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Delhi Air Emergency: PMO holds second meeting to discuss measures

The situation in Delhi/NCR has invited criticism for governments, and rightly so. As residents are gasping for fresh air, they want authorities to take swift action.

Farmers can't kill others for livelihood: SC on Delhi's air-pollution

Delhi's air pollution has made it uninhabitable, sickened even the healthy ones, and spelled doom for children.

Bangladesh cricketers wear masks to battle Delhi smog: Details here

The Bangladesh cricket team was spotted wearing masks during an outdoor training session at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi.

Team India to train indoors ahead of Delhi T20I: Report

The Indian cricket team could train indoors in order to avoid the pollution in Delhi that has reached an extreme level post Diwali.

Day after Diwali, air-quality in Delhi slips to "very poor"

On the morning after Delhi residents celebrated Diwali with much pomp and show, the air quality in the national capital deteriorated and was recorded at "very poor".

27 Oct 2019


Delhi's post-Diwali air pollution an issue ahead of first T20I

The air pollution in the national capital region is a cause of concern for years.

17 Oct 2019

Delhi Government

Delhi government's plan: Rs. 1,000 parking fee for 10 hours

A committee of Delhi government and civic officials has formulated a new plan, under which parking a private car in popular areas of the capital such as Connaught Place (CP) could cost you Rs. 1,000 for a 10-hour workday.

13 Oct 2019

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi's air quality remains 'poor' on Sunday as stubble-burning continues

Residents of Delhi woke up to hazy skies on Sunday morning as the national capital's air quality took a hit.

12 Oct 2019

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Women exempted from odd-even, not private CNG vehicles, says Kejriwal

As Delhi gears up for the odd-even scheme a third time, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced that privately-owned CNG vehicles will not be exempted from the rule unlike previous editions of the scheme.

17 Jul 2019

Air Pollution

IIT-Delhi working on projects to track, monitor air pollution levels

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is developing a slew of solutions at its Center of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) for tracking and reducing the air pollution levels in the city.

09 Mar 2019


Delhi government launches 'one stop app' for daily commuters

Just recently, the Delhi government launched a common mobility app, One Delhi, to ease the daily travel of local commuters.

14 Feb 2019

Jammu And Kashmir

Delhi: Rains lash the national capital; 10 trains delayed

After hailstorms and rain lashed Delhi-NCR last week, parts of the national capital were once again battered by rains on Thursday.

03 Feb 2019


Bangkok residents coughing blood due to smog. Is Delhi next?

In what will come as a warning to Delhiites, air pollution in Thailand is reportedly in its worst state as it is causing people to cough up blood.

23 Jan 2019

Air Pollution

After a day of relief, Delhi air quality deteriorating again

A day after heavy rains and hailstorms lashed Delhi and washed away some of the air pollution, air quality in the national capital has started deteriorating yet again.

12 Jan 2019

Greater Noida

Air quality 'severe' in Delhi, rainfall may bring respite

Delhi's air quality was recorded in the severe category today due to reduced wind speed even as authorities have forecast rainfall in the next couple of days.

07 Jan 2019

Delhi Weather

Delhi's air improves after rainfall but remains 'very poor'

Delhi recorded its lowest pollution levels this year today after rains washed away the pollutants and cleansed the air, but the air quality still remained in the very poor category, the authorities said.

06 Jan 2019


Rainfall brings pollution level to year's lowest in Delhi

Delhi recorded its lowest pollution level of the year today after a spell of rain but the air quality remained in the very poor category.

05 Jan 2019

Uttar Pradesh

Delhi's air quality worsens again, turns 'severe'

Delhi's air quality deteriorated again to the severe category today due to unfavorable meteorological conditions after showing a slight improvement yesterday.

02 Jan 2019


Conditions unfavorable for pollutant dispersion, Delhi's air turns 'severe' today

Delhi's air quality turned severe today due to adverse meteorological conditions that remained unfavorable for dispersion of pollutants.

01 Jan 2019

Air Pollution

Delhi records 'severe' air quality for the third consecutive day

For the third consecutive day, the air quality in the national capital was in the severe category today.

#NewYearsEve: Delhiites burst firecrackers throwing SC-order out of the window

Even as the national capital continued its battle with toxic air, several instances of firecracker bursting, before and after the time limit fixed by the apex court, were observed in Delhi-NCR during New Year celebrations.

30 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Attention, Delhiites! City's air quality slips into 'severe' category

Delhi's air quality slipped into the severe category today due to unfavorable meteorological conditions slowing down dispersion of pollutants, authorities said.

24 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Delhi's pollution level remains 'severe' for third consecutive day

Pollution in Delhi remained in the severe level for the third consecutive day, as wind speed and other meteorological factors remained "highly unfavorable" for dispersion of pollutants today, according to authorities.

23 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Attention Delhiites! City's AQI worsens, CPCB suggests minimum outdoor exposure

A Central Pollution Control Board-led task force has advised people to minimize outdoor exposure for the next three to five days and avoid using private vehicles, with Delhi's air quality slipping to the severe category.

22 Dec 2018


With smog covering around, Delhi's air quality turns 'severe'

Delhi's air quality deteriorated to severe category today as a cover of smog surrounded the national capital and prevented dispersion of pollutants, authorities said.

12 Dec 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air-quality remains 'severe', mild rain adds to pollution woes

Thick haze engulfed Delhi today as air quality in the national capital remained severe for the third consecutive day with mild rains further adding to pollution woes, authorities said.

#DelhiAirPollution: Delhi government fined Rs. 25cr for not curbing pollution

At a time when the national capital is choking on "very poor" air, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) imposed a Rs. 25 crore fine on the Delhi Government for failing to curb pollution.

02 Dec 2018


Delhi's air quality deteriorates, slips to 'very poor' category

Delhi's air quality deteriorated again today and slipped into very poor category due to local pollutants as authorities predicted further increase in pollution level.

27 Nov 2018


As air quality deteriorates, thick haze engulfs the national capital

A thick haze engulfed Delhi as the air quality deteriorated, authorities said today, adding eight areas of the national capital recorded severe pollution level.

26 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

#AirPollution: Best apps to check air quality, pollution levels

As winter sets in, air pollution continues to be a concern for people in Delhi and other parts of North India.

22 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

After slight improvement, Delhi's air quality is now 'poor'

Delhi's air quality showed a slight improvement yesterday due to increased wind speed and settled in the poor category, the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology said.

21 Nov 2018


Delhi's overall air-quality 'very poor', some areas record 'severe' pollution

Delhi's overall air quality remained in the 'very poor' category today, while pollution levels in some areas touched 'severe' levels due to low wind speed, authorities said.

20 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi: Artificial-rain likely this week to clear air of pollutants

In the wake of rising pollution level in Delhi, authorities might seed clouds to induce artificial rain this week to wash away toxic pollutants in the air.

19 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi continues to choke, air quality remains 'very poor'

Delhi's air quality remained in the 'very poor' category due to slow wind speed and high humidity today, authorities said.

16 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

After short relief, Delhi's air-quality slips to 'very poor'

After a brief respite, Delhi's air quality deteriorated again to 'very poor' category today as the dispersion of pollutants slowed down.

11 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air quality remains severe due to unfavourable weather conditions

Delhi's air quality remained in the "severe" category today owing to unfavorable weather conditions and a significant increase in contribution from stubble burning, authorities said.

10 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air quality improves from 'severe' to 'very poor'

Days after Delhi witnessed 'severe' air quality post-Diwali, its air quality improved today to 'very poor' category, after local pollutants "reduced significantly" and the contribution from stubble burning remained "marginal" due to wind speed, authorities said.

09 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi air sees improvement, quality remains 'severe' however

Delhi's pollution level remained 'severe' for the second day, as a thick haze engulfed the national capital, even as the authorities said there was a significant improvement in the air quality as compared to yesterday.

Post-Diwali morning: Delhi's air quality worst this year, as expected

Delhi recorded its worst air quality of the year the morning after Diwali, as the pollution level entered "severe-plus emergency" category, due to rampant bursting of toxic firecrackers, authorities said today.

06 Nov 2018


People protest outside Environment Ministry office against increasing pollution

A group of people gathered outside the office of the Environment Ministry today to protest the alarming rise in the pollution level that has raised health concerns.