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31 May 2024

Donald Trump

Robert De Niro stripped of NAB Award following anti-Trump comments

Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has been denied the Service to America Award by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) due to his recent fiery political remarks.

12 May 2024

Martin Scorsese

Legendary Roger Corman (98) dies: Remembering pioneer of indie cinema

Roger Corman—the iconic independent producer and director—died at his home in Santa Monica on May 9.

08 Feb 2024


'Goodfellas' to 'The Irishman': Hollywood movies on real-life mafia

If action, underworld, and crime dramas pull you in, delve into the true stories of power, betrayal, and survival as we explore several compelling narratives inspired by the lives of real-life mobsters.

05 Feb 2024


'Schindler's List' to 'Goodfellas': Best IMDb-rated biopics 

Be it legendary musicians, actors, activists, political leaders, sportspersons, or even notorious criminals or gangsters, the stories of real-life figures who have shaped our world have always intrigued us.

26 Jan 2024


Robert De Niro talks about being a father at 80

Hollywood stalwart Robert De Niro recently shared his thoughts on being an 80-year-old father to his infant daughter Gia.

02 Jan 2024


'Casino' to 'The Gambler': Hollywood movies based on gambling

Hollywood's fascination with the world of casinos, poker tables, and high-stakes gambling has spawned some of the most thrilling and unforgettable films in cinematic history.

28 Nov 2023

Donald Trump

Robert De Niro claims anti-Trump remarks in speech were edited

At the 2023 Gotham Awards on Monday (local time), acclaimed actor Robert De Niro expressed his dismay and confusion when he discovered that portions of his speech had been edited without his knowledge.

19 Nov 2023

Happy Birthday

Jodie Foster's birthday: Celebrating actor's prowess with 5 career-defining films

With decades of prowess in her performances, Jodie Foster has etched an indelible mark on the screen.

10 Nov 2023


Explainer: Robert De Niro-Graham Chase Robinson's feud, shocking allegations

Hollywood acting legend Robert De Niro battled it out with his former assistant Graham Chase Robinson for two weeks at the Manhattan federal court.

26 Oct 2023


This true story inspired Scorsese's 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

Filmmaking legend Martin Scorsese's recent crime epic Killers of the Flower Moon will be released in Indian theaters on Friday.

20 Oct 2023

Al Pacino

'Heat' to 'Ocean's Eleven': Best Hollywood heist movies

The subgenre of heist movies in Hollywood cinema is where crime drama, psychological thriller, and action sequences meet.

03 Oct 2023

Martin Scorsese

'Chaplin' to 'The Pianist': 5 must-watch Hollywood autobiographies 

From celebrated figures in history to ordinary people who have faced extraordinary challenges, Hollywood has skillfully adapted their autobiographical accounts into compelling narratives that inspire, enlighten, and resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

19 Sep 2023


'The Godfather' to 'The Untouchables': 5 top Hollywood mafia movies

Several of the all-time Hollywood classics are mafia movies. Some of the biggest Hollywood filmmakers and actors have come together to give us a glimpse into the complex and morally ambiguous world of the mafia.

07 Sep 2023


'The Godfather' to 'The Irishman': Top 5 Al Pacino movies

Al Pacino is undoubtedly a legendary actor and one of the best Hollywood has got, and no one can tell otherwise.

06 Sep 2023


Greatest sports movies in Hollywood, per IMDb

It's the world of adrenaline, triumph, and the human spirit on the screens. Hollywood has delivered some of its most inspiring and memorable sports movies that capture the pursuit of greatness.

05 Sep 2023


'Taxi Driver' to 'Goodfellas': Top 5 Martin Scorsese movies

Calling Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese a legendary of modern-day cinema is an understatement.

17 Aug 2023


'Taxi Driver' to 'Casino': Robert De Niro's top performances 

What's cinematic brilliance, if you ask- it's the combination of filmmaker Martin Scorsese and actor Robert De Niro.

06 Jul 2023


How did Robert De Niro's grandson Leandro die? Drena reveals

Veteran actor Robert De Niro's grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez died recently. The untimely death of the 19-year-old took social media by storm. As many wondered about the reason behind his death, his mother Drena De Niro has now revealed it while answering a netizen.

03 Jul 2023


Robert De Niro's grandson passes away at 19

Robert De Niro's grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez has died. He was 19. Without disclosing the reason for death, Leandro's mother Drena De Niro, shared the news.

26 May 2023

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2023: 5 celebrity couples who made dazzling red-carpet appearances

The 76th Cannes Film Festival is a star-studded affair, where celebrity couples stole the spotlight with their appearances.

26 Feb 2023


Robert De Niro's 'About My Father' to release in India

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro will soon be seen headlining About My Father, a comedy-drama co-starring Sebastian Maniscalco.

17 Jan 2023


6 international sports dramas everyone should watch

Sports is one of those things which blurs borders, unites people across cultures, brings peace in some nations gives hope to many. Over the years, sports have been an integral part of our daily lives and many success stories have inspired us.

13 Jan 2023

Tom Hanks

#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down the art of method acting—definition, prominence, examples

The lead actors in a film have a monumental responsibility on their shoulders—to breathe life into the part with utmost conviction and act in a way that viewers instantly connect with the character.

04 Aug 2022

Amazon Prime Video

'Joker: Folie à Deux' books October 2024 release date

The sequel to Todd Phillips's 2019 blockbuster hit Joker, Joker: Folie à Deux is all set to hit theaters on October 4, 2024.

27 May 2022


'Goodfellas' actor Ray Liotta no more, industry mourns loss

Hollywood actor Ray Liotta, famous for playing the role of Henry Hill in Goodfellas and Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams, passed away in his sleep on Wednesday night.

07 Mar 2022

Mark Wahlberg

5 Hollywood stars who are successful restaurant owners as well

Hollywood celebrities entering the pretty-profitable restaurant business is nothing new. There are many who have opened food outlets over the years.

07 Mar 2022

Mark Wahlberg

5 Hollywood stars who are successful restaurant owners as well

Hollywood celebrities entering the pretty-profitable restaurant business is nothing new. There are many who have opened food outlets over the years.

01 Feb 2022

Chris Hemsworth

5 on-screen enemies who are thick friends in real life

What we see on celluloid isn't always true.

16 May 2021

Martin Scorsese

Robert De Niro suffers injury, leaves Scorsese's upcoming movie set

While fans are eagerly awaiting Martin Scorsese's upcoming movie Killers of the Flower Moon, the 77-year-old star Robert De Niro has suffered a leg injury.

11 May 2021

Martin Scorsese

'Killers of the Flower Moon': Leonardo DiCaprio's first-look revealed

At 78, Martin Scorsese shows no signs of slowing down.

09 May 2021

Roger Federer

Robert De Niro, Roger Federer team up for hilarious advertisement

Roger Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam champion. Robert De Niro is a two-time Oscar winner.

19 Apr 2021

Sexual Harassment

De Niro harassing woman who accused him of sexual intimidation?

A former executive, who worked at Robert De Niro's Canal Productions, has accused him of using retaliatory tactics against her, like harassing her with outrageous legal claims.

27 Jan 2021


Firebrand actor Jane Fonda to receive Cecil B DeMille Award

Jane Fonda will be presented with the Cecil B DeMille Award, a special accolade of respect handed over to distinguished Hollywood actors, at this year's Golden Globes.

13 Oct 2020

Harvey Weinstein

In box office race, 'The War With Grandpa' beats 'Tenet'

There's a new Grandpa on the block who is inverting the basic Tenet of Hollywood.

12 Aug 2020


Apple signs first-look film and TV deal with Martin Scorsese

Apple has roped Martin Scorsese in!

14 May 2020


The show must go on: Content creation during a pandemic

The world, as we know it, has changed.

13 May 2020

New York City

COVID-19: Star-studded telethon raises $115 million for New Yorkers

Rise Up New York, a virtual telethon held to aid those in New York affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, raised a whopping $115 million on Monday night.

16 Apr 2020

Martin Scorsese

Here's your chance to be in a Martin Scorsese film

If you have ever dreamt of working with Hollywood greats like Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Leonardo DiCaprio, now is the time to make it happen.

18 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

Trump says 'Saturday Night Live' is 'Democrat Spin Machine'

Saturday Night Live on NBC is often known for its caustic wit and parodies, especially the skits on Donald Trump.

23 Nov 2018


Netflix and chill: 5 films you should binge-watch this weekend

Netflix is seriously upping its game in the content section by beginning to cater to different sections of the audience.

22 Nov 2018


Robert De Niro to split up with wife, Grace Hightower

Robert De Niro, the veteran Hollywood actor, has several acclaimed films to his name like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas.

30 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Michael Moore shares footage of mail-bomb suspect at Trump's rally

Michael Moore is an American director with films like 'Fahrenheit 9/11' that explored how the Bush government exploited media to justify middle-eastern invasions.

27 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

US: Man, suspected of sending bombs to Trump's critics, arrested

A 56-year-old, identified as Cesar Sayoc Jr., was arrested in Florida on Friday morning in connection to bombs sent to President of United States Donald Trump's critics earlier this week.

25 Oct 2018

Barack Obama

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro receives suspicious package

On the back of suspicious packages containing bombs being sent to the Clintons, Obama, and others, a similar package has been sent to a restaurant owned by Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.

25 Oct 2018

Rishi Kapoor

#WowMoment: Rishi-Ranbir can't get over Robert De Niro's 'simplicity'

If you follow Rishi Kapoor on Twitter, you would know that his posts are never boring.

22 Apr 2018


This Indian start-up is hiring interns aged 60 and above

In what seems like a direct inspiration from Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro's 2015 comedy, "The Intern", an Indian start-up called Truebil is now hiring 60-year-old interns.

01 Sep 2017


Kent Heckenlively: "World's # 1 anti-vaxxer" denied Australian visa

In a bid to keep out "dangerous anti-vaccination advocates," Australia has denied a visa to Kent Heckenlively, an American author who has been dubbed the "World's #1 anti-vaxxer."

17 Aug 2016


Master Chefs turn Olympic leftovers into meals for poor

Renowned culinary visionary Massimo Bottura and chef David Hertz, aided by 40 other colleagues from across the world are using leftovers from Olympic village in Brazil to produce nutritious meals for the homeless in Rio.