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07 Feb 2023


Here are some ways to make your nose look sharper

A sharper and slimmer-looking nose not only redefines your face but also makes it look chiseled, balanced, and well-structured.

05 Feb 2023

Valentine's Day

Planning Valentine's Day date night? Here are some makeup ideas

Valentine's Day is knocking on the door, and it is time to go out on a date night with the love of your life for some quality time.

03 Feb 2023


Korean Blush nails: The new minimalist nail trend

Popular all over Instagram and TikTok, Korean blush nails have been making waves for some time now.

02 Feb 2023


Want to try the monochromatic makeup look? Follow these tips

One of the most preferred looks among celebrities in runway shows and red carpets, the monochromatic makeup look involves applying the same color or blending similar tones on your skin so that your eyes, cheeks, and lips match.

01 Feb 2023


Here's how you can rock the metallic makeup look

The metallic makeup look is in trend now in the beauty circle and can be seen all over runways, ad hoardings, and social media feeds.

31 Jan 2023


Step-by-step guide to acing the nude makeup look

If you are looking for a simple everyday look that can complement most outfits, the nude makeup look is the one you should go for.

25 Jan 2023


5 ways to use eyeshadow palette in everyday beauty routine 

One of the most underrated makeup products in your bag, eyeshadow not only adds depth and dimension to your eyes but also gives you a glam and attractive look.

23 Jan 2023


Beauty review: The Tribe Concepts Mini Masking Kit

We all want naturally glowing and flawless skin. While there are many chemical treatments that can help you achieve that glow, there is nothing better than using concoctions containing natural and organic ingredients.

23 Jan 2023


You can use makeup setting spray in so many ways

If you want your makeup to last longer and look flawless, then makeup setting spray is the beauty product you should go for.

22 Jan 2023


Step by step guide to ace the glossy makeup look

Popularized by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Zendaya, the glossy makeup look is on trend now and gives a healthy and natural luminosity to your face.

20 Jan 2023


Here's how to ace the cold girl makeup look

The most viral beauty trend these days, the cold girl makeup look aims to give you the perfect winter flush that you have always wished for.

09 Jan 2023


How to hide your blemishes or acne spots with makeup

Acne spots or blemishes are the most annoying skin problems that take weeks or months to go away.

04 Jan 2023

South Korea

5 Korean makeup trends to try in 2023

South Korea is always leading when it comes to viral and popular makeup trends. Last year, people went gaga over unique makeup looks like mauve lips, Y2K makeup, and idol lashes.

28 Dec 2022

Fashion Tips

5 New Year party outfit ideas for women

The New Year is around the corner and it's time to take out your shimmery and luxurious outfits and put on some glam makeup to sparkle amid the crowd.

27 Dec 2022


Year-ender: 5 best beauty trends that ruled 2022

As we are close to bidding adieu to 2022 with a bang, we can't help but acknowledge how this year witnessed a plethora of exciting beauty trends that took the world by storm.

27 Dec 2022


5 genius ways to use a lip gloss

Packed with instant lip-plumping powers, lip gloss makes your lips appear thicker and voluminous as it reflects and absorbs light.

27 Dec 2022


5 popular eyeliner looks you must try

An eyeliner can instantly elevate your overall makeup look and make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more defined.

24 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

5 Christmas makeup ideas that will make you shine

This weekend, put on your best glamorous outfits and get ready to rock the Christmas party with your friends.

22 Dec 2022


All about TikTok's cold girl makeup trend - the winter obsession

The beauty industry comes up with new and interesting hacks and skincare methods every other day. These are not only going viral on social media but are also catching the attention of makeup enthusiasts.

15 Dec 2022

Fashion Tips

5 best lipstick shades for all brides-to-be

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in life, and as the bride, you'd want to look flawless and dreamy in every aspect.

10 Dec 2022


5 bridal makeup tips every would-be bride should know

The most special day in a woman's life, a wedding requires a lot of planning, from proper decor and seating arrangement to music and catering.

02 Dec 2022


5 natural homemade blushes for that pink glow

A few swipes of rosy blush on your cheeks can instantly brighten your face, add a youthful glow and make your complexion look healthier.

28 Nov 2022


5 ways to make your forehead look smaller

Having a big forehead can be a problem for many as it can make your face look bigger than it is and bring more attention to your forehead.

22 Nov 2022


How to make your eyes look naturally attractive with makeup

The most noticeable feature of your face, your eyes enhance your overall appearance and add to your natural beauty.

17 Nov 2022


5 homemade lip plumpers for the perfect pout

Pouty and voluptuous lips are in trend now, all thanks to Kylie Jenner for re-popularizing it in the beauty circle.

17 Nov 2022


Beauty review: Inatur Whitening BB Cream

If you are looking for moisturizing and brightening creams with light coverage, then a bb cream must be included in your makeup kit.



5 different ways to use a concealer

One of the star beauty products in your makeup bag, a concealer not only masks your dark circles, blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections but also adds a sheen and brightening effect to your skin.

31 Oct 2022


5 creepy and fun makeup looks to try this Halloween

Halloween is here and it's time to pull out your devilish costumes and let your bold and gothic makeup do all the talking.

24 Oct 2022


Here's how to use eye cosmetics the right way

Our eyes are very sensitive vital organs, and we must do everything in our power to protect them. But does that limit our creativity with makeup?

13 Oct 2022


5 types of nail polishes you must stack up on

A bright shade of nail paint can immediately enhance your overall look and give your hands an attractive makeover.

12 Oct 2022


5 different types of skin blushes you must try

Who doesn't want to go that extra mile and enhance their overall makeup by applying a hint of color to grace their cheekbones?

11 Oct 2022


Quirky makeup packaging that made us go 'aww'

We love makeup, and if products come in quirky and fun packaging that adds to the oomph factor, it will most definitely pique our interest.

11 Oct 2022


5 glitter makeup ideas to shine like a goddess

Sparkly and glittery makeup is in trend right now and is one of the best ways to create chic, and glamorous looks.

29 Sep 2022

Durga Puja

Durga Puja: Recommended makeup looks for the 5-day extravaganza

One of the most vibrant and joyous occasions, Durga Puja is the most awaited festival among Bengalis across India.

28 Sep 2022


5 beauty trends we love from London Fashion Week

Top on every fashionista's bucket list, the iconic London Fashion Week wrapped up just a week ago.

28 Aug 2022


Beauty review: The Skin Story Sunscreen Mousse SPF 15

For years now, dermatologists have been stressing the importance of sunscreen and how one must apply it every day.

16 Aug 2022


Everything you need to know about color theory in makeup

Have you been disappointed with how a new lipstick ended up looking bland on you as compared to how fantastic it seemed on the white model who advertised it?

10 Aug 2022

Kylie Jenner

Happy birthday Kylie Jenner: Successful businesses set up by her

Kylie Jenner celebrates her birthday on Wednesday!

29 Jul 2022


National Lipstick Day 2022: History, significance and celebration

Observed on July 29 every year in the United States, National Lipstick Day celebrates the colored cosmetic that defines beauty and femininity in the world of makeup.

15 Jul 2022


Simple tips to rainproof your makeup this monsoon

All the hard work you put into getting a flawless makeup base can get washed off easily during the monsoon.