Reed Hastings: News

17 Apr 2023


5 times when Netflix proved being down isn't being out 

Netflix is the biggest video streaming platform in the world. It wasn't always, though. Before it became the streaming giant it is now, the company had to go through its share of troubles.

20 Jan 2023


Netflix appoints new CEOs as co-founder Reed Hastings steps down

A new chapter has begun at Netflix. Co-founder Reed Hastings has decided to step down from his role as CEO, a position he held for over two decades during which the company grew from a rent-by-mail DVD service to an entertainment behemoth.

22 Apr 2020


Amid the pandemic, Netflix adds 16 million new subscribers

Even as the coronavirus crisis continues to wreak havoc and most businesses remain halted around the world, there is one service that is literally striving — online video streaming.

17 Apr 2019


Soon, Netflix will offer 'top 10' lists of movies, shows

In a bid to take on growing competition, Netflix is working on a new feature - top 10 lists.

20 Jan 2019


Guess how much Netflix is spending on content in 2019

Netflix is one of the premiere streaming platforms in the world and they continue drawing public attention by adding new and exciting content regularly.

29 Dec 2018


Here's what Netflix executives will earn in 2019. It's huge!

American streaming giant Netflix had quite an eventful year.

18 Aug 2018


Parent-group criticizes Netflix for showing 9-year-old girl masturbating in movie

Streaming giant Netflix has irked a parent group for allegedly showing a nine-year-old girl masturbating in its feature movie 'Desire'.

24 Jun 2018


Netflix sacks communications head over the use of N-word

On-demand video streaming platform Netflix has fired its head of communications over his use of the 'N-word'.

19 Apr 2017


Addiction to internet and social media on the rise

Technology has opened the doors to a whole new range of addictions, the most noteworthy being addiction to internet, or specifically, social media.