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Collins Dictionary crowns 'NFT' as Word of the Year 2021

The Collins Dictionary has recently proclaimed "NFT" as its Word of the Year 2021. Interestingly though, it isn't a word, but an acronym that stands for non-fungible token.

19 Sep 2019


30,000 ask Oxford dictionary to change its definition of 'woman'

Language was constructed around age-old sexist notions and traditions which have trickled down to the present day lexicon. And if you happen to disagree, here's some damning evidence.

29 Mar 2018


Shashi Tharoor wished Mahavir Jayanti using Buddha pic, got trolled

Shashi Tharoor, or as you may call 'The man who gives a complex to Oxford Dictionary', wished Mahavir Jayanti on Twitter by posting a picture of (wait for it) Gautam Buddha.

Oxford Dictionaries selects "Aadhaar" as Hindi Word of the Year

On Saturday, Oxford Dictionaries announced "Aadhaar" as the Hindi Word of the Year at the Jaipur Literature Fest.

16 Dec 2017

Donald Trump

Oxford Dictionaries declares 'Youthquake' 2017's word of the year

"Youthquake" has been deemed word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, reflecting the "political awakening" among millennial voters globally.

26 Oct 2017


Achcha, Didi, Abba in Oxford Dictionary: How desi-words went global

The next time you can't control your 'Indian'-ness and exclaim "Achcha!" while speaking in English, don't worry, your language skills can't be questioned.

10 Jun 2017


Japan to finalize plans on drone-based delivery and self-driving trucks

Japan is poised to finalize its strategy on self-driving trucks and drones as it looks to add a futuristic touch to its commercial sector.