Google Wallet: News

13 May 2024


Google Wallet to stop working on these Android, WearOS devices

Google's widely used digital wallet app, Google Wallet, is set to cease support for older devices operating on certain versions of Android and Wear OS.

08 May 2024


Google Wallet launched in India: Will it replace Google Pay?

Google Wallet, a secure digital repository app, has officially launched in India for Android users.

01 May 2024


Fitbit users given 3-month deadline to switch to Google Wallet

Fitbit, the globally recognized fitness tracker brand, has issued a notice informing its users of an impending change in their mobile payment system.

21 Apr 2024

Wear OS

Google Wallet may require PIN for Wear OS-based payment transactions

Google Wallet, the widely-used payment app on Wear OS, may soon necessitate users to input a PIN code before executing tap-to-pay transactions.

16 Apr 2024


Google Wallet prepares for Indian launch with local integrations

Google Wallet, the digital wallet platform, is gearing up for its debut in India.