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15 Jun 2024


'Smooch tests,' 'steamy looks': How 'Bridgerton' makeup artists nailed it

Erika Okvist, the makeup artist for Bridgerton Season 3, has revealed some of the secrets behind the show's iconic beauty looks.

31 May 2024


Here's how to master interview attire codes

Navigating the world of job interviews can be daunting, especially when it comes to selecting the right outfit.

29 Apr 2024


Delve into Seville's flamenco fashion with these tips

Seville pulses with Andalusian culture, its soul deeply rooted in the passionate flamenco dance.

29 Mar 2024


Dare to be different: Praush Creme Gel Kajal Liners review

It's high time we stopped playing it safe and moved on from the usual black liners to embrace vibrant colors.

29 Mar 2024


Beyond basic mascara: Type Beauty's Lash Out collection review

Makeup is an art which demands practice, precision, and patience. Lacking all three, and coupled with a habit of rubbing my eyes, I always avoided using mascara fearing I might end up looking like a panda!

12 Mar 2024


Exploring Gen Z's fascination with broccoli freckles

On TikTok and Instagram, makeup enthusiasts are glorifying a unique method for achieving flawless faux freckles using an unexpected tool: broccoli florets.

28 Feb 2024


Safeguard your skin by preventing makeup expiry

Makeup is a transformative tool, offering a palette of colors and textures to enhance one's features. However, beyond the strokes of brilliance lies a finite lifespan for each product.

27 Feb 2024


Master lip liner with this guide to the perfect pout 

Lip liner has become a beauty essential, transforming ordinary lips into extraordinary pouts.

26 Feb 2024


Permanent makeup: Here's what you need to know

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of beauty.

24 Feb 2024


Glow-up guide: Five effortless steps to achieve radiant makeup

Who wouldn't dream of effortlessly rocking that radiant makeup glow with shiny, healthy-looking skin? Well, the good news is that it is totally achievable!

12 Feb 2024


Creating viral 90s grunge marinated makeup look 

Step into a thrilling revival as the '90s grunge esthetic makes a bold comeback through the avant-garde marinated makeup trend.

04 Feb 2024

Valentine's Day

Effortless Valentine's glam: Four stunning looks, three products each

The ideal Valentine's look is like a sexy slip dress—effortless, alluring, and easy to transition from day to night.

03 Feb 2024


Tips to make your kajal last long

How would you feel if your stunning look is let down by a smudged kajal?

29 Jan 2024


Sculpting with shades: How to get ombre lips

A rising trend in makeup is ombre lips, which are made by skillfully combining two or more lip colors to create a gorgeous gradient effect.

28 Jan 2024


Makeup tricks to enhance your dusky skin

Dusky skin, a common complexion among Indians is a slightly darker skin tone than wheatish but lighter than black-brown skin tone.

24 Jan 2024


How to create the viral latte makeup look

The allure of the latte makeup trend captivated beauty enthusiasts in 2023 and is continuing its reign into the spring of 2024.

16 Jan 2024


Swift glam: Mastering quick makeup application

In the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world, every minute counts.

11 Jan 2024


Glam guff: Useless makeup products you should skip buying 

In the ever-expanding world of beauty products, it is easy to get swept away by the allure of the latest trends and innovations.

06 Jan 2024


Bold and colorful makeup trends set to dominate 2024

In the always-changing world of beauty, trends come and go, yet 2024 promises an exquisite fusion of classic beauty and cutting-edge innovation.

28 Dec 2023


Boss asks females to wear makeup to 'motivate' male co-workers

A company based in Shenzhen, China, is under fire after an executive, Luo, asked female employees to wear light makeup to "motivate" male co-workers.

27 Dec 2023


Elevate your makeup with a winter-themed palette

Winter is here and it's time to get decked up for the season. Add a twist by elevating your appearance with makeup looks that capture the enchanting essence of the chilly season.

27 Dec 2023


Beyond the basics: Exploring different types of mascara

A common component of many makeup routines, mascara is not a one-size-fits-all item.

27 Dec 2023


Love applying blush? Avoid these common mistakes

Love it or hate it, but blush can impart a natural radiance and contour to the face when applied accurately.

26 Dec 2023


Let your lips rule with Renee Marble Lipstick

Who doesn't adore a flawless pout? Whether it's for a sassy selfie, an Insta-worthy moment, or just the delight of feeling fabulous, we all love it!

25 Dec 2023


Create an iridescent makeup look with this mini-guide

Are you ready to turn heads at holiday gatherings? Immerse yourself in the cosmic allure of an iridescent makeup look!

24 Dec 2023


Craft your perfect D-day look with these pre-wedding beauty hacks

Being at your best on your wedding day is extremely important because, in this celebration of love, you will be the center of attention.

20 Dec 2023


Understanding eyebrow microshading, an alternative to microblading  

Microshading is a new and popular semipermanent cosmetic tattoo technique designed to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

17 Dec 2023


Get camera-ready in seconds with Renee Bollywood Filter Primer

If you are struggling to find the perfect filter to give you an even-toned and smooth skin texture we may have some good news for you.

09 Dec 2023


The top makeup trends of 2023

With each passing season, the beauty industry unveils a canvas of fresh, innovative trends that redefine the way we approach makeup.

01 Dec 2023


Puppy eyeliner: A trendy K-beauty craze sweeping social media

Move over classic cat-eye, a new darling of the beauty world is captivating social media, puppy eyeliner.

20 Nov 2023


Coconut oil: A natural beauty ingredient that can replace chemicals

Renowned for its transformative effects on hair, coconut oil emerges as a multi-faceted beauty elixir.

19 Nov 2023


Radiant revelry: Unveiling glamorous Christmas makeup tips 

As the festive season unfolds, decking the halls is not the only way to make a statement.

17 Nov 2023


Lipstick shades that can complement your outfit

Selecting the ideal lipstick shade that matches your ensemble can massively improve the way you look.

14 Nov 2023


Signs you might be a beauty addict

We live in a society that values beauty and self-care and many people enjoy exploring the wide world of makeup, skincare, and beauty products.

10 Nov 2023


'Anti-Beauty': Redifing beauty industry with this revolutionary trend 

In the ever-evolving realm of beauty and fashion, one constant remains: when a dominant beauty trend rises to prominence, its counter-trend, the "anti-beauty" movement, isn't far behind.

07 Nov 2023


Transform your appearance with makeup looks that illuminate your features 

If there's one makeup trend that's never going out of fashion, it is the no-makeup makeup look.

03 Nov 2023


Mermaid eyes trend: Unleash your inner sea siren

One of the captivating trends to surface online in recent times is the "mermaid eyes" trend.

31 Oct 2023


Karva Chauth essentials for new brides 

Karva Chauth is a cherished Indian tradition celebrated by married women, particularly in North and West India, to strengthen the bond of love and togetherness with their spouses.

30 Oct 2023


Latex lips trend: A shiny statement for your pout

Lipstick trends have evolved over the years. Until recently, bold matte lip shades were in vogue. But not anymore.

26 Oct 2023


Art of contouring: Your guide to four distinct face shapes

Contouring has become a staple in makeup routines and for good reason. This technique allows you to highlight your best features and define your face shape.

26 Oct 2023


Ingenue essence: What is this latest viral TikTok aesthetic trend

TikTok is the hotbed of interesting trends that capture the world's attention in a jiffy.

17 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

Durga Puja makeup hacks for a flawless festive look

Makeup queens assemble! If you're an ardent pandal hopper, maintaining a flawless look in Kolkata's humid weather during Durga Puja can be challenging.

13 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

How to get the perfect Durga Puja makeup look

For many, Durga Puja is not just one of the biggest festivals but also an opportunity to showcase their style and grace.

12 Oct 2023


Ombre concealer trend: A makeup hack you should know

In the world of makeup, there are no rules when it comes to creativity. People come up with various methods and hacks to create their desired makeup looks.

12 Oct 2023


Want long-lasting lipstick? Tips for extended wear

Maintaining long-lasting lipstick is a common challenge for women. Often, the flawless morning lips lose their charm by evening, or even within a few hours, necessitating frequent touch-ups.

28 Sep 2023


Sherbet eyeshadow: Sweet and vibrant eye makeup look

Makeup fads ebb and flow, yet a few persist by infusing a splash of colors and inventiveness into our daily beauty rituals. One such trend is sherbet eyeshadow.

24 Sep 2023


Mastering makeup storage: Tips to ensure product longevity

Properly storing makeup and skincare products is essential for maintaining their effectiveness and longevity.

22 Sep 2023


Popsicle-stained lips: Here's how it's done

Are you seeking a youthful, lively makeup style that shouts summertime fun? Why not try the "popsicle-stained lips" makeup trend?

21 Sep 2023


Sweet and sassy: Embrace the 'caramel macchiato makeup' trend

If you are a coffee lover with a passion for makeup, there's a delicious new trend brewing in the beauty world just for you.

19 Sep 2023


Eyes that mesmerize: Exploring abstract eyeliner and siren eyes trend

The eyes have served as a timeless canvas for artistic expression within the realm of makeup.

11 Sep 2023


Makeup tips: Get youthful looks at your fingertips

Makeup, much like an art form, demands precise strokes. Achieving mastery over any look necessitates accurate makeup application.

31 Aug 2023


How to get your skin ready for a party

After a hectic week, most of us crave relaxation. Some find solace in nature walks, mindfulness activities, reading, or cooking, while others indulge in wild parties.

25 Aug 2023


Eye makeup trends to experiment with this monsoon

During the monsoon, when the air is humid, it can be challenging to maintain a flawless appearance.

13 Aug 2023


Beauty review: RENEE Stunner Matte Lipstick, rules smudge-proof scene

Lipstick enthusiasts are probably familiar with the awkwardness of leaving lipstick marks on a coffee mug or accidentally transferring it to a friend's cheek after a kiss.

10 Aug 2023


5 common mistakes to avoid while applying mascara

Whether you want to extend, define or accentuate your eyelashes, mascaras are the unsung heroes of the makeup regime.

09 Aug 2023


Fake freckles: Here's about the latest trend

The beauty industry's constant evolution has transformed perceptions of beauty trends.

08 Aug 2023


Got makeup stain on your clothes? Try these hacks

When you apply makeup on your face, you also carry the risk of smudging it.

07 Aug 2023


Meet bi-phase cleansers: Your skin's ultimate makeup-removing hero

In this constantly evolving skincare and beauty industry, where innovation is a constant companion, the bi-phase cleanser is a testament to this change.

07 Aug 2023


Avoid these mistakes while applying lipstick

Lipstick is an effective makeup accessory that can elevate your look and confidence right away. The ideal color can give radiance to your face and glitz to any ensemble.

13 Jul 2023


Amazon Prime Day Sale: Get fashion accessories at huge discounts

Fashionistas assemble and get ready for some online shopping extravaganza with killer deals on trendy outfits and accessories.

11 Jul 2023


How to reduce exposure to microplastics in your daily life

Multiple recent studies have brought to light the widespread presence of microplastics in our daily lives. Reportedly, tiny particles of plastic have been even discovered in human lungs and blood.

13 Jun 2023

Summer season

How to keep your makeup in place during summers

Imagine being at an outdoor event with a melting foundation, smeared eyeliner, or super-sticky lipstick. A scary thought, right?

06 Jun 2023


Sizzling makeup trends of 2023 unveiled

Social media has revolutionized the world of makeup, making several global trends accessible to people sitting in the comfort of their homes.

26 Apr 2023


5 makeup tips to look good on camera

Makeup is an essential part of presenting yourself out there, be it any gender.

12 Apr 2023


Check out these makeup tips for combination skin

Combination skin can be confusing to handle since it is difficult to figure out the oily parts and the dry areas of your face, causing several makeup blunders.

04 Apr 2023


5 ways to achieve luminous skin without using makeup

While makeup is the perfect and quickest way to achieve flawless and luminous skin, there is nothing better than flaunting a naturally radiant face with that dewy glow.

03 Apr 2023


5 useful makeup tips for dry skin beauties

Dry skin causes the build-up of dead skin cells on your face which makes it difficult for you to apply makeup and get smooth, flawless, and hydrated skin.

13 Mar 2023


How to choose the best lipstick for your skin

A lip shade can either make or break your makeup.

13 Mar 2023

Academy Awards

Oscars 2023: How Brendan Fraser looked obese in 'The Whale'

The actor had to transform into a 272-kg-man for his role!

06 Mar 2023


Get Holi ready with these makeup tips

Holi is almost here and we cannot keep calm.

28 Feb 2023

Fashion Tips

5 fashion mistakes that may make you look older 

No one wants to look old-fashioned, dumpy, or older than their age, right?

24 Feb 2023


Want to make your makeup transfer-proof? Follow these hacks 

Have you ever faced this awkward situation of leaving makeup on the shirt of the other person you hug? Well, we all have been there and it is beyond embarrassing.

23 Feb 2023


These nifty hacks can make your makeup last longer 

Have you ever looked in the mirror after coming back home from an event and ended up in an absolute moment of horror seeing your makeup looking so bad?

21 Feb 2023


These common makeup mistakes can ruin your skin

While your makeup can hide imperfections in a jiffy and give you clear and glass-like skin, it can also damage it, promote wrinkles and cause pimples if you do not use good-quality products or use the wrong application techniques.

18 Feb 2023


Here's how you can ace the soft glam makeup look

If you are bored of heavy makeup looks, try a laid-back and subtle look this season that is perfect not only for the festivities but also for casual outings.

12 Feb 2023


5 different ways to use your makeup highlighter

Highlighter has become one of the most essential makeup products, thanks to its dazzling and luminous effect on the skin that leaves a subtle gleam.