Jack Nicholson: News

05 Jan 2024


'About Schmidt' to 'Chinatown': Jack Nicholson's best performances

Jack Nicholson, a cinematic icon with a career spanning decades, has left an indelible mark on the film industry through his performances.

04 Jan 2024

Roman Polanski

'The Pianist' to 'Chinatown': Roman Polanski's best works

Born in Paris and brought up in Poland, Roman Polanski was separated from his parents during his childhood during the Holocaust.

02 Jan 2024


'Barry Lyndon' to 'The Shining': Stanley Kubrick's best directorials 

Stanley Kubrick is a visionary filmmaker, screenwriter, and photographer, whose body of work stands as a testament to unparalleled creativity and innovative storytelling, set design, and dark humor.

14 Aug 2023


'Chinatown' to 'The Fugitive': Hollywood's best conspiracy thrillers

Hollywood has more than often made films on various conspiracy theories- fictional and real-life, some of which have worked really well with the audience. In fact, it is also one of the most loved genres which grew in popularity in the 20th century.

26 Aug 2019


Seven best comedy movies you can watch on Netflix now

Who doesn't love comedy movies?

05 Apr 2019


#ComicBytes: Ranking five best renditions of the legendary character, Joker

The character of Joker began as a colorful clown who devised clever schemes only to be stopped by Batman.