Oculus VR: News

Oculus is a subsidiary of Facebook. The division of the company is responsible for producing headsets and other hardware for virtual reality experiences. Oculus products include the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest series. The company was originally founded in 2012 by Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov, and Nate Mitchell. The company's first product was the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality gaming headset launched as a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was a smash hit, raising $2.4 million, 10 times the original goal value of $250,000. Facebook acquired Oculus for $2.3 billion in cash and stock in 2014. In late 2018, Oculus was spun into a separate division within Facebook under Facebook Technologies. In August 2020, Oculus Connect was rebranded as Facebook Connect and Facebook's team dedicated to AR and VR hardware design was renamed Facebook Reality Labs. Oculus products are expected to play an important role in bringing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a metaverse into existence.

04 Mar 2024


Meta to delete all Oculus accounts by March 29

Meta has informed Oculus users that their accounts will be deleted on March 29, 2024, unless they migrate to Meta accounts.

09 Nov 2022

Virtual reality

This VR headset can kill you if you lose game

We all have come across movies where real life and a weird game collide. In said movies, the characters face the fate of their virtual avatars.

04 Oct 2021


#FacebookDown: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are all down for users worldwide

Facebook and major social media platforms owned by it—WhatsApp and Instagram—have suffered a major global outage on Monday night.

05 Aug 2021


Facebook can now project your eyes onto a VR headset

A creepy new experiment from the people at Facebook Reality Labs has us thinking harder about CEO Mark Zuckerberg's new Metaverse idea.

20 Dec 2019


Facebook is working on an OS to ditch Google's Android

Facebook, the biggest social network on the planet, is looking to take on Google with its own operating system.

18 Sep 2019


Apparently, Facebook is developing AR glasses with Ray-Ban's owner

After developing a bunch of Oculus-branded VR headsets, Facebook is shifting gears into the arena of augmented reality (AR).

22 Jul 2019


Soon, Facebook's device will help you 'feel' VR games

As VR continues to go mainstream (with game, gyms, and spas), Facebook is doing everything it can to establish its footprint in the arena.

08 Mar 2018


Expired certificate bricks all of Oculus's Rift VR headsets

All of Oculus's Rift headsets faced several hours of downtime after an expired certificate apparently soft-bricked all the Rift VR headsets.

24 Jan 2018


Flicks: A new unit of time invented by Facebook

Facebook has come up with a new way of measuring time. Just like hours, minutes and seconds, there's now a new unit of time called "Flicks" invented by Facebook's Virtual Reality team.

09 Jan 2018


#CES2018: Facebook's Oculus, Xiaomi partner for two standalone VR headsets

In a surprise move, at the ongoing CES, Facebook's Oculus VR has announced a partnership with Xiaomi for building standalone VR (virtual reality) headsets.

23 Dec 2017


Magic Leap: $2 billion in funding, product still not interesting!

After raising about $2 billion in the last four years, augmented-reality company Magic Leap finally has a product to show.

12 Oct 2017


Oculus VR Conference: New $199 "Oculus Go" headset unveiled

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Oculus VR's new mobile headset called "Oculus Go" at the Oculus Connect 4 event.

12 Apr 2017


Facebook now has 5 million business advertisers on its platform

If you are from the 21st century, you are on social media, so it is inevitable that companies are now more focused on Facebook advertisements than ever.