Tumblr: News

02 Jun 2024


Tumblr ends its tipping feature due to low usage

Tumblr has officially discontinued its "Tips" feature, an opt-in service that allowed creators to receive one-time payments from their followers.

10 Apr 2024


WordPress parent acquires Beeper app which brought iMessage to Android 

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress and Tumblr, has acquired Beeper, the software company that offered iMessage experience on Android through Beeper Mini app.

28 Feb 2024


Tumblr, WordPress data to be sold for training AI tools

Automattic, the company behind Tumblr and WordPress.com, is in discussions with AI firms Midjourney and OpenAI, to supply training data from user posts, according to 404 Media.

28 Nov 2023


Tumblr discontinues Post Plus subscriptions: Here's why

Tumblr is waving goodbye to its Post Plus feature, which lets creators charge users for access to their content, via subscriptions. Starting December 1, creators won't be able to activate Post Plus on their blogs.

12 Nov 2023

Social Media

Here's why Tumblr is excessively downsizing staff

A leaked internal communication from Tumblr's parent company, Automattic, has disclosed most of its 139 employees will be reassigned to different projects within the organization.

13 Aug 2019


Tumblr just got sold to WordPress owner for peanuts

Tumblr, the popular microblogging and social networking site owned by Verizon, is being sold to Automattic Inc., the company that owns blogging tool WordPress.

16 Mar 2019

App Store

Tumblr's porn ban backfires, loses 30% of its traffic

People have started ditching Tumblr in the wake of its recent ban on pornographic content.

16 Dec 2018


Finally, Tumblr's iOS app returns to App Store: Details here

Last month, Tumblr's iOS app was pulled from Apple's App Store due to child pornography content present on the platform.

08 Dec 2018


Tumblr banning porn: Step-by-step guide to save existing posts, reblogs

Tumblr is ending its tolerant attitude towards sexually explicit content.

04 Dec 2018


Tumblr to ban adult content from December 17: Details here

Popular microblogging website Tumblr is finally making a move against adult content.

20 Nov 2018

App Store

Tumblr's iOS app is unavailable because of child pornography

On Sunday, we reported Tumblr's mysterious disappearance from Apple's App Store.

18 Nov 2018


Tumblr goes missing from Apple's App Store: Details here

Popular microblogging and social networking platform Tumblr has gone missing from Apple's App Store.