Articles about Feroz Khan

Born on September 25, 1939, as Zulfiqar Ali Shah Khan, Feroz Khan was an Indian actor, film editor, producer, and director best known for his appearance in movies like ‘Aurat’ (1967), ‘Safar’ (1970), ‘Mela’ (1971), ‘Upaasna’ (1971), ‘Apradh’ (1972), ‘Khotte Sikkay’ (1974), ‘Kala Sona’ (1975), ‘Dharmatma’ (1975), ‘Qurbani’ (1980) and ‘Welcome’ (2007). He made his acting debut with the movie ‘Hum Sab Chor Hain’ in 1956 in a cameo. He rose to prominence with the movie ‘Oonche Log’ (1965). Between 1956 and 2007 he appeared in at least 60 movies. He made his directorial debut with the movie ‘Apradh.’ His directorial project ‘Dharmatma’ (1975) became the first Indian movie to be shot in Afghanistan. Between 1972 and 2003 Khan directed at least eight Bollywood movies. He was the recipient of one Filmfare Award and one Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away on April 27, 2009, after a prolonged illness. He is survived by his son actor Fardeen Khan and daughter Laila Khan.