Robin Williams: News

28 Jan 2021


'Robin's Wish' shows us why Robin Williams took his life

After Robin Williams ended his life, media linked his past records of drug abuse and alcoholism to his suicide triggers.

16 Jan 2018


Dolores O'Riordan: Another artiste lost to internalized creative suffering?

Dolores O'Riordan, the headliner of popular Irish alternative band The Cranberries, died in London's Park Lane Hotel on Monday morning. She was 46 and in the metropolis for a short recording session. The reason of her sudden death is yet unknown.

21 Jul 2017


Chester Bennington's death: Another life lost to drugs, depression, suicide

Most of the Linkin Park fans woke up to the sad news of Chester Bennington's suicide.

24 Jun 2017


Filmy Diaries: Robots and humans, where do we stand?

With the progression of AI and robot technology, humans are standing on the crossroads of certain ethical questions. Questions which become pertinent as AI starts to become more human-like and indeed there'll come a time where it will be impossible to differentiate between a robot and its human counterpart.