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02 Jul 2024


'The Boys': Antony Starr uncorks secrets of Homelander's milk obsession

Antony Starr, the lead actor in Amazon's series The Boys, recently discussed the origins of his character Homelander's unusual milk fetish.

27 Jun 2023

Music Industry

K-pop: NewJeans features on 'Rolling Stone's 'Future 25'

K-pop is one of the most followed genres in global music and with each passing day, the artists are achieving a new high. Now, the coveted American magazine Rolling Stone announced its "Future 25" list which features the K-pop band NewJeans.

08 Jan 2023

Michael Jackson

Celine Dion excluded from 'Rolling Stone's greatest singers; fans protest

Rolling Stone recently released its "200 Greatest Singers of All Time" list and has since been receiving flak from music lovers across the globe as several popular artists have been excluded.

03 Jan 2023

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar mentioned in 'Rolling Stone's 200 Best Singers list

The Nightingale of India, late singer Lata Mangeshkar, has been included in Rolling Stone's list of 200 Best Singers of All Time.