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09 Oct 2020


ProtonMail CEO alleges Apple forced them to add in-app purchases

Lately, the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has been the talk of the town.

24 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok suing Trump administration, and more

In the updates reported over the weekend, TikTok confirmed the plan to sue the Trump administration for pressuring its parent company into selling the US business of the video-sharing service.

10 Apr 2020


Facebook sues Indian engineer for running deceptive ads on COVID-19

Facebook has sued an Indian-origin software engineer for making and selling a tool capable of sharing deceptive ads on its platform.

19 Feb 2020


Hackers can wipe your WordPress site with this plugin flaw

If you use WordPress as a tool to manage the content of your website, we recommend updating a particular plugin on the platform (if in use) right away.

13 Aug 2019


Tumblr just got sold to WordPress owner for peanuts

Tumblr, the popular microblogging and social networking site owned by Verizon, is being sold to Automattic Inc., the company that owns blogging tool WordPress.

30 Mar 2019


Watch out! Hackers are exploiting WordPress sites to spread malware

Next time, when you click on a link served via email, better look at the website it is redirecting you to - as it may install a ransomware/malware on your PC.

17 Jun 2017

San Francisco

Work from home: Working practices adopted by a digital generation

Automattic, the firm behind WordPress.com, is selling its beautiful 15,000 square-feet San Francisco office as its employees have simply stopped coming to work.

17 Mar 2017


China's decision to block Pinterest comes as a major surprise

Pinterest- a website that shares images of various ideas, objects and events, came under the radar of Chinese Internet Laws. China has decided to block Pinterest.