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22 Jul 2016


Google uses DeepMind-Powered AI to manage power usage

Internet giant Google started using Artificial Intelligence technology of its subsidiary DeepMind to reduce the energy consumption of its data centers.

21 Jul 2016


Owner of Kickass Torrent arrested

Artem Vaulin, 30, alleged to be the owner and mastermind of Kickass Torrents was arrested in Poland.

19 Jul 2016


'Kabali' leaked on Dark Web

Rajnkanth's much-awaited movie Kabali has reportedly been leaked on Dark Web; days before its release in cinema halls.

18 Jul 2016


Techie arrested for hacking Air India website

Delhi's cyber crime unit arrested Anitesh Goswami, a former Air India employee, for hacking the company's website.

16 Jul 2016


Google's first-ever Indie-Game Festival to be held in San Francisco

Google's Indie Game Developer Conference is scheduled to take place on 24 September at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco.

14 Jul 2016


Pokemon GO faces calls for introduction of 'no-go' areas

An influx of Pokémon trainers was reported flooding the 9/11 Memorial, the US Holocaust Museum, and Arlington National Cemetery, churches and hospitals.

13 Jul 2016


Juno sends back first picture from orbit

The Juno probe has sent back its first picture after entering Jupiter's orbit.

11 Jul 2016


Chat app Line targets $1.14B raise in IPO

Japanese messaging-app operator Line Corp. announced pricing for its dual initial public offering in New York and Tokyo, raising $1.14 billion ( 115.5 billion yen ).

10 Jul 2016


As many as 85 million Android devices infected

Mobile security company Check Point released a report which says that as many as 85 million Android devices may have been infected by a malware called HummingBad.

09 Jul 2016


Ringing Bells starts delivering the Freedom251

Ringing Bells announced that it had started delivering the Rs.251 phones across India today.

08 Jul 2016


The first public beta version of iOS 10

The beta version is now available and can be downloaded without paying $99 per year by anyone owning an Apple device.

08 Jul 2016


India's first Centre of Excellence

India's first CoE for IoT, a joint initiative between Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Education and Research Network, Nasscom and the government, has been set-up in Bangalore.

07 Jul 2016


Facebook unveils its new open wireless access platform 'OpenCellular'

In a fresh attempt to improve connectivity in remote areas, Facebook announced an open source and cost effective, software-defined wireless platform.

07 Jul 2016


Alibaba dabbles with driverless car technology, launches smart cars

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group said it will launch its new fleet of smart cars into the market, in collaboration with China's SAIC Motors.

05 Jul 2016


China completes telescope ahead of schedule

China completed the installation of the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in its southwest Guizhou province, fitting the last of its 4,450 triangular panels into the big dish.

05 Jul 2016


Juno enters Jupiter's orbit

After a successful five-year voyage, Juno reached Jupiter on Monday. It entered Jupiter's orbit by slowing down its speed to gently slip into the orbit.

04 Jul 2016


Research shows marijuana helps slow down plaque build-up

Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, California, found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound present in marijuana, helps slow down plaque build-up in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease.

03 Jul 2016


BMW, Intel and Mobileye announce deal

BMW, Intel and Mobileye entered into a research partnership to develop self-driving robot cars.

03 Jul 2016


Google's quest to improve India

Google has introduced several projects and services over the last six months with the goal of improving the average Indian's experience on the internet.

01 Jul 2016


Study shows evidence of Antarctic's ozone holes starting to heal

Scientists have gathered evidence that Antarctic's ozone hole is now finally starting to heal, stating that there has been decreasing levels of substances like chloroflourocarbons (CFC's) that cause ozone depletion.

30 Jun 2016


No ban on WhatsApp, says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court dismissed Sudhir Yadav's petition that sought a ban on WhatsApp and similar apps, which use 256-bit encryption, as they give terrorists non-interceptable modes of communication.

29 Jun 2016


BlackBerry to unveil two new mid-range smartphones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed that the Canadian cellphone maker would unveil two new mid-range smartphones in July 2016.

29 Jun 2016


Brexit wouldn't affect ITER, India on schedule: ITER spokesperson

Laban Coblentz, ITER International Fusion Energy Organization's spokesperson, claimed that Brexit wouldn't cause any delay in the construction of multi-billion-dollar International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in Southern France.

26 Jun 2016


First successful drone delivery in New Jersey

Australian start-up Flirtey has successfully tested its first ship-to-shore drone delivery in New Jersey.

16 Jun 2016


India signs pact to explore metals in ocean

India is set to sign a pact with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), to help undertake exploration of metallic minerals in the Indian Ocean.

13 Jun 2016


About 2,500 Indian children suffer from Medulloblastoma yearly

According to a report, over 2,500 Indian kids suffer from Medulloblastoma, a common pediatric malignant primary brain tumor.

11 Jun 2016


Say hello to new elements: Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson

4 chemical elements were officially added to the periodic table.

9 Jun 206


Apple revamps its App store

Apple Inc announced a series of long-awaited enhancements to its App Store aimed at improving the experience for both developers and consumers alike.

8 Jun 2016


Scientists say gravitational waves experiment successful

Scientists stated that the mission to demonstrate technologies needed to detect gravitational waves in space was successful.

7 Jun 2016


Finland prepares to bury highly-radioactive nuclear waste

The Finns will get rid of their nuclear waste underground on the lush green island of Olkiluoto, off Finland's west coast.

2 Jun 2016


Xiaomi buys 1500 patents from Microsoft

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi bought nearly 1,500 technology patents from the US technology giant Microsoft Corp.

1 Jun 2016


Investments in renewable energy hit record levels

According to the Renewables Global Status report, in 2015, double the amount was spent in investments in renewables than new coal and gas-fired power plants.

28 May 2016


Arnab De honored with Springer Theses Award

Arnab De, an Indian-American scientist, has been awarded the prestigious Springer Theses Award to recognize his outstanding research done on developing a transgenic mouse to study A20, a critical tumor suppressor.

27 May 2016


Infection resists 'last resort' anti-biotic in US

Authorities in the US have detected the first case of a bacteria that resists 'colistin', a last resort anti-biotic used to treat near-incurable infections around the world.

26 May 2016


Chicxulub 'Dino' Crater drilling project declared successful

A UK/US-led team declared that the attempt to drill into Mexico's Chicxulub Crater has been an outstanding success.

23 May 2016


ISRO launches reusable launch vehicle

ISRO successfully launched the first technology demonstrator of the indigenously made Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), capable of launching satellites into orbit around earth and then re-enter the atmosphere.

21 May 2016


MedGenome to create Indian genome database

The Sequoia backed MedGenome, based in Bengaluru, tied up with a southeast Asian consortium, which has committed to 'GenomeAsia 100k', which involves sequencing 1,00,000 Asian genomes.

20 May 2016


India leading the fight superbugs: AMR

A policy by India, of putting a red line on antibiotic packages to limit their over-the-counter sale is being cited as a model that can be used to counter the global threat of superbugs.

19 May 2016


Superbugs: As big a risk as terrorism

The Global Review on Antimicrobial Resistance has stated that superbugs can and will kill someone every three seconds by 2050, unless the world takes immediate notice.

15 May 2016


ISRO to test its maiden reusable space shuttle

India's spaceport at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh is set to witness the launch of ISRO's first indigenously made space shuttle.