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06 May 2018

Russia News

More than 1,600 arrested in Russia amid anti-Putin protests

Russians angered by the impending inauguration of Vladimir Putin to a new term as president protested on Saturday in scores of cities across the country and police responded by reportedly arresting more than 1,600 of them.

20 Apr 2018

Michael Flynn

According to Comey memos, Putin told Trump about 'Russian hookers'

Donald Trump's conversation with the now-former FBI director James Comey (which he noted and have been obtained by Associated Press), make startling revelations.

14 Apr 2018

Donald Trump

Trump says 'mission accomplished', Syrians celebrate 'victory on streets'

Hours after the US, France and Britain launched unprecedented joint air-strikes on Damascus early Saturday morning, thousands of Syrians assembled at landmark squares in an act of defiance.

14 Apr 2018

Emmanuel Macron

Syria airstrikes by UK, France, US 'successful': British PM May

Air strikes by Britain, France, and the United States in Syria sent a "clear message" against the use of chemical weapons, British PM Theresa May said today, declaring the action "successful".

14 Apr 2018

Russia News

Russia warns US of "dangerous" escalation over Syria

After a recent chemical attack near Damascus, US President Donald Trump threatened Russia to be prepared for missiles being fired at Syria.

29 Mar 2018

Narendra Modi

2018 TIME 100: Now, you can cast your vote

For years now, TIME magazine has dedicated one of its annual issues to celebrate the most influential personalities from across the globe.

23 Mar 2018

North Korea

Donald Trump appoints hawkish John Bolton as the new NSA

In the latest move in an ongoing shake-up of US President Donald Trump's top advisors, John Bolton will replace the outgoing National Security Advisor HR McMaster.

19 Mar 2018

Russia News

Putin wins 4th term as Russian President with 74% vote

Vladimir Putin is set to extend his power in Russia for another six years after winning the Presidential Election with 74% vote, an official exit poll said.

19 Mar 2018

Russia News

Vladimir Putin wins Russian presidential election by overwhelming margin

Vladimir Putin has been elected Russia's President a fourth time. After securing about 76% votes in Sunday's presidential polls, he is set to rule the nation for another six years.

17 Mar 2018

Russia News

Spy poisoning: Russia to expel 23 British diplomats

Not the one to take a snub lying down, Russia is to expel 23 British diplomats in response to UK ousting 23 Russian ambassadors earlier this week.

14 Mar 2018

Russia News

Spy poisoning: UK lashes back, expels 23 Russian diplomats

After Moscow snubbed British PM Theresa May's call to explain its role in the mysterious poisoning of a former spy in Salisbury, the UK has decided to expel 23 Russian diplomats.

13 Mar 2018

Russia News

British PM: Highly likely Moscow behind Russian spy Skripal poisoning

About a week has passed since double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were mysteriously found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury, poisoned with a nerve agent known as "Novichok."

12 Mar 2018

Russia News

Before election, new documentary reveals lesser-known details about Putin

In a new online documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin admits to ordering the downing of a passenger plane that he suspected wanted to bomb the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics opening.

08 Mar 2018

Russia News

Russian spy: Nerve gas used to kill Sergei Skripal

Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal (66) and his daughter Yulia (33) were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury on Sunday.

05 Mar 2018

Emmanuel Macron

Italy elections: What does a hung parliament imply?

In Italy's parliamentary elections, voters expressed their disdain for the governing pro-Europe Centre-left Democratic Party. Lagging economy and surging migration made them unpopular, prompting voters to give a divided mandate to hard-right and populist forces.

13 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Trump paid Rs. 82 lakh to pornstar to stay silent

US President Donald Trump's lawyer had reportedly brokered a $130,000 payment to a porn star to prevent her from talking of an alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

12 Jan 2018


Gallup International Survey: Modi ranked 3rd; ahead of Trump, Putin

PM Modi adds another feather to his cap. Gallup International's annual survey "Opinion of Global Leaders" has put him at number three among world leaders.

12 Jan 2018

Washington DC

Washington renames Russian embassy street after murdered Russian politician

In a new development, the Washington DC City Council has unanimously voted to rename the street which houses the Russian embassy after slain Russian politician Boris Nemtsov.

28 Dec 2017

Russia News

10 injured in IED explosion at St Petersburg supermarket

At least 10 people were injured in an alleged improvised explosive device (IED) explosion at a supermarket in St. Petersburg, Russia.

26 Dec 2017

Russia News

Russia: Putin-critic Alexei Navalny nominated to contest in 2018 elections

Prominent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny may contest against President Vladimir Putin in the country's presidential elections scheduled for March 2018.

18 Dec 2017

Russia News

CIA helped Russia foil ISIS terrorist attack on St. Petersburg

A major ISIS attack on St. Petersburg's Kazan cathedral was averted thanks to information provided by the CIA to Russian intelligence agencies.

13 Dec 2017

Russia News

Russia to withdraw its troops from Syria

Russia, a key player in the Syrian conflict has begun the partial withdrawal of its troops from the country.

07 Dec 2017

Russia News

Putin to run for president again, may serve till 2024

Vladimir Putin has said he'll seek another six-year term as Russia's president in the 2018 election.

05 Dec 2017

Russia News

UK: Vladimir Putin calendars sold out, but who's buying them?

Russian media outlets have claimed that calendars featuring President Vladimir Putin's photographs in various poses have reportedly been selling like hot cakes in the UK.

23 Nov 2017

Russia News

Putin proposes Syrian peace congress to end 6-year civil war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled plans to hold a Syrian peace conference aimed at ending the six-year-long civil war.

23 Nov 2017

North Korea

Trump, Putin discuss Syria, North Korea in 1-hour phone conversation

Unlike previous US Presidents, Donald Trump has publicly expressed his appreciation and admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

21 Nov 2017

Barack Obama

Sexual harassment: Multiple channels fire talk-show host Charlie Rose

Several big names in movies and media including producer Harvey Weinstein and Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey have been brought down by a flurry of sexual harassment allegations in recent times.

12 Nov 2017

South Korea

Trump and Putin hit it off at APEC summit

US President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the ongoing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.

11 Nov 2017

Russia News

Trump: Putin was insulted by US election interference claims

US President Donald Trump said his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin felt insulted by allegations of Russia's interference in the US presidential elections.

10 Nov 2017

South Korea

Trump to address APEC summit in Vietnam

US President Donald Trump is set to deliver a much-anticipated address at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

08 Nov 2017

Russia News

Russia prepares for terror threats to 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict has angered several extremists, rendering the country vulnerable to terror attacks.

07 Nov 2017

North Korea

#TrumpInAsia: 'Era of strategic patience with North Korea is over'

US President Donald Trump has kick-started his East Asia tour with a visit to Japan.

06 Nov 2017

Russia News

#ParadisePapers: Massive leak reveals US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross's Russia-ties

A recent massive corporate information leak termed "Paradise Papers" has exposed US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross's business ties to Russia.

05 Nov 2017

South Korea

Trump begins Asia tour with Japan

US President Donald Trump's arrival in Japan at the start of his marathon Asia tour was cheered on by US and Japanese troops at the Yokota air base near Tokyo.

24 Oct 2017


Putin sends envoy on Afghanistan to India in special outreach

Russian President Vladimir Putin's point-man on Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, recently visited New Delhi in a major regional security outreach, the Times of India reported.

17 Oct 2017

Russia News

Hillary Clinton: WikiLeaks is a subsidiary of the Russian intelligence

Hillary Clinton still seems bitter about her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections.

09 Oct 2017

Narendra Modi

PM Modi discusses India's energy sector with top oil CEOs

PM Narendra Modi along with Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan interacted with top oil and gas CEOs from around the world today.

06 Oct 2017

North Korea

ICAN, campaign against nuclear weapons, wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, known as ICAN, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017. An announcement was made today in Oslo, Norway.

07 Sep 2017

North Korea

North Korea sanctions: US proposes Kim Jong-un asset freeze

It seems the US was serious when it vowed to impose "the strongest possible sanctions" against North Korea at the UN.

06 Sep 2017

San Francisco

Putin: Trump is "not my bride, I'm not his groom"

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his humorous side during a news conference in China.