Narcos: Mexico: News

26 Sep 2023

Cillian Murphy

'Peaky Blinders' to 'The Sopranos': Must-watch mafia, gangster shows

Whether it's the ruthless streets of New Jersey, the drug-infested alleys of Colombia, or the dark corners of London, if you love to be immersed in tales of crime lords, family dynamics, and the relentless pursuit of power, look no more!

18 Aug 2022


Liked 'Better Call Saul'? Here's what you can watch next

One of Netflix's most popular shows, Better Call Saul, has concluded with its series finale airing on Tuesday (August 16) here. You read that right!

24 Jan 2022


5 shows to watch if you enjoyed 'Ozark'

Family, love, deceit, financial crimes, drugs, double life--this sums up the popular Netflix show Ozark.

09 Aug 2021


Watch these six shows while waiting for 'Money Heist' S05

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is a favorite of millions.

01 Feb 2019

Enrique Peña Nieto

It was surreal: 'Narcos' star on seeing real-life 'El Chapo'

Narcos: Mexico aired last November and gave viewers an account of the notorious Guadalajara Cartel and the start of the drug war.

19 Dec 2018


'Narcos Mexico' Season-2: Real DEA agent tells what to expect

Narcos: Mexico recently aired on Netflix and took viewers deeper into the cocaine trade, this time focusing on the Guadalajara cartels of Mexico and the start of the drug war between USA and Mexico.

15 Dec 2018


'Narcos: Mexico' season 2: Scoot McNairy and Diego Luna return

Narcos: Mexico, on Netflix, turned back time on the exploration of the cocaine trade, taking viewers to the heart of the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico, exploring the rise of Felix Gallardo (played by Diego Luna) and the start of the drug war with the brutal murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

#SeriesInFocus: No Escobar-esque personality, but drug-war keeps you on edge

'Narcos: Mexico' marks the fourth season of the critically acclaimed Netflix show where DEA Agent Kiki Camarena attempts to take down the head of the Guadalajara cartel, Felix Gallardo.

16 Nov 2018


Netflix cancels 'Narcos: Mexico' red carpet due to California wildfires

The raging wildfires in California forced Netflix to cancel the red carpet premiere of 'Narcos: Mexico'.

12 Nov 2018


'Narcos: Mexico' stars Micheal Pena, Diego Luna meet 'Sacred-Games' team

It was an iconic off-screen crossover of two of Netflix's popular series when 'Narcos: Mexico' stars Michael Pena and Diego Luna met the full cast of 'Sacred Games' yesterday, including Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, showrunner Vikramaditya Motwane, directors Anurag Kashyap and Neeraj Ghaywan and writer Varun Grover.

10 Nov 2018


New season, new hopes: 'Narcos' stars talk about upcoming chapter

The fourth season of popular Netflix show, 'Narcos' is coming out on November 16.

19 Oct 2018


#TheBlowMustGoOn: Narcos Season 4 dives into Mexico's drug trade

The acclaimed Netflix series 'Narcos' is back for a fourth season, which will be released on November 16 on the popular streaming platform.

06 Sep 2018


#NarcosMexico teaser: New cartel in new country has excited us

The first trailer of 'Narcos: Mexico' has released and we are screaming!

12 May 2018


Cocaine concealed in eye-shadow boxes puts mother-daughter behind bars

A 46-year-old woman and her daughter were arrested from separate places for smuggling 360gms of cocaine from Trinidad and Tobago via the Indian postal system.

21 Sep 2017


Escobar's brother demands $1 billion from Netflix, says hire security

Netflix seems to have offended Escobar's family and is now caught in a bitter trademark dispute over 'Narcos'.