Tim Cook: News

Tim Cook is an American Business Leader. He is the CEO of Apple where he has also served as the Chief Operating Officer. After the company's founder Steve Jobs died in 2011, Tim was announced as the new CEO. He was born on November 1, 1960, in Alabama, US. He joined Apple in 1998 as a Senior Vice-President. https://twitter.com/tim_cook

02 Jun 2023


Apple to open 3 more stores in India: Here's why

Apple recently opened its first retail stores in India to a grand reception. Apple BKC in Mumbai and Apple Saket in Delhi cemented India's growing importance in the company's ecosystem.

17 May 2023

Cannes Film Festival

Sara's Cannes attire sparks criticism: Why Indians ridicule 'Indianness'

Stepping onto the prestigious Cannes Film Festival red carpet for the first time, Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan made a bold fashion statement by donning a traditional lehenga.

11 Apr 2023


Here's when you can shop at India's first-ever Apple stores

After much anticipation, Apple has finally confirmed when it will open its first-ever retail stores in India. In fact, the company's first and second-ever stores in the country.

04 Apr 2023


Is Apple's downsizing of workforce restructuring move or cost-cutting measure

The layoff season has finally entered the impenetrable fortress of Apple. According to reports from Bloomberg and Business Insider, the iPhone maker is firing a small number of people from one of its retail teams.

28 Mar 2023

Elon Musk

5 CEOs who felt the brunt of Elon Musk's trolling

Elon Musk is known for many things: his riches, Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX, etc. He has also built a reputation for not holding back when speaking about someone or something.

03 Feb 2023


Tom Cook 'bullish' on India as Apple posts record revenue

Apple CEO Tim Cook is "very bullish" on India. It will be surprising if he isn't. After all, the company had a record-setting performance in the last quarter of 2022 in the country.

09 Jan 2023


Apple to soon open its first brick-and-mortar stores in India

Apple's physical retail stores in India may not be that far away. The company is yet to announce anything about such stores officially, but it has already started hiring for several roles "for various locations" throughout the country.

01 Dec 2022

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg says Apple's App Store policies are 'problematic'

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk agree on one thing - Apple's App Store policies are not fair. The Meta CEO has always been a staunch critic of Apple and its policies.

08 Sep 2022


An Apple crypto scam on YouTube attracted thousands of viewers

Scams are a headache for the crypto industry and malicious elements are trying new methods to dupe unsuspecting individuals.

29 Jul 2022


Apple records $83bn revenue in Q3; doubles revenue in India

Despite challenging macroeconomic headwinds, tech giant Apple has managed to post impressive numbers in Q3 of 2022.

11 Mar 2022


'Don't say gay' bill deeply concerning: Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has raised concerns over the new controversial education bill in the Republican-controlled state legislature of Florida which reportedly targets LGBTQ+ youths.

10 Oct 2021


Apple seeks stay on injunction issued in lawsuit against Epic

Following the Epic Games v/s Apple lawsuit ruling, the smartphone manufacturer has been ordered to allow developers to let users access third-party payment systems from within the app to complete in-app purchases (IAPs).

26 May 2021


Apple's recent workplace mutiny may have changed its culture forever

While Apple may still have a vice-like grip over its uncanny, but wildly successful approach to hardware, it is gradually losing control over the rest of its organizational edifices.

22 May 2021


Epic v/s Apple: Cook asked why gamers paying for bankers

Apple CEO Tim Cook testified in the final round of testimony for the Epic v/s Apple lawsuit. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers posed some pointed questions to Cook over Apple's business model and Epic's claims about unfairly leveraging its monopoly.

10 Apr 2021


US official calls Tim Cook's voting on iPhone suggestion 'preposterous'

Ohio's Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, called Apple's CEO Tim Cook's idea of voting on the iPhone "preposterous."

26 Feb 2021


Facebook-Apple spat escalates: Facebook launches PR campaign defending targeted advertising

On Thursday, social media giant Facebook launched a campaign called "Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found" attempting to explain to users how small businesses rely on targeted advertising. Facebook will air commercials on radio and on TV, including during the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

16 Feb 2021


Zuckerberg tells Facebook employees "to inflict pain" on Apple

This weekend, a Wall Street Journal report elaborated upon the ongoing rift between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

29 Jan 2021


Apple goes after Facebook, Google with its pro-privacy PR move

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a commitment to privacy while speaking at the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference.

20 Dec 2020


Apple scraps 'Scraper', a Gawker media show attacking Apple itself

Apple TV+ has scrapped a show it doesn't want us to talk about.

16 Sep 2020


Apple Watch Series 6: All you need to know

During last night's 'Time Flies' keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about how Apple devices are saving lives and unveiled the next generation of products to continue the "good work".

25 Aug 2020


Next month, Apple's online store could be launched in India

More than 10 years after launching the first iPhone in India, Apple is gearing up to start direct sales in the country.

21 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Air leak at International Space Station, and more

In the updates since last night, NASA revealed that there has been a small air leak at the International Space Station.

06 Apr 2020


Amid coronavirus crisis, Apple starts making face shields for doctors

As the novel coronavirus disease continues to wreak havoc across countries, Apple is coming up with innovative ways to support healthcare workers and doctors in need.

31 Mar 2020


Now, Apple can tell if you're at risk of COVID-19

As the number of deaths from the novel coronavirus disease continues to increase, Apple is striving to help the public screen themselves for an infection.

14 Mar 2020


Coronavirus: Apple closes stores outside China, to hold online-only WWDC

Following President Trump's emergency declaration over coronavirus pandemic, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the decision to close down all company stores outside of Greater China.

05 Mar 2020


Apple won't manufacture iPhone 11 in India: Here's why

A few days back, Apple chief Tim Cook announced the company's plan to launch its first brick-and-mortar store in India.

27 Feb 2020


Apple's online store will launch within months, says Tim Cook

For years, Apple has followed a third-party approach to sell in India.

25 Feb 2020


Warren Buffett finally ditches his flip phone for iPhone

Warren Buffett, better known as the 'Oracle of Omaha', is a world-famous business magnate, investing legend, and philanthropist.

24 Feb 2020


Happy birthday 'Apple genius' Steve Jobs, your memories live on

Today, it is the 65th birth anniversary of Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple and a visionary leader, inventor, designer, and entrepreneur.

21 Dec 2019

Larry Page

Sundar Pichai is getting a huge pay raise in 2020

The CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, is getting a huge pay raise in the year 2020.

12 Nov 2019


Apple's next iPad Pro likely to have 3D sensing capabilities

Apple has been betting big on augmented reality features, with the rumored goal of pairing them with AR devices.

18 Oct 2019


Satya Nadella gets 66% salary hike. Guess his total earnings?

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella received a massive 66% raise in salary, during the fiscal year 2018-19.

07 Sep 2019


Apple could launch low-cost iPhone SE-like model in 2020: Report

Reportedly, Apple is planning to launch a new low-cost iPhone next year that will help it balance out the slow-down in iPhones' sales and win customers in emerging markets.

31 Jul 2019


Confirmed: Apple Card is launching in coming weeks

Apple's first credit card offering, the Apple Card, will be launching in a matter of weeks.

28 Jun 2019


Steve Jobs' spiritual partner, Jonathan Ive, leaving Apple

The chief designer of the iPhone, Sir Jonathan Ive, has decided to leave Apple after nearly 30 years at the company.

28 Mar 2019


Aamir reveals why he refused to eat at SRK's party

Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist for a reason. After all, he leaves no stone unturned to get into the skin of a character. From looks, mannerisms to changing his diet, he does it all.

24 Mar 2019


It's show time: When, where to watch Apple's March event

On March 25, Apple's CEO Tim Cook will take the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to expand the company's services side of the business.

07 Mar 2019

Donald Trump

Donald Trump calls Apple CEO Tim "Apple", Internet LOLs hard

According to US President Donald Trump, the last name of Apple CEO is "Apple" and not "Cook", and we aren't making this up.

05 Mar 2019


Google denies removing Saudi app that lets men track women

In a major shocker, Google has decided not to pull a Saudi government app that lets men track women and control their movements.

03 Mar 2019


Apple is building products that will blow you away: Cook

Soon, you may get some amazing products from the house of Apple.

22 Feb 2019


Now, Apple offers interest-free loan for iPhones: Details here

Apple's hardware revenues have taken a hit due to falling iPhone sales.

30 Jan 2019


Apple iPhones could get cheaper in some countries: Details here

Just a few hours ago, Apple reported its Q1 earnings with a decline in the revenue from iPhone sales.

25 Jan 2019


Future iPhones may even detect biohazards: Here's how

Apple iPhones and Watches are good at health tracking; they can help you monitor sleep, steps, even heart rate.

09 Jan 2019


Apple CEO Tim Cook takes home his highest-ever bonus

Fiscal 2018 turned out to be a great year for Apple, as well as its CEO, Tim Cook.

22 Dec 2018


Why should we ignore Bollywood babas?

Have you seen Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Ratan Tata giving people marital advice on Twitter? Or Sachin Tendulkar talking about how to raise funds from a venture capitalist? Exactly.

19 Nov 2018


Tim Cook defends search deals with Google, calling it 'best'

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has been vocal about privacy and how big tech companies mine user data for targeted advertising.

16 Nov 2018


Why Zuckerberg ordered Facebook executives to not use iPhones

Just recently, the New York Times reported that Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg asked his top executives to switch to Android phones.

30 Oct 2018


Apple October 30 event: Here's what you can expect

Just a month after unveiling the new set of iPhones, Apple is set to hold another hardware event on October 30.

12 Sep 2018


Apple event: Product launch starts with Apple Watch Series 4

The annual Apple launch event has started with Tim Cook's signature keynote.

12 Sep 2018

Rahul Gandhi

Why the hell has Apple stopped innovating?

I am like Rahul Gandhi - the way he wants to find every woman and empower her, similarly I also find entrepreneurs (even marginally successful ones) and empower myself by emulating them.

01 Aug 2018


Apple's Q3 performance: Check out the mind-boggling numbers

In a volatile market which saw Facebook and Twitter lose 20% of their value, Apple has, rather unsurprisingly, reported strong results for its third quarter, ended June 30.

18 Jul 2018


Apple's India strategy stumbles as iPhones struggle to find buyers

In the first half of 2018, Apple has sold less than a million iPhones in India, says a report by market research firm Counterpoint. In comparison, the tech giant had sold 3.2 million iPhones in 2017.

18 Jun 2018


iOS 12's new Screen Time feature tracks your phone usage

Apple has given more details on its supposed phone de-addiction tool, which it had announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2018, earlier this month.

15 Jun 2018


All Apple Park workers get standing desks

Apple Park, the tech giant's new $5 billion, spaceship-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, California, has a new perk to offer.

05 Jun 2018


Apple's WWDC 2018: Here are the major updates

Apple's hugely-awaited Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 kicked off on Monday, and CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce new software features for Apple's four operating systems - iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

04 Jun 2018

Donald Trump

How the gay leaders of the corporate-world are changing perceptions

It's Pride Month, and celebrities are once again in the public to take forward the LGBT campaign. And rightly so.

24 May 2018


Abacus to coding: 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya is world's oldest app-developer

Aging is a new stage of opportunity and strength, American writer Betty Friedan said once. And she was right.

18 Apr 2018


Why should we ignore Bollywood babas?

Have you seen Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Ratan Tata giving people marital advice on Twitter? Or Sachin Tendulkar talking about how to raise funds from a venture capitalist? Exactly.

16 Apr 2018


Apple's internal memo warning employees against leaks gets leaked

To put a stop on product leaks, Apple has released an internal memo warning its employees against leaking information on confidential future developments.

04 Apr 2018


Apple poaches Google's AI chief John Giannandrea

In a major executive reshuffle, Apple has hired Google's Head of Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI) John Giannandrea to lead its Machine Learning (ML) and AI strategy.

04 Apr 2018


YouTube HQ shooting triggers gun control demands, grief from celebs

The YouTube shooting incident has re-ignited the debate over gun control. But this time, the shock is manifold: the suspect managed to bring a gun into the office of one of the world's topmost tech companies, so where's security?

04 Apr 2018


Woman opens fire at California YouTube-headquarters before apparently killing herself

A gunwoman opened fire at the California YouTube headquarters yesterday afternoon before apparently shooting herself.

29 Dec 2017


Apple CEO Tim Cook earned Rs. 652 crore in 2017

This year, Apple paid a whopping $102mn (Rs. 651.8 crore) to CEO Tim Cook; his earnings increased by 79% thanks to iPhone X's performance.

19 Nov 2017


Apple to scout for talent at IIT-Bombay this year

2017 will be remembered as the year Apple made inroads into India's campus placements. One of their halts would be at the International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIIT-H).

07 Nov 2017


Paradise Papers expose how Apple avoided billions in taxes!

The Paradise Papers revealed how Apple -the world's most profitable company- avoids billions in taxes using a secretive strategy.

04 Nov 2017


Apple shares hit record-highs, set to become first trillion-dollar company

Apple shares rose by 2% and hit record high levels yesterday with the launch of the tech giant's 10th anniversary phone, the iPhone X.

25 Oct 2017


Who could be Apple's next CEO? Tim Cook drops hints!

Apple boss Tim Cook has started thinking about who could succeed him as the tech-giant's CEO. It looks like he already has some names in mind.

12 Sep 2017


Apple's event begins: iPhone, Watch, Apple TV unveiled

The event kicks off with a video of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook says, "Steve's visions stay with us, today we honor him."

26 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Trump: Apple to build three new 'big' plants in US

President Donald Trump said Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has promised to build three new manufacturing plants in the US.

02 Jul 2017


The Apple car is no longer a rumour

Rumours about Apple making its own self-driving car had been in the air for quite sometime, but these were just rumours until recently.

14 Jun 2017

General Motors

Apple's "mother of all AI projects", an autonomous car system

Every tech/automobile giant worth its salt is now working on self-driving technology.

05 Jun 2017


What to expect from Apple's WWDC17

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference 2017 (WWDC17) kicks off today at the McEnery Convention Centre in San Jose, California.

24 May 2017


Apple gets tax concessions by India, to expand production

India has allowed Apple to import components that can't be locally manufactured, to be used in its domestic production.

01 May 2017


Apple to launch online store in India

Sources stated that Apple will soon launch its own online stores in the country, from where users can directly purchase Apple products including the iPhone SE, which would be manufactured in India.

24 Apr 2017


Uber tried to pull a smart one on Apple, failed

Uber is gradually emerging as a heckler with a deep disdain for rules and a potential wreck in the making with its several encounters with authorities, governments and court cases.

01 Feb 2017


Apple records successful quarter

Apple's shares were up 3% after the company posted the first quarterly rise in iPhone sales in over a year.

01 Feb 2017


Apple to announce first quarter results of 2017

Apple Inc. is set to announce the results of it first quarter earnings of 2017 today.

27 Jan 2017


Is Apple really making an iCar?

Although Apple has not commented on any plans to make an electric car, there are rumours abound which say that Apple is making an electric car with autonomous driving features.