness historic and spectacular total solar eclipse

Millions of Americans gathered to witness a rare and spectacular celestial event - a total solar eclipse.

04 Aug 2017


India to witness partial lunar eclipse this 7th August

As reported by PTI, India will be able to witness a partial lunar eclipse on the intervening night of August 7th and 8th which will be visible till the following morning.

31 Jul 2017


Two Indian moon missions may be launched in early 2018!

Attention, Indian space nerds! You may have something big to celebrate as two lunar missions are slated to take off from Indian soil next year.

09 Jul 2017


NASA tweets about Guru Purnima!

Guru Purnima, a day dedicated to teachers, is being celebrated on July 9 this year.

19 Jun 2017


China to grow potatoes and silkworms on the Moon!

China will send a mini-ecosystem comprising potato seeds and silkworm eggs to the Moon in 2018.

Bag used by Armstrong in Apollo11 mission to be auctioned

A collection bag used by Neil Armstrong to collect samples of rocks and dust from the lunar surface will be sold at auction on 20 July by Sotheby's New York.

13 May 2017


An alien army? UFO hunters spot a 'tank' on moon

A mysterious tank-like object has been spotted on The Moon, which researchers say could be an odd-shaped rock.

27 Apr 2017


China and Europe will collaborate to build a "moon village"

European Space Agency is collaborating with its Chinese counterpart to build a "moon village".

04 Mar 2017

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos wants to establish Amazon-style delivery to the moon

With space entrepreneurs all setting their sights on the moon amidst NASA's renewed interest to get there, the latest in the list is founder Jeff Bezos.

01 Sep 2016

South America

Annular solar eclipse in the African continent

A spectacular annular solar eclipse will occur on 1 Sep'16 viewable from the African continent.

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