Polio Vaccine: News

24 Jun 2022

Pakistan News

#NewsBytesExplainer: How dangerous is poliovirus found in London sewage

Health authorities in the United Kingdom (UK) said a national incident of recurrent poliovirus was reported in London sewage.

18 Jun 2022

West Bengal

#NewsBytesExplainer: Is discovery of poliovirus in Kolkata cause for worry?

Amid reports of the resurgence of the poliovirus, a pathogen responsible for poliomyelitis (polio), in Kolkata, health experts have dispelled the fear and rubbished claims.

National Vaccination Day 2022: Know theme, history, significance

National Vaccination Day, also known as National Immunization Day, is celebrated every year on March 16 to raise awareness about vaccination and its importance while commemorating India's victory over the polio disease.

10 Aug 2021

Health & Wellness

Global eradication of COVID-19 more feasible than polio: Study

The global eradication of COVID-19 is more feasible than it is for polio, but considerably less so than it was for smallpox, according to an analysis published in the journal BMJ Global Health on Tuesday.

02 Feb 2021


Maharashtra: 12 kids administered sanitizer instead of polio drops

In a shocking case of negligence, 12 kids in Maharashtra had to be hospitalized after they were given hand sanitizer instead of the oral polio vaccine on Sunday.