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27 Oct 2022


Disney+ will suggest content based on your Disney park experience

Imagine going to 'The Haunted Mansion' in Disneyland and coming back home to find a list of horror genre recommendations on your Disney+. This won't remain an imagination for that long, according to Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

22 Jul 2021

Disney+ Hotstar

'Behind The Attraction' review: One-day ticket to the Disneyland world

Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Brian Volk-Weiss produced Disney+'s Behind The Attraction is a 10-episode-long TV show.

03 Jan 2021

Walt Disney

Ex-Disney World employee given lenient punishment despite fund embezzlement

An ex-Walt Disney World employee was slapped with a pair of misdemeanor charges against an allegation of fund embezzlement that amounts to $34,000.

24 Oct 2020


Disney, Universal call California's theme park opening norms "unworkable," "shameful"

Disney and Universal are engaged in a tussle with the California Governor over the recent controversy surrounding COVID-19 healthcare guidelines mandating and prohibiting theme park openings across the state.

10 Aug 2020


Walt Disney World to reduce visiting hours of theme parks

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Walt Disney World has decided to reduce the visiting hours at its theme parks from September 8, again.

15 Jun 2020


SSR leaves behind an incomplete bucket list of 50 dreams

A talented actor with a charming personality and an infectious smile, Sushant Singh Rajput bid an early adieu as he passed away on Sunday at age 34.

30 Apr 2019


How could 'Game of Thrones' kill their final boss already?

Game of Thrones had fans shake after this week's episode. The Long Night was literally dark and full of errors.

30 Jul 2018


This $1 billion estate is Los Angeles' most expensive ever

If you thought Ambani's 27-storey skyscraper in Mumbai was expensive, think again.