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31 Dec 2016

Delhi Police

What's up with Delhi today?

As the year comes to an end, data by Delhi Police showed a glimmer of hope as crimes marginally dipped in the city.

31 Dec 2016

Navi Mumbai

City of Dreams all set to welcome 2017

Mumbai has all its plans chalked out to welcome 2017.

30 Dec 2016


Every street has a story to tell in Delhi!

Delhiites may be in for serious traffic troubles if the public transport network is not improved.

We got Mumbai covered!

Mumbaikars will be able to ring in New Year amidst tightened security by Mumbai police with the help of CCTV network across the city.

Delhi, braving the chill and making news!

Delhi's popular shopping destination, Khan market's authorities have refused any addition to the security, fearing that increased security will drive away the customers.

Mumbai gets down to business!

Mumbaikars woke up to the news of a train accident on Thursday as five coaches of local Kurla-Ambernath train derailed near Kalyan station.

28 Dec 2016


The good, bad and ugly from Delhi

The staff at Delhi airport will now be required to carry Aadhaar cards from January 1 after some airport entry passes were detected to be fake.

28 Dec 2016

Navi Mumbai

Mumbai: a city for outsiders, an emotion for Mumbaikars!

Seizure of new currency notes continues to make headlines as police seized Rs.45 lakh in Rs.2000 currency notes from Thane, on Tuesday.

What's up with Delhi today?

The much-awaited and widely talked-about Delhi winters are here and accompanying it are the usual train delays.

27 Dec 2016


Mumbai- its more than a city, its a character!

State government has formed a panel to conserve the forts built by Shivaji, in the state.

26 Dec 2016


Delhi works in mysterious ways!

As the city celebrated Christmas, the air quality rang an alarm bell as it was recorded as 'severe' on Friday.

26 Dec 2016


All the hustle and bustle from Mumbai

Ahead of the election season, Maharshtra's politics is on its way to see some break-ups and some new alliances.

24 Dec 2016

Delhi High Court

The city with a character- Delhi!

Keeping with the Prime Minister's call to a digital India, Delhi Metro has decided to make its 10 stations go completely cashless and transact with the help of e-wallet.

News that will matter to Mumbai and Mumbaikars

Mumbai is set to witness a grand celebration on the eve of bhoomipoojan ceremony of Shivaji memorial.

Heartwarming at times, heartless at others, Delhi for you!

Christmas is round the corner and the capital city is already soaked in the festive spirit.

23 Dec 2016


Mumbai-where million dreams take a flight

A Kolkata tycoon was picked up by Enforcement Directorate sleuths from Mumbai airport while he was trying to escape to Malaysia.

22 Dec 2016

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Love it, crib about it but can't ignore Delhi!

Among the many things Delhi is known for, one is its ability to shock and surprise people.

22 Dec 2016

Uddhav Thackeray

The beauty and the beast in Mumbai

In one of the most beautiful and tragic tales on loyalty, a 32 year-old bodyguard shielded his master by taking all the bullets on himself in Dombivali.

21 Dec 2016


Delhi knows how to be in news

Stepping in the new year, the Delhi government has given something to cheer about to commuters in Delhi.

Things getting serious at the entertainment capital

In a news more worrying than scary, a 17 year-old ruthlessly stabbed a man eight times before running away with his cash in Thane.

20 Dec 2016

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Everything that's cooking in the 'melting pot' called Delhi

Students pursuing PhD from the Delhi University are in for good news, as the university's academic council exempted them for clearing NET for a teaching job.

20 Dec 2016


News from Mumbai, of Mumbai and for Mumbai!

Noose tightened on electricity mafias and power theft offenders as the vigilance department of BEST registered more FIRs this year to serve as a deterrent.

Crimes galore in the Capital

Seasons may change, power centres may shift but one thing that refuses to change is the crime scene in the capital.