NewsBytes Briefing: Tesla doesn't like Bitcoin anymore, and more

Last updated on May 14, 2021, 01:17 am
NewsBytes Briefing: Tesla doesn't like Bitcoin anymore, and more
NewsBytes Briefing: Tesla changes mind on Bitcoins

Not long after allowing Tesla electric vehicles to be bought using Bitcoin, CEO Elon Musk has had a change of heart. The billionaire remembered that Tesla is supposed to be an eco-conscious company, which is a problem when you support a cryptocurrency that consumes more energy than all of Netherlands does in an entire year. Musk should have considered the bad PR beforehand.

Eco mode

Google Search's new update will save you eyestrain and electricity

Speaking of protecting the environment by saving energy, Google's new dark mode for its Search service will save desktop computers from wasting energy. The only problem with that is it only applies to OLED displays, which are essentially found on mobile devices. However, Google Search's dark mode will, at the very least, be easier on your eyes. And that counts for something.

Space capitalism

NASA now allows you to buy your way into space

They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you a ticket to the stars. Well, not stars but at least to the bright blip in the night skies that we otherwise know as the International Space Station (ISS). NASA is working with Axiom and SpaceX to let paying customers fly aboard the ISS for an unspecified amount of money.

Grim warning

China flexes its cyber-warfare muscles in a warning to US

China is sure having a blast conducting dress rehearsals for the impending strike on Taiwan. Either that, or it simply wants to send US a warning that its critical infrastructure can be taken down at a moment's notice. The China-backed hacker outfit Hafnium apparently used a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability to shut down oil supplies for 50 million people in the Eastern US.

Common passwords

Have Flipkart account? You might want to change your password

This isn't a new breach, but a cautionary tale for those who reuse passwords across different digital platforms. The miscreants behind the BigBasket leak have figured out a large number of people share the same passwords with their Flipkart accounts. They are now reselling these credentials so that such accounts can be compromised. This is concerning due to the associated payment details.

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