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10 May 2023


Everything about Jenna Ortega's 'Beetlejuice 2'; release date out

Beetlejuice 2 has been in the buzz for quite some time especially after it was revealed that Wednesday fame Jenna Ortega is set to star in the sequel. Now, Warner Bros. has announced that the horror film will hit theaters on September 6 next year.

10 Mar 2023


Jenna Ortega to star in Tim Burton's 'Beetlejuice 2'

Actor Jenna Ortega, who is currently basking in the success of Netflix's Wednesday, will be starring in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice 2.

07 Jan 2023


Netflix renews supernatural teen drama 'Wednesday' for Season 2!

In an exciting piece of news for the fans of Netflix's Wednesday, the OTT giant announced on Friday that the beloved supernatural teen drama would be returning for a second season.

22 Dec 2022


Netflix's 'Wednesday' enters Nielsen's Streaming Top 10

Tim Burton's Wednesday has been a smashing hit ever since its release on Netflix. The series has broken many records and the recent record is just another feather on the cap.

24 Nov 2022


All you need to know about Netflix's 'Wednesday'

Netflix's supernatural teen comedy Wednesday was released today, also a Wednesday.

24 Sep 2020


Lego wins over Batman fans with 2,363-piece Lego 1989 Batwing

Lego is winning over Batman fans with back-to-back projects.

02 Jun 2020


List of best Batman portrayals in films and television

'I am the vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman', more iconic lines have rarely been heard from superheroes.

30 Nov 2019


#ComicBytes: What makes Alfred such a charming character

Every man set on a path to greatness needs an unwavering support system to keep him sane. Usually, it's someone who can call a spade a spade.

10 Aug 2019

Independence Day

Seven blockbuster roles that Will Smith has turned down

There's no denying that Will Smith is an actor of international repute. However, he still remains bereft of an Oscar.

06 Jan 2019

Dwayne Johnson

'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' sequel casts Danny DeVito

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle released in 2017 and immediately became a smash hit.

15 Sep 2018


#BatmanDay: Looking at top 5 portrayals of the iconic superhero

'I am the vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman', more iconic lines have rarely been heard from superheroes.