Jake Gyllenhaal: News

13 Jul 2024

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ renews  Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Presumed Innocent' for second season

Apple TV+ has officially confirmed the renewal of its most-watched drama, Presumed Innocent, for a second season.

22 Jun 2024


Oscar Isaac-Carey Mulligan in talks for 'Beef' Season 2

Following a highly successful first season, the Netflix and A24 anthology series Beef is reportedly in discussions with high-profile actors Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan for its second season.

06 Jun 2024

Health & Wellness

'Never known anything else': Jake Gyllenhaal on his legal blindness 

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed how his visual impairment has positively impacted his acting.

07 May 2024

Amazon Studios

'Road House': Amazon, MGM, United Artists counter-sue in copyright clash

The ongoing copyright dispute over the 1986 film Road House and its 2024 remake has taken a fresh twist.

02 Apr 2024

Conor McGregor

Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Road House' sets streaming records on Amazon Prime

Amazon MGM Studios recently announced that the remake of the 1989 action classic Road House has set a new record as the company's most significant global movie launch to date.

28 Feb 2024

Amazon Studios

Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Road House' remake lands in legal soup

R Lance Hill, the screenwriter behind the 1989 film Road House, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Amazon Studios and MGM under his pen name, David Lee Henry.

17 Feb 2024


Hollywood films that show the world's end

How about taking a journey through the abyss with our curated selection of Hollywood movies that vividly depict the end of the world?

14 Feb 2024

OTT releases

'Road House' remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal: Cast, plot—all to know

Among the many iconic 1980s films, Road House (1989) stands out for its quirky appeal.

30 Jan 2024

Naomi Watts

'Gone Girl' to 'Widows': Best Hollywood modern noir movies

Characterized by fatalism, cynicism, and ambiguity, the genre of modern crime fiction or modern noir is one of the most popular in Hollywood.

24 Jan 2024


Most unlikeable protagonists of Hollywood movies 

Not all protagonists are heroes to root for.

12 Nov 2023

Heath Ledger

Happy birthday, Anne Hathaway: Spotlight on actor's show-stopping performances

Anne Hathaway burst onto the Hollywood scene with the speed of a shooting star.

18 Sep 2023


'Psycho,' 'The Good Nurse': Best Hollywood movies on serial killers

Hollywood filmmakers have long been fascinated and intrigued by serial killers. Their chilling profiles have taken center stage in several films that delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

11 Sep 2023


'Groundhog Day' to 'Source Code': Top 5 time-loop movies

The boundaries of time and reality are stretched to their limits in the world of time-loop movies.

21 Aug 2023


Meet these Hollywood stars who are siblings

Some talents do run in the family and these Hollywood celebrity siblings are proof of that.

21 Aug 2023


'1917' to 'The Covenant': Top 5 war movies to watch

Other than the action and the blood-shed that they mostly have to offer, war movies also show the darker side of a war and how it breaks the men, despite the fact that they believe in their cause, which here means protecting their country.

27 Jun 2023

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Tobey Maguire: Binge-watch actor's films that aren't 'Spider-Man'

While Tobey Maguire is popularly known for his portrayal of the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man, his acting credits extend far beyond the comic superhero.

25 Mar 2022


'Ambulance' trailer: High-octane action amid rocky bond between adoptive brothers

Ahead of its April 8 release, makers of Ambulance released its gripping second trailer.

04 Oct 2021


'The Guilty': Jake Gyllenhaal ably leads this confining thriller

The Guilty, the English adaptation of the brilliant Danish film Den Skyldige, is now streaming on Netflix.

02 Jun 2021


'Phenomenal' turns 6: Eminem's 'Southpaw' song still remains a fan-favorite

While Eminem has a multitude of hard-hitting songs, Phenomenal is one track that truly stands apart.

09 May 2021

Amy Adams

Amy Adams to star in 'Finding the Mother Tree' movie

A movie adaptation of Suzanne Simard's memoir, Finding the Mother Tree, is officially happening.

15 Nov 2020


Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks with Michael Bay on 'Ambulance'

Zodiac star Jake Gyllenhaal is putting his thriller shoes back on this time with director Michael Bay's upcoming thriller Ambulance.

19 Dec 2019

Ben Kingsley

Movies that were terrible adaptations of popular video games

Sometimes a video game becomes such a huge cultural phenomenon that movie producers just have to adapt it in a film.

16 Jun 2019


#ComicBytes: Know Mysterio, Spider-Man Far From Home's probable antagonist

Mysterio is one of the earliest Spider-Man villains and a founding member of the Sinister Six.

01 May 2019

Michael Keaton

#GamingBytes: Movies that were terrible adaptations of popular video games

Sometimes a video game becomes such a huge cultural phenomenon that movie producers just have to adapt it in a film.

27 Dec 2018


'Avengers: Endgame' directors, Russo brothers, troll Marvel fans

Avengers: Endgame is coming up and the anticipating fans have not been able to pry much information about the movie.