CES 2023: News

10 Jan 2023


Razer launches $300 webcam boasting Sony's 1/1.2-inch 4K camera sensor 

At CES 2023, consumer electronics brand, Razer introduced a new 4K webcam, named Kiyo Pro Ultra.

08 Jan 2023


CES 2023: Five most futuristic tech announced at the event

At CES 2023, we have witnessed an enormous amount of tech and automotive products.

Folding-style ICOMA Tatamel Bike wins 2023 CES Innovation Award

Japanese start-up ICOMA has received the Innovation Award in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category at CES 2023 for its quirky-looking folding-style scooter, the Tatamel Bike.

07 Jan 2023

Virtual reality

CES 2023: HTC announces its VIVE XR Elite VR headset

HTC has unveiled a new VR headset, VIVE XR Elite, giving the world a glimpse at its latest endeavor at CES 2023.

07 Jan 2023

Latest Gadget Launch

CES 2023: JBL unveils its first-ever turntable with Bluetooth connectivity

Record players became extremely popular in the 1960s when the first turntable to provide stereo playback was released.

06 Jan 2023

Latest Gadget Launch

Top 5 weird and whacky tech announced at CES 2023

At CES 2023, not only did we see a lot of technologically advanced gadgets and promising prototype cars, but also some odd products.

06 Jan 2023

Android 13

Lenovo ThinkPhone debuts with flagship-grade hardware and nifty enterprise-level features

Lenovo, in partnership with Motorola, has announced its new flagship smartphone, dubbed ThinkPhone, at the CES 2023 event.

06 Jan 2023


CES 2023: Best laptops from Acer, Razer, MSI, ASUS

At CES 2023, we witnessed a ton of innovative technology, and that includes a bunch of laptops from various well-known brands.

05 Jan 2023


CES 2023: NOWATCH is a health-focused wearable with no display

We are in the golden age of health trackers. However, as useful as they are, most of them tend to flood you with notifications.

CES 2023: Govee launches AI-powered smart lighting kit for gamers

Govee has introduced the first-of-its-kind AI-powered lighting solution for the gaming industry at CES 2023. It is known as Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit.

04 Jan 2023

Latest Tech News

Futuristic-looking Chrysler Synthesis concept cockpit design showcased at CES 2023

US-based automaker Chrysler has revealed a futuristic Chrysler Synthesis concept cockpit design at CES 2023.

04 Jan 2023


Qi2 wireless charging standard brings Apple's MagSafe technology to Android

At the CES 2023 event, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced a new wireless charging standard, called Qi2, for mobile devices and wearables.

04 Jan 2023

Latest Gadget Launch

#CES2023: Withings wants you to pee on its €500 gadget

French consumer electronics brand Withings has introduced its U-Scan urine analyzer at CES 2023.

04 Jan 2023

Latest Gadget Launch

CES 2023: L'Oreal's gadget uses AR to print bespoke eyebrows

Do you want to shape your eyebrows but do not have a salon nearby? Worry no more.

04 Jan 2023


Volkswagen ID.7 electric car showcased at CES 2023: Check design

German marque Volkswagen has showcased the all-new electric sedan, the ID.7, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, US.

04 Jan 2023


CES 2023: Samsung unveils its new smart TVs and projectors

CES 2023 will kick off in Las Vegas, US on January 5. Ahead of the event, Samsung unveiled its new television and projector line-up.

04 Jan 2023


CES 2023: LG unveils its 2023 OLED TV line-up

LG Electronics has announced its 2023 television line-up via a press release, which talks about the Z3, G3, and C3 OLED Evo series TVs.

03 Jan 2023


Samsung at CES 2023: All key announcements and innovations

The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 is just around the corner. Ahead of it, Samsung has unveiled a range of futuristic gadgets, from OLED panels to Bespoke Kitchen products.