Sherlock Holmes: News

26 Jun 2024

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's 'Young Sherlock' series casts Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone

Amazon Prime Video's Young Sherlock series has announced the addition of actors Joseph Fiennes and Natascha McElhone to its cast.

02 Jun 2024

Robert Downey Jr.

'Very much alive': Susan Downey on 'Sherlock Holmes 3'

As Amazon Prime Video works on its own version of the iconic Sherlock Holmes, Susan Downey has shared a positive update on Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes 3.

31 May 2024


Enchanting films where books come to life

Books possess the extraordinary ability to transport readers to diverse realms, yet certain films elevate this concept by animating the stories within books on the silver screen.

30 May 2024

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video announces 'Young Sherlock Holmes' series adaptation

Amazon Prime Video has commissioned a new series based on Andrew 'Andy' Lane's Young Sherlock Holmes novels.

02 Apr 2024


Read these detective fiction books similar to 'Sherlock Holmes'

Detective fiction has always drawn in readers with its complex puzzles and memorable detectives.

01 Feb 2024


'Sherlock' to 'Downton Abbey': Best IMDb-rated British shows

When you talk about some of the best content on the small screen, British television has consistently contributed majorly with several award-winning shows.

31 Jan 2024


'Sherlock' to 'Pride and Prejudice': Best IMDb-rated BBC shows 

With the rise of OTT platforms worldwide and the ease of access, the shows backed by British government-funded channel BBC have garnered global fans over the years.

08 Jan 2024


'The Wire' to 'True Detective': Best IMDb-rated crime drama shows

Explore the cream of the crime drama genre, where each episode unfolds like a gripping chapter in a thrilling and unforgettable saga of mystery and intrigue.

01 Jan 2024

Iron Man

'Iron Man' to 'Oppenheimer': Robert Downey Jr.'s best performances 

A Hollywood icon renowned for his extraordinary talent and diverse range, Robert Downey Jr. is globally best known for his portrayal of the Marvel superhero Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

25 Oct 2023


'Sherlock' to 'Marple': Hollywood titles based on literary detectives

Hollywood has long been captivated by the mystique of literary detectives, and this fascination has given rise to a rich tradition of adapting iconic literary sleuths for the big and small screens.

17 Oct 2023


Best Hollywood murder mystery movies of all time 

An exhilarating blend of suspense, complex characters, and plot twists make for a brilliant murder mystery and some of the most brilliant and creative minds in Hollywood have been weaving tales of suspense, intrigue, and intellectual challenge.

17 Aug 2023


'Fleabag' to 'Sherlock': BBC's top productions

With a legacy spanning decades, BBC has consistently brought us a diverse range of productions with gripping dramas, timeless adaptions, and insightful documentaries.

16 Aug 2023

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown's notable performances beyond 'Stranger Things'

As Eleven, the rising star Millie Bobby Brown solidified herself as one of the most exceptional young actors of the last decade.

22 May 2023


Sherlock Holmes Day: Mind-boggling facts about the world's favorite detective

May 22 every year is marked as Sherlock Holmes Day as it is the character's creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday today.

19 Dec 2022


'Sherlock Holmes,' 'Pride and Prejudice' getting adapted for Audible

As per reports on Deadline, Amazon Audible has made a deal with Indian production company The Foundry to adapt the likes of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice to their platform for India.

04 Nov 2022

OTT releases

Fresh OTT release: 'Enola Holmes 2' is streaming on Netflix

Enola Holmes 2, the second part of the mystery film franchise began streaming on Netflix and the protagonist played by Millie Bobby Brown seems to be having a ball while doing the strangest things in order to solve her first official case.

21 Apr 2022

Game of Thrones

5 popular TV killers we hate to love

We often find ourselves warming up to a fictional killer on TV and interestingly, a lot of people actually identify with these characters.

07 Apr 2022


'Sherlock Holmes' spin-off series eyed by HBO Max, RDJ attached

Sherlock Holmes is getting a TV universe!

26 Aug 2021


Missing Robert Downey Jr.? Projects where you'll see him next

Okay so folks, now it is official that Robert Downey Jr., who literally owned the character of Iron Man aka Tony Stark since 2008, didn't voice him in What If...?

16 Mar 2021


Maybe one day: Benedict Cumberbatch hints at 'Sherlock' Season 5

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has just revealed the possibility of the fifth season of BBC TV series Sherlock.

24 Feb 2021


Netflix blends supernatural events and Sherlock Holmes with 'The Irregulars'

Netflix is coming up with an unusual rendition of Sherlock Holmes, the hugely popular British sleuth.

13 Feb 2021


'Lupin' to face Sherlock Holmes? Show creator talks of 'discussions'

French series Lupin is creating shockwaves across the global Netflix fandom, as it has reached the company's US popularity charts in January, while topping its counterparts across countries like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Vietnam and the Philippines.

20 Dec 2020


Robert Downey Jr. wants Johnny Depp for 'Sherlock Holmes 3'

Johnny Depp, an actor of high regard struggling for acceptance due to his publicized personal life, seems to have long-time friend and co-star Robert Downey Jr. having his back.

02 Dec 2020

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch's 'breath'-taking Swiss luxury watch ad explores meditation, free-diving

"Breath and time... we have our own internal rhythms... we have many different clocks," resonates Benedict Cumberbatch's voice from what seems to be an extended ASMR video.

26 Oct 2020


'Battlestar Galactica' movie to have 'X-Men' screenwriter Simon Kinberg aboard

Battlestar Galactica is being revived, and Universal has chosen a capable hand to helm this sci-fi franchise that goes almost off the radar when it comes to mainstream movie debates about the genre.

02 Oct 2020


'Enola Holmes': Brown shines, Henry Cavill backs her just right

The scintillating trailers of Netflix movie Enola Holmes make you rise up from whatever mundane entertainment you have been treating yourselves with.

22 Mar 2020


#Coronavirus: Audible is offering free audiobooks to everyone including children

From governments, corporate houses, medical teams and individuals all over the world, everyone is trying their best to fight the coronavirus pandemic that has pushed life to a standstill.

12 Sep 2019


8 best shows you can stream on web

With the boom of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and others, the language of entertainment has changed.

15 May 2019


Netflix just dropped a star-studded 'Black Mirror' Season 5 trailer

The popular sci-fi anthology series that changed the way people perceive technology is here with its fifth season.

03 Sep 2018

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: Five most anticipated horror games

Horror is one of the most subjective genres in gaming. Players must find a game which interests them, without being too scary.

14 Aug 2018


Love thrillers? Here are the 5 best TV-shows for you

Indian television shows had some great content earlier, not so much now, but they never offered a lot in the thriller genre.