El Salvador: News

24 May 2024

Columbia University

What is 'heat dome,' phenomenon causing extreme heat in Americas 

A heat dome is causing extreme heat across Mexico, Central America, and parts of the US South, to the extent that howler monkeys in Mexico are dropping dead from trees.

22 Apr 2024


India emerges as second-largest contributor of new US citizens

A recent Congressional report revealed a total of 65,960 Indians officially became United States (US) citizens in 2022, solidifying India's position as the second-largest contributor of immigrants to America.

27 Mar 2024

Joe Biden

Baltimore bridge collapse: 6 presumed dead, Coast Guard ends operation

Six people are presumed dead in the crash that took place after a cargo ship ram into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, United States early on Tuesday.

19 Nov 2023


Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua crowned Miss Universe 2023!

Make way for Miss Universe 2023!

17 Nov 2023


Miss Universe 2023: Know about India's Shweta Sharda, streaming details

All eyes of the global beauty community are fixated upon El Salvador, which is hosting the Miss Universe 2023 pageant on Saturday.

25 Nov 2021


How President Bukele wants to make 'Bitcoin City' a reality

El Salvador is the only country that has recognized Bitcoin as legal tender. Now, the country has unveiled an ambitious plan to build an entire city around cryptocurrency.

07 Sep 2021


El Salvador declares Bitcoin legal tender: What changes now?

It's been 12 years since an anonymous group introduced the world to Bitcoin.

26 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

US: Two migrant children die in border detention camps

An eight-year-old Guatemalan child detained by US Customs and Border Protection died on Tuesday, marking the second death of an migrant child in government custody at the US-Mexico border this month.

23 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Trump: US to cut aid to Central America over migrant-caravan

President Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States will begin cutting aid to three Central American nations because of their governments' failure to stop a migrant caravan headed for the US border.

17 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Trump warns Central-American nations of aid-suspension over entering US illegally

Anyone entering the US illegally would be arrested, detained, and then deported, President Donald Trump warned as he threatened three Central American nations to halt a migrant caravan from heading to the US or lose millions of dollars in foreign aid.

05 Oct 2018

Andhra Pradesh

Rs. 100cr reward for Andhra Pradesh farmers, but with conditions

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu yesterday said farmers from the state would be rewarded with Rs. 100cr if they win Nobel Prize in natural farming.

14 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

US: Over 100 illegal immigrants, including Indians, detained by border-officials

Over 100 people, including some Indians, have been detained by the US Border Patrol and Immigration officials in separate enforcement actions for illegally entering and living in the United States.

20 Jun 2018

Donald Trump

At least 52 Indians jailed under US' new 'zero-tolerance' policy

The US has jailed over 1,600 illegal immigrants under its 'zero-tolerance' policy. Of those, 52 detainees in an Oregon federal prison have declared themselves Indian.

18 Mar 2018


3D-printed homes: Built under 24 hours, cost just Rs. 2.6lakh

US-based 3D printing firm Icon has partnered with New Story, an international housing solution non-profit, to showcase a 3D-printed home at the ongoing SXSW 2018 festival in Texas.

14 Mar 2018


An affordable house, 3D-printed in less than 24 hours

Technology has touched human lives in more ways than one. And now, this marvel creation of technology can help build homes for the 1.2 billion people who lack shelter.

20 Feb 2018


India records slowest 4G LTE speed in the world

According to a report by UK-based wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal, India has recorded the slowest 4G LTE speed in the world at an average speed of 6.13 Mbps.

Trump proposes ending visa lottery to clear green card backlogs

In a move which might favour skilled Indian IT professionals in the US, President Donald Trump has proposed to end visa lottery system in favour of reducing green card backlogs of highly skilled workers.

12 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Why take people from 'shithole' countries?: Trump discusses immigrants

It's no secret that US President Donald Trump is not a fan of immigrants, but his recent comments have shocked several quarters.

09 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Salvadoreans must leave US by 2019, says Trump administration

The Trump administration has asked at least 200,000 people from El Salvador in the US to pack their bags by September 9, 2019.

El Salvador goes 24 hours without a single murder

An average Wednesday in El Salvador turned out to be a remarkable one, not because of what happened, but because of what didn't.