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FDA plans to make tobacco products less addictive and harmful

For the first time in history, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has moved to restrict nicotine content in tobacco products.

29 Jul 2017


What are study drugs, and what are their impacts?

Over the years, there has been some debate about the use of traditional cognition enhancing 'smart drugs' like Ritalin and Adderall, also known as nootropics, but questions regarding the safety of these drugs undermined any argument in their favour.

24 Jul 2017


Ambulances in need, start-ups are now breaking new grounds

The government runs around 24,000 ambulances under its National Ambulance Service and there is a bevy of private ambulances across India.

22 Jul 2017

South Africa

Increased access to drugs: AIDS deaths halve in a decade

According to a new UNAIDS program report, deaths caused by AIDS which stood at a peak of 1.9 million in 2005 has reduced up to 1 million in 2016.

22 Jul 2017


A boost to HIV research, thanks to cows!

The fight against HIV has received a boost, thanks to cows. Scientists have found that the bovines have an "insane" and "mind-blowing" ability to develop special antibodies to neutralize the virus.

21 Jul 2017


An overburdened profession: In India, one doctor for 1,613 people

India has a doctor-patient ratio of 0.62:1000, meaning there's one doctor serving almost 1,613 people, the government told the Lok Sabha.

20 Jul 2017


Bengaluru man plays guitar as surgeons 'burn' his brain

In a rather bizarre case, 32-year-old musician played guitar on operation-table as surgeons 'burned' his brain and relieved him of dystonia.

18 Jul 2017


This sensor can turn any fabric into a fitness tracker

Harvard University researchers have developed a highly sensitive, soft capacitive sensor made of silicone and fabric that can turn any piece of clothing into a fitness tracker.

14 Jul 2017


Health Ministry seeks alcohol exemption in Bihar for TB tests

The liquor ban in Bihar, its positive effects notwithstanding, has taken a toll on healthcare.

11 Jul 2017


No smell sense, less weight... but the reason is unexpected

Smell affects eating habits. If you can smell your food, you will enjoy more and eat more.

150 pins found in man's body, doctors suspect mental illness

In April, Badrilal Meena, who hails from Barda Village in Kota, underwent a CT scan revealing that he had 75 pins embedded in his body.

07 Jul 2017


Five Mumbai Metro stations to get 'one-rupee clinics'

The railways' 'one-rupee clinics' are set to expand to the Mumbai Metro. From August 15, five metro stations will host these clinics that will cater to over five lakh commuters.

07 Jul 2017


Studies: Unprotected oral sex can cause untreatable gonorrhea!

Antibiotic resistance is gradually spreading to STDs. According to experts, unprotected anal, vaginal and oral sex makes you even more vulnerable than before.

05 Jul 2017

Madhya Pradesh

MP Govt. picks health-workers to educate men about condom usage

Madhya Pradesh has begun sending workers from the public health and family welfare department (PHFWD) who scout for men in the state and educate them to use condoms.

04 Jul 2017


PETA: Meat interrupts your sex life

PETA is now hitting people where it hurts the most. In its latest billboard campaign, in the meat districts of America, the message is loud and clear. If you want more mileage on your love machine, go vegan or face the consequences.

04 Jul 2017


Dementia can be the reason why someone is walking slowly

If one of the older family members is walking slowly, take notice rather than passing it off as a sign of advanced age. This can be a sign of dementia.

03 Jul 2017

Johnson & Johnson

Artificial intelligence will aid in inventing drugs faster: Pharma companies

Humanity is making breakthroughs in every field of science and technology. At the same time, it's struggling to find a cure for something as paltry as the common cold.

30 Jun 2017


With $800mn sales, India UN's main supplier in health sector

India was the main supplier to the UN in healthcare in 2016, with sales totaling $803.79mn. The prime procurement category was pharmaceuticals.

29 Jun 2017


'Vegetarian' capsules: Government forwards controversial proposal to scientific panel

For the benefit of vegetarians, the government is considering substituting animal-based gelatin coating on capsules with plant cellulose.

28 Jun 2017


Iced drinks from Starbucks, Costa in UK contain faecal bacteria

A BBC investigation has found that iced drinks in the UK outlets of global coffee chains Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero contain bacteria found in faeces.

28 Jun 2017


Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya outbreak in the national capital

The national capital has been plagued with all vector-borne diseases at the same time. While a total of 113 cases of malaria have been registered, at least 100 cases of dengue have come to the fore and over 149 cases of chikungunya.

28 Jun 2017


Reckless antibiotic usage can turn fatal

Antibiotic resistance is the new plague in India. Reckless use of antibiotics has made seemingly common diseases including urinary tract infections (UTI) fatal.

26 Jun 2017


Study: Mere presence of a smartphone can reduce brain power

Researchers from the University of Texas in Austin, USA, have concluded that the mere presence of a smartphone can hinder your ability to concentrate on a task, thereby significantly reducing your brain power.

22 Jun 2017


Health revolution to be spurred by Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated programs, robots are set to play a key rule in detecting health conditions and finding cures, reports said.

22 Jun 2017


As MTP Act amendment lies pending, SC raps Centre

An amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act extending permissible limit for abortion beyond 20 weeks has been pending in parliament since 2014.

19 Jun 2017


Rent-a-womb scam: Hyderabad hospital held lowly-paid surrogates captive

A rent-a-womb scam was unearthed at Hyderabad's Sai Kiran Hospital when police found over 40 surrogate mothers confined inside a room.

14 Jun 2017


Scientists develop tanning drug that could prevent cancer

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a drug that can mimic sunlight to trigger skin tanning.

Zika virus in US: 5% women had babies with defects

Five percent of pregnant women with Zika virus infection in the United States had fetus or babies with related birth defects, including microcephaly, according to a US government health report.

11 Jun 2017


Antibiotic resistance increasing alarmingly in Indian children

Antibiotic resistance among Indian children has reached alarming levels. According to a recent study by the Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai, ampicillin, a common antibiotic to fight infections, won't work on 95% pediatric patients.

03 Jun 2017


Pvt firm caught red handed violating biomedical waste disposal norms

In a surprise inspection, Delhi Environment minister Imran Hussain caught a private biomedical waste treatment facility red handed in violating proper waste management rules, thereby, running the risk of causing the outbreak of diseases and endangering lives.

02 Jun 2017


Maneka Gandhi hospitalized in UP; to be airlifted to Delhi

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi was admitted to the emergency ward of a hospital in Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh after she complained of stomachache.

02 Jun 2017


Mumbai's 'one-rupee clinics': 7000 patients visit in 1 month

In May, Mumbai saw its first 5 'one-rupee clinics' become operational: clinics that charge patients only Re 1 as consultation fee.

02 Jun 2017


Internet withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of drug withdrawal

According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, people who spend an extended amount of time on the Internet end up experiencing increased heart rate and rise in blood pressure after they stop and go offline.

02 Jun 2017


Karnataka: How Solar Power is improving healthcare delivery

Over 28,000 Primary Health Centers (PHCs) serve as the backbone of rural India's public healthcare.

31 May 2017


Your future self to you: Thank you for not smoking!

"Smoking is bad" is universal knowledge. Cigarettes have nicotine, and the brain has 'nicotinic' receptors, which is why it is so easy to get addicted to cigarettes.

30 May 2017


India issues advisory after three Zika cases in Gujarat

On May 26, India confirmed three cases of Zika in Ahmedabad, which were reported sometime during November'16-February'17.

30 May 2017


Personalized medicines: Silicon Valley doctor calls for optimized treatment

Dr. Molly Maloof isn't your everyday doctor but one that believes that one can only stay healthy by 'optimizing one's health'.

30 May 2017


Chemists across India to go on strike today

Over 9 lakh chemists across India will go on strike on May 30 to oppose against strict regulations on sale of medicine and their diminishing margins.

28 May 2017


Did the government stay mum on Zika in India?

The World Health Organization has released a report that said three cases of Zika were recently reported in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, with one as recently as January 2017.

27 May 2017


Pacemakers are extremely vulnerable against cyber-attacks, according to reports

Pacemakers, insulin pumps and other devices in hospitals, according to recent studies, most of the times have security problems making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.