Two-Factor Authentication: News

Two-factor authentication is an electronic method used to verify the identity of a user before granting them access to a service or product, usually online. To verify their identity, the user must present two answers (factors) to the authentication mechanism. Both of these factors are exclusively and uniquely known to the user being authenticated. In simpler terms, when you attempt to log in and the system asks you for a password followed by another one-time password or security question, it is two-factor authentication in action. The mechanism is effective at preventing unauthorized access in case bad actors get access to one of the factors. This means that if a bad actor secures your password, not having the one-time password would still deny them access to your data. Factors could be physical objects in possession of the user, something the user knows uniquely, a physical characteristic of the user (biometrics), or somewhere the user is (location). However, like most security methods, two factor scratch that two-factor authentication isn't foolproof. Methods such as social engineering attacks, SIM cloning, and phishing attacks could obtain both the factors required to authenticate the login.

08 May 2024


Hackers can crack average 8-character passwords in under a minute

A recent revelation from IT company Hive Systems has raised concerns about cybersecurity.

03 Jul 2022


Gmail, Hotmail users beware! This fake email steals Facebook details

Gmail and Hotmail users are being advised to be on the lookout for a scam email disguising as a message from the Facebook Support team.

21 Jun 2022


How to secure your WhatsApp: Check latest features and settings

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app, is prone to security and privacy lapses. If you're not careful enough, the chances of your account being exploited are high.

21 Sep 2020


Iranian hackers develop malware to steal 2FA codes

Often, security experts recommend two-factor authentication (2FA) as a way to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts and services such as Facebook and Instagram.

12 Sep 2020


#TechBytes: How to secure Zoom account with two-factor authentication

Zoom has had plenty of security issues, but among all of them, Zoom-bombing has been a persistent one.

15 Jan 2020


Now, use your iPhone as a Google security key

In a major move, Google has announced that iPhones can now be used as security keys for Google accounts.

22 Dec 2019


Facebook will not use two-factor phone numbers for suggesting friends

In a bid to boost the security and privacy of its users, Facebook has announced that it will no longer use the phone numbers given to enable two-factor authentication for suggesting friends.

22 Nov 2019


Now, enable two-factor authentication on Twitter without linking your number

A few weeks back, Twitter drew serious flak for making numbers given for two-factor authentication available to advertisers.

19 Jun 2017


Two-factor authentication: Protect your online accounts against hackers

Considering the fact that every second one or more accounts are getting hacked across the world, a little bit of precaution won't hurt.