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19 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

California wildfire: Death-toll rises to 77; search for victims continues

Authorities say one more set of human remains has been found, bringing the total number killed in the devastating California wildfire to 77.

17 Nov 2018


California wildfires: Number of missing people jumps to over 1,000

The number of people missing in the devastating wildfire that struck northern California jumped to over 1,000 today, as the remains of 8 other victims were found.

16 Nov 2018


Netflix cancels 'Narcos: Mexico' red carpet due to California wildfires

The raging wildfires in California forced Netflix to cancel the red carpet premiere of 'Narcos: Mexico'.

15 Nov 2018

Miley Cyrus

Death toll from California wildfires rises as 130 still missing

The death toll in the deadliest wildfires in recent California history climbed to 59 yesterday, as authorities released a list of 130 people still missing.

14 Nov 2018

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Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 50 dead

Thousands of firefighters battled blazes in northern and southern California yesterday as body recovery teams searched the remains of houses and charred cars for victims of the deadliest wildfire in the history of the US state.

13 Nov 2018


Dead in cars, homes: Northern California fire toll at 42

At least 42 people were confirmed dead in the wildfire that turned Northern California's Paradise town and outlying areas into hell on earth.

13 Nov 2018


Indian ex-Tesla employee charged for embezzling $9.3mn, identity theft

A 32-year-old Indian man, a former employee of American electric car manufacturer Tesla, has been charged for allegedly stealing $9.3mn from the company by falsifying financial documents.

11 Nov 2018

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#FuryOfNature: California wildfire destroys 'Westworld' set, celebrity homes

The state of California is fighting wildfires that have been raging for the past couple of days.

11 Nov 2018

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California massive fire death toll reaches 23, rescue operations underway

The death toll from the most destructive fire to hit California rose to 23 yesterday as rescue workers recovered more bodies of people.

09 Nov 2018

Las Vegas

California bar shooting: Ex-US Marine Ian Long was the shooter

The shooter involved in Wednesday's California bar shooting, which left 12 dead, was identified as 28-year-old Ian Long, a former US Marine.

US: At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

At least 11 people, including an officer, were shot at in a South California bar on Wednesday night (local time).

AI beats humans at detecting Alzheimer's; does so years ahead

In yet another instance of artificial intelligence (AI) making forays into healthcare, researchers in California recently demonstrated that a trained neural network could accurately diagnose Alzheimer's in patients, years before those patients were actually diagnosed by physicians.

03 Nov 2018

H-1B Visa

Indian-American arrested over H-1B visa fraud in Silicon Valley

A 46-year-old Indian-American was arrested yesterday morning in California on charges of H-1B visa fraud.

31 Oct 2018

Selfie Deaths

Indian-couple, who fell to death, warned others of dangerous selfies

Indian-couple Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy, who died after falling 800 feet in California's Yosemite National Park last week, warned people of dangers of 'doing it for gram'.

30 Oct 2018


Travel-junkie Indian couple dies falling 800ft in California's Yosemite Park

In a tragic incident, an Indian couple died after falling 800 feet in an area with steep terrain in California's Yosemite National Park last week.

Massive piece of space junk falls in California: Details here

We all know space junk or tiny flecks of discarded rockets and satellites pose a major threat to manned/unmanned missions.

#TryThisAshCookie: Teenage girl bakes grandfather's ashes into cookies, feeds classmates

Cookies, the all-time favorite pre-snack, have been the delicacy you just can't get enough of.

06 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Despite sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh gets backing for SC seat

Despite sexual assault allegations, Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court is all but certain, with key senators having backed the embattled judge's nomination.

19 Sep 2018

Sexual Assault

This California couple might have raped over a 100 women

In what could spiral into an outrageous case, an orthopedic surgeon from California and his girlfriend have been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting two women.

03 Sep 2018

Mass Shooting

California: 10, including children, shot at, in apartment-complex

On Sunday night, an active shooter gunned 10 people including children at an apartment complex in San Bernardino, California. It is reported three of the victims are extremely critical.

29 Aug 2018

South Korea

No weed for South Koreans, not even in Canada

On October 17, the recreational use of marijuana in Canada will become legal, thereby allowing Canadian residents, as well as tourists to Canada, to light up if they're into smoking pot.

25 Aug 2018

Bugatti Chiron

Meet Divo: Bugatti's latest Rs. 40cr monster hypercar

On Friday, in front of the super sophisticated audience of the elite Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance auto show in California, hypercar-maker Bugatti unveiled its latest monster - the Bugatti Divo.

23 Aug 2018

Harvey Weinstein

Jimmy Bennett, who accused Asia Argento of sexual-harassment, was 'ashamed'

Jimmy Bennett, who earlier this week accused actress Asia Argento of sexually harassing him when he was just 17, spoke about his choice to stay silent on the abuse.

20 Aug 2018

Harvey Weinstein

#SheToo? Actress Argento, who accused Weinstein, paid her own accuser

Italian actress Asia Argento grabbed the spotlight when she became one of the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein's sexual transgressions.

US: Police-chief's son attacks Sikh man; shows 'middle-finger' in court

The teenager son of a police chief in California, who brutally assaulted a 71-year-old Sikh man, grinned and made obscene gestures by flashing his middle fingers, during his first court appearance, according to a report by Sacramento's FOX40 News.

At 15, Indian-American genius becomes an engineer!

Three years ago, Indian-American prodigy Tanishq Abraham graduated from a California college when he was just 11, and made headlines globally.

26 Jun 2018


The first public beta version of iOS 12 is out

Apple announced the brand new iOS 12 at its recently held Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018 in California.

25 Jun 2018


Ibrahim Diallo: The man who got fired by a machine

Machines are not only just taking our jobs, but it seems like they've started sacking people too.

14 Jun 2018


Probe begins on sexual assault charges against Sylvester Stallone

Los Angeles prosecutors are reviewing sexual assault charges levelled against Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.

26 May 2018


Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps

A court case claims that Facebook reportedly collected information about users and their friends- some who weren't even registered with the website- through its apps.

14 May 2018


Apple faces lawsuit over MacBooks with faulty butterfly keyboards

US-based MacBook users Kyle Barbaro and Zixua Rao have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the Northern District Court of California.

13 May 2018


YouTube to help users manage their addictive video watching behavior

At the recently concluded Google I/O 2018 annual developer conference in California, the company rolled out a series of new features on YouTube that will help people control their usage of the video streaming app.

09 May 2018


Google I/O 2018: Maps goes beyond navigation, becomes about exploration

Several updates have been announced to Google Maps at the company's ongoing Google I/O 2018 annual developer conference in California.

07 May 2018


AI-powered game identifies object images and matches them with emojis

As an example of interesting and fun uses of machine learning, Google has launched a new AI-based game called "Emoji Scavenger Hunt".

03 May 2018


Facebook uses public Instagram images to train image recognition AI

At its ongoing F8 developer conference in California, Facebook has detailed how it's using Instagram images to train its image recognition artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

5 songs that define JNU and its creatures

We all were textbook idealists, while growing up. But a 28-year-old Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU (in)fame still is - it is both funny and scary, in equal parts.

25 Apr 2018

Sexual Harassment

Reputed Indian-American scientist faces misconduct allegations

Indian-American scientist Inder Verma, among the world's top authorities on cancer and gene therapy, has been placed on leave from California's prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

04 Apr 2018


Woman opens fire at California YouTube-headquarters before apparently killing herself

A gunwoman opened fire at the California YouTube headquarters yesterday afternoon before apparently shooting herself.

25 Mar 2018

Space News

'Flat-Earther' launches himself in self-made rocket to prove his theory

"Mad" Mike Hughes has finally done what he has been promising to do since years: he has launched himself in his self-made rocket from Amboy, California.

23 Mar 2018


California Police shot black-man suspecting gun. He had an iPhone

Police in California has released disturbing footage of cops shooting an African-American man 20 times in the backyard of his own Sacramento home.