Madrid: News

12 Dec 2023

Travel And Tourism

These are world's top city destinations (2023), guess who's first

Paris has secured its reign as the world's most alluring city destination, topping the charts in Euromonitor International's 2023 City Destinations Index.

21 Jun 2021

United Nations (UN)

Photo shows Dubai princess, focus of UN concern, in Spain

A Dubai princess who has been the subject of concern from a United Nations panel after being seized trying to flee the sheikhdom in 2018 appeared in a social media post early Monday that described her as being in Spain on a European holiday.

21 Jan 2021


Gas explosion rips through Madrid building, killing four

A powerful gas explosion tore through a residential building in central Madrid on Wednesday, killing four people and ripping the facade off the structure.

30 Apr 2020


Under lockdown, Spaniards entertain themselves with 'balcony cinema' in Madrid

As the coronavirus pandemic has breathed new life into drive-in theaters in different parts of the world, Spain is going a different way to keep citizens entertained in these bleak times.

29 May 2019


Unbelievably expensive things owned by Cristiano Ronaldo

While there is a long-standing debate, among fans, if Cristiano Ronaldo can be called the GOAT, but he is certainly one of the modern-day legends, alongside Lionel Messi.

24 May 2019

Real Madrid

Footballers are treated like robots: Gareth Bale

Playing for a top club is an achievement for any footballer. Further, winning top honors makes it even special.

29 Nov 2018


'Criminal': Netflix's series to show what happens during police interrogation

Netflix is establishing itself as a premium content provider by continuously bringing something new to the table.

13 Nov 2017


#CatalanCrisis: Spanish PM Rajoy vows to end "separatist havoc"

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy's iron will has steered Madrid's tough handling of the ongoing Catalan crisis.

29 Oct 2017


#CatalanCrisis: Madrid says Puigdemont is welcome to run for elections

After Catalonia declared independence recently, Madrid sacked Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and called for fresh elections to be held.

22 Oct 2017


#CatalanCrisis deepens, Spain to remove leaders, take control of Catalonia

As sentiments surrounding Catalonia's independence from Spain run high, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has put forward plans to conduct elections in the region.

20 Oct 2017


Catalan independence: Madrid moves to suspend the region's autonomy

Catalonia declared independence from Spain in a recently held parliamentary session.

11 Oct 2017


Catalonia declares independence, puts it on hold

The Catalan Parliament signed a declaration of independence in a session eagerly watched by the whole world.

10 Oct 2017


French minister: Catalonia will lose EU membership with independence

Both Madrid and the Catalan authorities have been raising the stakes in the matter of Catalonia's independence from Spain.

08 Oct 2017


Catalonia referendum: Thousands attend pro-unity rallies in Madrid

Tens of thousands of Spaniards have taken to the streets in Madrid in a pro-unity rally against the disputed referendum for Catalan independence that took place on October 1.

Spain: Tensions mount ahead of the Catalan independence referendum

Tensions are building in Spain's Catalan region ahead of an independence referendum earlier prohibited by Madrid.

23 Aug 2017

Terror Attack

Barcelona attackers planned on striking monuments, reveals suspect

Providing evidence before a Madrid court, Mohammed Houli Chemlal, one of the surviving Barcelona attackers, revealed that their cell had planned on striking monuments including Barcelona's famous Sagrada Familia church.