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#USAElections2020: Trump or Biden, who's winning key battleground states?

The United States Presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden remains as nail-biting as it did when the counting of votes had first started.

03 Nov 2020

Donald Trump

It's election day: Voting begins in US, first ballots cast

The race for White House culminated today in the United States with voting beginning in New Hampshire, a Northeastern state. The first ballots were cast in Dixville Notch and Millsfield to choose the next US President between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

11 Oct 2020

Elisabeth Moss

'The West Wing' play trailer remakes a fan-favorite, unforgettable episode

The West Wing is returning to win hearts (again) theatrically and its trailer sweeps you away with a myriad of emotions, the first being a responsible citizen.

06 Aug 2020

Donald Trump

Donald Trump or Joe Biden: Who is leading the polls?

The upcoming United States Presidential elections are slated to be held on November 3, where Republican President Donald Trump will run against the Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.

08 Apr 2020

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders drops out of US Presidential race

United States Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday suspended his campaign for the 2020 Presidential elections.

05 Feb 2020

Donald Trump

Iowa caucus: Gay US presidential candidate Buttigieg takes early lead

The Democratic candidate for United States President, Pete Buttigieg, took an early lead in Iowa's caucuses, as per partial data released for Monday's caucus tallies.

12 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Tulsi Gabbard considering to run for US presidency in 2020?

Tulsi Gabbard, the Congresswoman from Hawaii and the first Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, is considering to run for the American presidency in 2020.

Vermont paying $10,000 to move there and work from home

If you're planning to move out of the hustle and bustle of big cities into somewhere quiet and scenic, you might be in luck.

29 Jun 2017

Women Safety

For days, New Hampshire allowed pregnant women to murder people!

A well-intentioned bill in US' New Hampshire to ensure safety of pregnant women and their unborn children backfired amusingly.

20 Dec 2016

Washington DC

Donald Trump wins Electoral College

President-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump on Tuesday got the 270 Electoral College votes that officially make him the president.

04 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

Trump sweeps Michigan

US President-elect Donald trump added 16 more votes to his total after the Michigan Board of State Canvassers registered Trump's victory against Clinton.

30 Nov 2016

Donald Trump

I won the popular vote: US President-elect Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump stated he was the winner of the popular vote on 8 Nov'16 if millions of illegal votes were deducted.

27 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Election recount in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's electoral board approved a request for recounting the votes caste in the state during the presidential elections over suspicions of hacking; Trump had won Wisconsin in the elections.

26 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Wisconsin allows a statewide recount after US presidential election

Wisconsin's election board has agreed to allow a statewide recount of US presidential votes as entreated by a Green Party candidate.

24 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Clinton leads in popular votes

The Cook Political Report stated that Hillary Clinton is more than two million votes ahead of President-elect Donald Trump in popular votes, although that makes no difference to the outcome of the elections.

11 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Protests, reports of lawlessness over Trump win

Several cities in the US bore witness to protests against Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections; Lady Gaga staged a protest outside Trump Tower in New York.

10 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Trump won at $5/vote: Effective campaigning?

Donald Trump won approximately 59 million votes nation wide after raising a little over $270 million, equating to approximately $5 per vote; in contrast, Hillary Clinton's campaign raised approximately $512 million.

09 Nov 2016

Washington DC

Meet President Trump

The Republican Party rejoiced as their candidate Donald Trump won the elections to become the President-elect.

17 Oct 2016

Donald Trump

Trump: Hillary on drugs to stay alive

Donald Trump suggested that Hillary Clinton and him undergo a drug test, accusing Clinton to be dependent on medication to participate in debates and "keep going."

14 Sep 2016

Donald Trump

Clinton to return to campaigning from 15th Sep

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will resume campaigning on 15 September according to her spokesperson Nick Merrill.

12 Sep 2016

Donald Trump

Clinton cancels campaign trip to California

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has canceled a campaign trip to California scheduled for Monday, which included a two-day swing of organizing fundraisers and a speech on economics.

11 Sep 2016


Project to dissuade potential ISIS recruits

Google-owned incubator Jigsaw has come up with an idea, called The Redirect Method, to dissuade potential ISIS recruits.