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09 May 2018

Pakistan News

Tremors jolt Delhi, J&K, Pakistan after earthquake in Afghanistan

Tremors were felt across North India this afternoon including in Delhi-NCR and Jammu and Kashmir.

08 May 2018


Afghanistan FM meets Indian-envoy; assures safety, release of abducted Indians

Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani has met new Indian envoy to the country Vinay Kumar and assured him that Afghan security forces will not spare any effort to ensure the safety and release of seven Indian engineers abducted by the Taliban gunmen in the restive northern Baghlan province.

07 May 2018


Afghan officials working with tribals to rescue abducted Indian engineers

Security officials in Afghanistan are working with local tribal elders to trace the seven Indian engineers abducted by the Taliban gunmen in the restive northern Baghlan province, media reports said today.

07 May 2018


5 police officers killed in Taliban attack in Kandahar province

At least five Afghan police officers have been killed in a Taliban attack on their patrol in southern Kandahar province, an official said.

06 May 2018


Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kidnap 7 Indian engineers

Unknown gunmen abducted seven Indian engineers, and an Afghan driver, from Afghanistan's Baghlan province on Sunday.

30 Apr 2018


Two blasts in Kabul kill 21, including AFP photographer

Twin blasts in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, on Monday morning, killed at least 21 including AFP's chief photographer Shah Marai.

28 Apr 2018


India, China to undertake a joint economic project in Afghanistan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping's two-day informal summit in the city of Wuhan has been historic for more reasons than one.

24 Apr 2018


For 10-years, this girl dressed as boy. The reason's heartbreaking

For more than a decade, Sitara Wafadar has been dressing as a boy, to make up for the son her parents never had.

12 Apr 2018


Taliban attacks Afghan district compound; at least 18 killed

Authorities on Thursday said that Taliban fighters attacked a government compound in central Afghanistan overnight which killed three district officials and 15 security forces.

18 Mar 2018

Pakistan News

Pakistan: 2 polio workers killed, 3 abducted from Afghan border

A Pakistani official said militants ambushed a seven-member medical team vaccinating against polio in Safi tehsil of Mohmand Agency on the border with Afghanistan, killing two workers and abducting three others.

14 Mar 2018


Over 1.1 million Afghan women, children hooked on to drugs

Over 3 million people in Afghanistan are battling drug addiction. Of these 1 million are women and 0.1 million children under 10, reported Tolo News.

09 Mar 2018


Afghan national who helped recruit Kalyan youths for ISIS killed

An Afghan national who helped four Kalyan youths join ISIS was shot dead in an encounter in Kabul last May, his wife's relative has confirmed.

02 Mar 2018


One killed, several injured in Kabul blast

A blast in Kabul this morning has killed at least one and injured four, the Afghan government said.

24 Feb 2018


Multiple terror attacks strike Afghanistan leaving at least 24 dead

At least 24 people have been killed and several others injured in four different terror attacks in Afghanistan.

09 Feb 2018


Trump, Modi discuss Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar, N.Korea over a phone-call

In unheralded moves, US President Donald Trump has been tilting away from Pakistan. He has also been deepening ties with his other South Asian ally, India to counter an aggressive China in the sub-continent.

Afghanistan's first female coders take on the massive opium problem

A group of Afghan women has managed to break barriers and become the country's first female coders.

03 Feb 2018

Pakistan News

Why is China building an army base in Afghanistan?

China is quietly negotiating with war-torn Afghanistan to construct a military base in its remote and mountainous Wakhan Corridor.

30 Jan 2018

Pakistan News

Afghanistan: Kabul hotel attacker trained by Pakistan spy agency ISI

In a shocking claim, Afghanistan's Permanent Representative to the UN, Mahmoud Saikal said that Pakistan's spy agency ISI trained the terrorist involved in the attack on Kabul's iconic Intercontinental Hotel.

27 Jan 2018


Afghanistan: Powerful suicide bombing kills 40 in Kabul; 140 injured

A powerful suicide bomb explosion in Afghanistan's capital Kabul has left at least 40 dead and another 140 injured in the city center.

27 Jan 2018


Hamid Karzai: Trump must "walk the talk" on Pakistan's terrorism

Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai called upon US president Donald Trump to "walk the talk" about curbing Pakistan's support to terrorist outfits.

24 Jan 2018


Kabul hotel attack: Explosives used by terrorists traced to Pakistan

Afghanistan's spy agency has claimed to have traced the explosives used in the Intercontinental Hotel attack to Pakistan.

23 Jan 2018

Narendra Modi

Trump mimics Modi when discussing Afghanistan: Washington Post

American President Donald Trump affected an Indian accent and mimiced Indian PM Narendra Modi when discussing Afghanistan in meetings, suggests a Washington Post report published on Sunday.

21 Jan 2018


Afghanistan: Intercontinental Hotel 12-hr long siege finally ends

On January 21, Afghan special forces finally regained control of the state-owned Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul after a 12-hour-long deadly siege. Over 150 guests were rescued in the operation.

02 Jan 2018


US suspends $255mn aid to Pakistan hours after Trump's tweet

President Donald Trump has followed through on his words. Hours after accusing Pakistan of giving the US "nothing but lies & deceit", America has suspended a $255mn military aid to the Asian country.

02 Jan 2018

Osama Bin Laden

Reports: Osama bin Laden's grandson killed in airstrike

According to some reports, al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's 12-year old grandson Osama bin Hamza bin Laden was reportedly killed in an airstrike near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border around June-July 2017.

01 Jan 2018

US State Department

Why do so many Afghans have birthdays on January 1?

What happens when generations of a country, born during a war, have no knowledge of their birth date?

28 Dec 2017


Kabul: Suicide blast targeting Shia center, news office kills 40

At least 40 people were killed and 30 injured in a suicide blast close to the offices of a Shia cultural center and the Afghan Voice news agency in Kabul.

27 Dec 2017

Pakistan News

China seeks to promote Pakistan-Afghanistan talks through CPEC

China announced its plan to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan.

09 Nov 2017

Donald Trump

NATO to scale up troop presence in Afghanistan

NATO recently conveyed that it intends on deploying 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

30 Oct 2017


India ships first wheat consignment to Afghanistan via Chabahar

Even as tense US-Iran relations continue to cast a shadow over India's schemes for Chabahar, India shipped its first wheat consignment to Afghanistan via the port.

24 Oct 2017


Tillerson in Afghanistan: Discusses US Afghanistan strategy, Pakistan and India

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paid a short surprise visit to Afghanistan ahead of his visit to India and Pakistan.

24 Oct 2017


Putin sends envoy on Afghanistan to India in special outreach

Russian President Vladimir Putin's point-man on Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, recently visited New Delhi in a major regional security outreach, the Times of India reported.

20 Oct 2017


Afghanistan: Attacks at two Shia mosques; at least 40 dead

Two separate terror attacks at Shia mosques in Afghanistan have claimed the lives of 40 people.

19 Oct 2017


Afghanistan: 43 soldiers killed in week's third attack on personnel

At least 43 soldiered were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in Afghanistan's Kandahar province today.

17 Oct 2017


61 killed in two separate Taliban attacks in Afghanistan

At least 61 people were killed in two separate attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

17 Oct 2017


US Army sergeant once held captive by Taliban admits desertion

31-year-old Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier once held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years, has pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

12 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

US ramps up airstrikes in Afghanistan under new Trump strategy

US warplanes are conducting airstrikes on Afghanistan on a scale not seen since the height of the American troop surge in 2010.

Deteriorating security prompts Red Cross to "drastically reduce" Afghanistan operations

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will "drastically reduce" its presence in Afghanistan after suffering a series of deadly terror attacks which left seven of its staff dead.

29 Sep 2017


Suicide bombing targeting Shiite mosque in Kabul kills 4

At least four people were killed and 20 others injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Shiite Hussainia Mosque in central Kabul.

28 Sep 2017


SpiceJet plane with 180 passengers narrowly escapes Kabul airport attack

A New Delhi-bound SpiceJet plane having 180 passengers and crewmembers on board narrowly escaped a rocket attack by militants while taking off from Kabul airport yesterday.

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