Miley Cyrus: News

23 Nov 2022

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday Miley Cyrus! Know about the singer's fitness secrets

One of the most popular former teen idols, Miley Cyrus turns 30 today!

23 Nov 2022


Miley Cyrus birthday: 'Hannah Montana' to 'LOL,' 4 must-watch films

Not only a popular singer, but Miley Cyrus is also known for her acting skills.

15 Mar 2022


5 Hollywood actors who deserve to have their own biopics

Biopics often work like magic at the box office.

12 Jan 2022

Walt Disney

5 all-time favorite Disney shows

Disney TV shows never failed us as kids. No matter how bad your day was, a few episodes of some of these shows were enough to cheer us up.

08 May 2021

Elon Musk

Elon Musk's 'SNL' promo is as 'wild' as he is!

By now we know that Elon Musk will be debuting on Saturday Night Live on May 8.

21 Jan 2021

Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus finds women 'way hotter,' calls penis 'wonderful sculptures'

Last week, Miley Cyrus was in the news for getting an unreal ensemble of musical geniuses for a cover performance of Metallica hit track Nothing Else Matters.

16 Jan 2021


Elton John, Chad Smith, Miley Cyrus unite for Metallica's cover

Miley Cyrus is as unpredictable as an entertainer should be.

04 Dec 2020


Kate Middleton's engagement ring world's most popular, guess the second

Kate Middleton's blue sapphire-diamond ring has been voted the world's most popular engagement ring, followed by her sister-in-law, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's diamond trilogy ring.

02 Dec 2020


'Juno' star announces he's transgender Elliot Page, Hollywood lends support

The Juno actor, who hogged headlines for playing a teenager tackling an accidental pregnancy and got an Oscar nomination for the performance, has come out as transgender.

31 Aug 2020

Justin Bieber

VMAs 2020: A night of good music and green screen

MTV VMAs 2020 went pseudo-live and treated music lovers with entertainment from a safe distance, albeit struggling with green screens.

08 May 2020


World doesn't need 'Black Mirror' season 6 now, says creator

The sixth season of Black Mirror is not coming anytime soon.

11 Mar 2020


Coronavirus hits music festivals as Coachella postponed till October

The panic over coronavirus outbreak is looming over art festivals and concerts, places that naturally invite large crowds and are potential threats for the spread of the deadly virus.

24 Sep 2019

Justin Bieber

These celebrities earn in millions, and they aren't even 30!

The entertainment world is one such space where you don't have to wait till your hair turns grey to be sitting atop millions.

06 Sep 2019


Rapper Nicki Minaj announces retirement; fans wonder if she's joking

Rapper Nicki Minaj took her fans by surprise as she announced her retirement yesterday.

23 Aug 2019


My marriage didn't end because of cheating, clarifies Miley Cyrus

A day after actor Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus, rumors have been rife that the singer cheated on her soon-to-be ex-husband.

15 Aug 2019

Priyanka Chopra

Hollywood's famous 7 celebrity siblings that are minting money together

In the entertainment industry, there are struggling performers, established stars, and families.

10 Aug 2019

Deepika Padukone

Deepika, Priyanka have fake followers on Instagram, says ICMP report

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra enjoy a massive fan following on Instagram, with 37.9 million and 43.6 million admirers respectively.

09 Jun 2019


'Black Mirror' 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too' Review: Masala Bollywood!

Black Mirror is a good show with some impressive episodes. What makes it a cult phenomenon is its ability to take risks and its unpredictability.

05 Jun 2019


Shocking! Miley Cyrus' 'fan' forcefully kisses her, video goes viral

The world of glamor may seem glitzy, but celebrities have to go through a lot. From prying paparazzi to fans who don't respect distance, things really take a nasty turn sometimes.

23 May 2019


'Black Mirror', 'The Dark Knight' and more: Netflix's June content

June 2019 comes with a promise of some interesting content on Netflix.

15 May 2019


Netflix just dropped a star-studded 'Black Mirror' Season 5 trailer

The popular sci-fi anthology series that changed the way people perceive technology is here with its fifth season.

31 Dec 2018


'The Last Song' streaming spikes after Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth marriage

On December 27, Miley Cyrus announced her wedding to Liam Hemsworth as we reported.

27 Dec 2018


Miley Cyrus announces her wedding to Liam Hemsworth

In a surprising move, Miley Cyrus has announced her wedding to Liam Hemsworth by posting pictures of the ceremony.

17 Nov 2018


What's wrong with the nation's obsession about the DeepVeer wedding?

Since Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone tied the knot on November 14, social media, news media, and much of mass media have been obsessed with their 'dreamy' picture-perfect wedding.

15 Nov 2018


Death toll from California wildfires rises as 130 still missing

The death toll in the deadliest wildfires in recent California history climbed to 59 yesterday, as authorities released a list of 130 people still missing.

14 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 50 dead

Thousands of firefighters battled blazes in northern and southern California yesterday as body recovery teams searched the remains of houses and charred cars for victims of the deadliest wildfire in the history of the US state.

28 Jul 2018


Nick Jonas' colorful life-journey hints why Priyanka fell in love

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the hottest star couple on the block right now.

25 Mar 2018

Washington DC

March for Our Lives: Huge pro gun-control rallies sweep USA

With over 800 protests taking place across the US and the world, thousands of protesters took to the streets on Saturday calling for tighter gun control laws in the US.