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23 Jan 2018

Narendra Modi

Modi in Davos: PM discusses three biggest challenges of today

PM Narendra Modi talked about climate change, good vs bad terrorism and self-centeredness, the three biggest challenges the world is apparently facing today, at the 48th World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos, Switzerland.

19 Jan 2018

Global Warming

Last 17 years have been the hottest since 1880: NASA

2017 was the warmest without El Nino, the Pacific weather pattern that adds to the rising temperatures, reported NASA on Thursday.

09 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Pope to mothers: 'Feel free to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel'

Pope Francis is renowned for propagating a modern way of thinking that often goes against the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

03 Jan 2018

Global Warming

Thanks to climate change, chocolate to get extinct by 2040

Imagine a world without chocolates.

29 Dec 2017


As America freezes, Trump suggests using bit of global warming

Donald Trump mocked climate change on Friday, displaying once again how little he thinks of the modern world's most imminent threat.

15 Nov 2017

Global Warming

Time is running out: Global scientists warn humanity

World scientists recently issued a second "warning to humanity", highlighting the imminent danger that our planet is in, thanks to our unsustainable lifestyles.

08 Nov 2017


#ParadisePapers: Did Prince Charles lobby to alter climate change policy?

Numerous big names, including Queen Elizabeth-II and US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross have been named in the recently leaked Paradise Papers.

31 Oct 2017


Indoor air pollution killed 1.24 lakh Indians prematurely

A report published in a renowned medical journal, Lancet, has shown that indoor air pollution was responsible for 1.24 lakh premature deaths per one million people in India in 2015.

10 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

Trump administration to terminate major Obama climate change plan

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has confirmed plans to repeal a rule introduced by the Obama administration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

19 Sep 2017


Bengaluru Lake Frothing: Centre seeks CPCB's response over phosphorus pollution

Bengaluru's Bellandur Lake frothing has turned the Centre's attention to high phosphorus content in laundry detergents, bars, and industrial cleaners.

17 Sep 2017


US to re-engage with the Paris Agreement?

The US recently made its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change official, inviting significant criticism.

19 Aug 2017


How much would climate change cost India?

As global green house gas emissions continue to grow, India is starting to feel the impact of climate change; be it through bad monsoons or through extreme weather events.

05 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

UN Secretary-General wants US to re-engage in Paris Agreement

After receiving the US's formal communication regarding its exit from Paris Agreement, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the nation to re-engage in the climate deal.

05 Aug 2017

Narendra Modi

Debates and discussions, Asia's oldest traditions, important for conflict-resolution: Modi

Dialogue and debate, "Asia's oldest traditions", are key to battling deep-rooted religious stereotypes that divide people around the world, said PM Narendra Modi.

04 Aug 2017


'India performs better than predicted, cuts down faster on coal'

While announcing his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, President Trump loudly wondered why the US should stop its coal production, while India could double its production by 2020.

03 Aug 2017


Global warming: Are we ignoring farmers in the Himalayas?

Climate change has been manifesting itself through many ways including changing weather patterns.

09 Jul 2017


Paris Agreement: 19 countries reiterate commitment after US' withdrawal

Just over a month after the US pulled out of the landmark Paris Agreement, leaders of 19 nations at the Hamburg G20 summit have vowed to take it forward with or without America.

20 Jun 2017


Was Trump's withdrawal from Paris Agreement a blessing in disguise?

Trump's recent withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has been met with a loud clamour on how it ends all hopes for fighting climate change.

16 Jun 2017

Global Warming

Last month was the second hottest May on record

According to NASA's monthly analysis, last month was the second hottest May in 137 years of modern record-keeping of average global temperatures.

10 Jun 2017


Sustainability initiatives: France extends 3.5 million Euros to Indian cities

In a bid to curb emissions and support sustainable initiatives in India, EU and France extended 3.5 million euros to India under the 'Mobilize Your City' (MYC) initiative.

05 Jun 2017


World Environment Day 2017 - Connecting people to nature

Every year, 5 June is celebrated as World Environment Day - the largest and the most celebrated day for conserving and preserving the nature and environment.

03 Jun 2017


Paris Agreement on climate change- India committed to preserving climate

Following the "stormy exit" of the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change, India asserted it is committed to protecting the climate irrespective of international pacts or other nations' stand on it.

02 Jun 2017


Represent Pittsburgh, and not Paris says Trump; Pittsburgh mayor rebukes

Rejecting the Paris climate deal, Donald Trump said, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris."

02 Jun 2017

Global Warming

Five ways Trump's Paris agreement withdrawal impacts the world

President Donald Trump has announced his decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement.

02 Jun 2017


Trump withdraws US from 2015 Paris climate change agreement

President Donald Trump has announced his decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement.

31 May 2017


Reports: Trump to withdraw US from Paris Agreement on climate-change

President Donald Trump will pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to White House sources.

31 May 2017


UN chief calls climate deal 'essential' as Modi expresses support

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it's "absolutely essential" for the world to unite to fight the threats arising from climate change.

28 May 2017


G7 summit concludes: Trump refuses to agree to climate-change deal

The conclusion of the annual G7 summit in Sicily on Saturday saw differences crop up between US President Donald Trump and representatives from European nations and Japan.

24 May 2017

Donald Trump

Trump says meeting Pope Francis was "an honor"

US President Donald Trump met Pope Francis during his visit to the Vatican.

20 May 2017


"Antarcticans" gather at the National Polar Science Seminar

At a conference in Sada, nestled in the quiet town of Vasco in Goa, gathered a congregation of "Antarcticans", a term used for people who have explored the desolate continent.

13 May 2017


Genetically-modified Mustard to be commercially cultivated

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee has given clearance for the commercial cultivation of genetically modified mustard. It has forwarded the approval to the Ministry of Environment and Forests for consideration.

10 May 2017


Natural disasters - How prepared are India's health systems?

Over 58.6% of Indian landmass is earthquake prone while 5,700km of 7,516km-long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis.

08 May 2017


Paris accord- Investor giants urge Trump to implement climate agreement

In a letter to the Group of seven (G7) countries, investors holding $15 trillion worth of assets urged countries led by US to implement the Paris climate agreement, despite Trump's abrogation threats.

23 Apr 2017


First ever 'March for Science' held worldwide

In an attempt to promote the action of protecting the environment, 'March for Science' was celebrated worldwide coinciding the occasion of Earth Day.

23 Apr 2017

Tamil Nadu

#Fail: Wind destroys TN ministers thermocol experiment to save water

Tamil Nadu is in the grip of a severe drought. While urgent solutions are required to mitigate the effects of the same, the urgency acquired a whole new dimension when Tamil Nadu co-operative minister Sellur Raju tried to float thermocol in the Vaigai reservoir.

23 Apr 2017


European Union, India strengthen ties; Vow to jointly fight terror

The European Union and India have agreed to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation besides expanding engagement in a wide range of areas including trade, energy, environment, and maritime security.

22 Apr 2017


Earth Day 2017: On the importance of going green

April 22nd is celebrated annually as Earth Day since 1970. Celebrated across the world, the Day upholds the importance of environmental protection. Demonstrations and celebrations are conducted in over 193 countries commemorating the day.

31 Mar 2017


Heat-wave kills two in Maharashtra, other states on high alert

On Thursday, the Maharashtra government affirmed that two people, one each from Aurangabad and Solapur districts, died due to the heat wave.

30 Mar 2017


Global warming has nine Indian cities blistering in heat

A new study published in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, depicts that even if the targets set in the Paris Climate goals are met somehow, 44 major cities across the globe are still going to witness deadly heat in near future.

08 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

Chinese media: Trump may use India to balance China

A Global Times report titled 'Trump may be cool to alliance with Delhi' suggested that president-elect Donald Trump may increase Indo-US defence co-operation to "suppress" China.

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