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08 Jan 2021

Oxford University
Severe side-effects after COVID-19 vaccine: What are your legal options?

India is looking forward to launching a massive COVID-19 vaccination drive with two vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization (EUA).

Migrants suffered tremendously, accepts PM Modi in letter to nation

As he completed the first year of his second term today, May 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a verbose letter to Indians, detailing the achievements of his government, and also conceding that migrant workers, artisans, craftsmen, and hawkers suffered in the recent days.

16 Sep 2018

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson claims Indian victims' pleas are 'unreasonable'

Pharma giant Johnson & Johnson, which is facing lawsuit over its faulty hip implants, told National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) that demands of Indian patients were 'unreasonable and undue', as they filed the lawsuit only after knowing about the US settlement.

15 Mar 2018

#ConsumerRightsDay: 6 rights you should know about

Cases of cheating and fraud are common, especially in India, with its 1.2 billion people and lax laws.

06 Jan 2018

Celebrity News
Celebs endorsing misleading ads to be banned for 3 years

In a bid to intensify the crackdown on false and misleading advertisements and protect consumers from being misled, the government has introduced the new, tougher Consumer Protection Bill in Lok Sabha.

25 Dec 2017

#WhatTheHealth: What can you do when you face medical negligence?

On October 24, 2013, US-based Dr. Kunal Saha famously won a compensation totaling Rs. 11 crore, 15 years after he had filed a case against Kolkata's AMRI Hospital, where his wife died because of medical negligence.

28 Oct 2017

All you should know about the new Consumer Protection Bill

A new Consumer Protection Bill has been sent to the Cabinet for approval. The government will try to bring it in the winter session of parliament.

New Consumer Protection Law will be brought up in Parliament

A new law, to replace the current Consumer Protection Act, 1986, will be introduced in the monsoon session of the Parliament.

09 Jul 2017

Govt urges consumers to move court against hotels' service charge

The Department of Consumer Affairs has urged people to move consumer courts if they find any restaurant slapping service charges, which is now illegal.

21 Apr 2017

Service charge is voluntary: Govt issues guidelines

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan stated that the government has approved guidelines on service charge, clarifying that it is entirely voluntary.

14 Apr 2017

Modi govt. removes service charge from eateries

Food lovers rejoice! The Modi government has asked for the removal of the service charge voluntary component which hotels levy.

11 Apr 2017

Food wastage: Government to fix portion sizes in restaurants

Attempting to reduce food wastage, government of India is preparing to legally notify portion sizes served in restaurants and star hotels.

05 Apr 2017

Donald Trump
Trump vows to reform Obama's "horrendous" US banking regulations

President Donald Trump has vowed to reform the "horrendous" US banking regulations constituted following the financial crisis in 2008.

31 Aug 2016

Celebs could end up in jail for misleading advertisements

Under the draft Consumer Protection Bill, 2015, provisions penalizing celebrities for endorsing products with misleading claims are likely to be introduced.