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26 Sep 2020

San Francisco

#ComicBytes: Fictional places in DC Universe that have significance

Unlike Marvel, which likes to bring almost every single catastrophic event to New York, DC likes to do so in fictional places.

24 Sep 2020

Tim Burton

Lego wins over Batman fans with 2,363-piece Lego 1989 Batwing

Lego is winning over Batman fans with back-to-back projects.

23 Sep 2020


#ComicBytes: How did Jason Todd become Red Hood?

Jason Todd as Red Hood is one of the best and noted anti-heroes in DC Universe.

20 Sep 2020

Wonder Woman

#ComicBytes: The most powerful battle suits in DC Comics

DC has a plethora of superpowered characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are just the tip of the iceberg.

19 Sep 2020


DC Universe: These are the best and noted anti-heroes

Anti-heroes are the most complicated characters in any story because you can't categorize them as either good or bad.

13 Sep 2020


#ComicBytes: Underrated DC heroes who deserve their own movies

Marvel and DC are two comic book giants. But when it comes to films, Marvel has managed to go beyond expectations with its cinematic universe.

08 Sep 2020

John Cena

#ComicBytes: Meet the new faces of the Suicide Squad

After David Ayer's Suicide Squad failed to impress the critics, DC is all set to reboot its Task Force X.

4 Sep 2020

DC Comics

#ComicBytes: The origins of Darkseid, DC's supreme villain

When the teasers and trailers for The Batman, Wonder Woman 84, and Suicide Squad were released, all DC fans rejoiced.

03 Sep 2020


September 19: Get set to pamper Batman on this day

Is Batman your hero? Then get ready to pamper him on September 19.

25 Aug 2020

Wonder Woman

Warner Bros, DC release multiple film, game trailers

DC fans couldn't have asked for a better gift.

24 Aug 2020

DC Comics

Black Batman series by John Ridley coming in January 2021

Batman is being written afresh, and he will be a man of color this time.

23 Aug 2020

Bruce Wayne

Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' first teaser trailer is out

As promised, Warner Bros. has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, The Batman, at the ongoing DC FanDome event.

22 Aug 2020

Bruce Wayne

#ComicBytes: Batman storylines which should be adapted into movies

There are rumors that the upcoming Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman movie will feature the leading enemies of Dark Knight such as the Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Two-Face, and Mad Hatter.

22 Aug 2020

Ben Affleck

Batfleck to return with 'The Flash,' one last time

To those fans missing Batfleck after Robert Pattinson has grabbed the role, Ben Affleck hears you!

21 Aug 2020

DC Comics

#ComicBytes: Top five Justice league storylines in comics

A team of superheroes fighting against unearthly problems, Justice League has always been a fan-favorite.

20 Aug 2020

Amitabh Bachchan

Everything that happened in the entertainment world today

On Thursday, news in the world of entertainment was about another tragic death, a fresh trailer release, Saumya Tandon bidding farewell to the popular serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, and more.

20 Aug 2020

Wonder Woman

#ComicBytes: The best allies of Superman

Superman might be the poster image of superheroes of any comic universe, but even superhero needs people whom they can trust when situations become uncontrollable.

20 Aug 2020

Warner Bros

'Batman' to resume shoot in September, wrap up by year-end

The caped crusader will be back on the road this September as Warner Bros have decided to resume shooting of the latest Batman flick by Matt Reeves, also its writer and producer.

12 Aug 2020

DC Comics

DC Entertainment loses 6 veteran professionals: Details here

In an unfortunate development, WarnerMedia has asked many key professionals in DC Entertainment to leave.

29 Jul 2020


San Diego Comic-Con@Home: Top five announcements

The first-ever online edition of the San Diego Comic-Con, named Comic-Con@Home, came to an end last week.

02 Jun 2020


List of best Batman portrayals in films and television

'I am the vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman', more iconic lines have rarely been heard from superheroes.

13 May 2020


Pattinson says he's eating canned food and (not) working out

Robert Pattinson is messing up a bit while in self-isolation.

22 Apr 2020


'The Batman' delayed as Warner Bros. shuffles release calendar

Without a doubt, 2020 is not a great year for moviegoers.

11 Apr 2020


#GamingBytes: Five video games featuring popular DC Comics' characters, ranked

While Marvel has been more successful than DC on the big screen, the latter races way ahead when it comes to video games.

05 Mar 2020


'The Batman' director brings us the new Batmobile

The supercool and heavy-duty Batmobile is undoubtedly one of the most iconic four-wheeled objects in the comic world, if not the most.

17 Feb 2020


Superman, Batman to fight DC's first-ever villain in new comic

Two of the DC Universe's most iconic superheroes, Superman and Batman, are all set to reunite to take on an age-old threat to Gotham City.

14 Feb 2020


'The Batman' director releases Robert Pattinson's first look as superhero

Robert Pattinson is the new Batman, and in case you weren't over the 'pinch me' phase yet, we have videographic proof of it.

05 Feb 2020

Bruce Wayne

#ComicBytes: Facts about Batman which movies haven't covered yet

Amid overpowered aliens, literal Gods, and meta-humans, one man stands out.

31 Jan 2020


Even fans might not know these facts about The Flash

Often dubbed as the "fastest man alive", Flash is a founding (also the funniest) member of The Justice League.

24 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Green Lantern facts which were not shown in films

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Corps have protected the universe since ages.

21 Jan 2020

Wonder Woman

#ComicBytes: Super BFFs; know the best friendships in DC Comics

What's better than one superhero? Two superheroes who are great friends and can kick some serious butt together!

20 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Five Raj Comics superheroes and their western counterparts

A lot of India's middle-class kids in the 90s grew up with superheroes.

18 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Marvel superheroes with lame superpowers

Marvel has an extensive collection of characters who inspire and motivate readers to do the right things and never give up.

30 Dec 2019


#ComicBytes: Five betrayals that shook DC Comics to the core

Heroes like Superman and Batman exist so others can depend on them. No matter what the situation, everyone believes that the heroes will save the day.