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01 Nov 2022

Air Quality Index

#NewsBytesExplainer: What is AQI? How is it measured?

The smoke of Diwali firecrackers has settled everywhere but in New Delhi. Stubble burning and the after-effects of the "festival of lights" have the national capital reeling under air pollution.

01 Sep 2020

Air Quality Index

Side-effect of lockdown: Delhi's air cleanest in 5 years

On Tuesday morning, Delhi's air quality improved to the "good" category, following favorable wind speed and good rainfall during the last month.

23 Aug 2020

Hindustan Times

Delhi's air quality likely to become 'good' as rains continue

Delhi's air quality may improve to 'good' this week as the national capital has received heavy rainfall this monsoon.

14 Feb 2020


Should more Indian cities adopt 'Honk More, Wait More'?

Recently, the Mumbai Police introduced a scheme to discipline reckless honkers at traffic signals: 'Honk More, Wait More'.

Better kill Delhiites with explosives, end suffering: SC on #DelhiPollution

On Monday, the Supreme Court pulled up the Central and Delhi governments for not taking action against the deteriorating air quality in the national capital.

Skies cleared up, no need to reintroduce odd-even, says Kejriwal

On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there is no need to extend the odd-even road rationing scheme for now as the air in the national capital has started clearing up.

04 Nov 2019

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

As pollution breaks records, odd-even scheme starts in Delhi today

Delhi is dealing with a grave situation with residents looking towards governments, both Centre and State, to give them a reprieve from air pollution.

17 Jul 2019

Air Pollution

IIT-Delhi working on projects to track, monitor air pollution levels

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is developing a slew of solutions at its Center of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) for tracking and reducing the air pollution levels in the city.

12 Jan 2019

Greater Noida

Air quality 'severe' in Delhi, rainfall may bring respite

Delhi's air quality was recorded in the severe category today due to reduced wind speed even as authorities have forecast rainfall in the next couple of days.

07 Jan 2019

Delhi Weather

Delhi's air improves after rainfall but remains 'very poor'

Delhi recorded its lowest pollution levels this year today after rains washed away the pollutants and cleansed the air, but the air quality still remained in the very poor category, the authorities said.

06 Jan 2019


Rainfall brings pollution level to year's lowest in Delhi

Delhi recorded its lowest pollution level of the year today after a spell of rain but the air quality remained in the very poor category.

05 Jan 2019

Uttar Pradesh

Delhi's air quality worsens again, turns 'severe'

Delhi's air quality deteriorated again to the severe category today due to unfavorable meteorological conditions after showing a slight improvement yesterday.

02 Jan 2019

Air Quality Index

Conditions unfavorable for pollutant dispersion, Delhi's air turns 'severe' today

Delhi's air quality turned severe today due to adverse meteorological conditions that remained unfavorable for dispersion of pollutants.

01 Jan 2019

Air Pollution

Delhi records 'severe' air quality for the third consecutive day

For the third consecutive day, the air quality in the national capital was in the severe category today.

#NewYearsEve: Delhiites burst firecrackers throwing SC-order out of the window

Even as the national capital continued its battle with toxic air, several instances of firecracker bursting, before and after the time limit fixed by the apex court, were observed in Delhi-NCR during New Year celebrations.

30 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Attention, Delhiites! City's air quality slips into 'severe' category

Delhi's air quality slipped into the severe category today due to unfavorable meteorological conditions slowing down dispersion of pollutants, authorities said.

29 Dec 2018

Delhi Police

'Ensure implementation of SC order on fire crackers on NY'

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has directed the Delhi Police to ensure the apex court order on burning firecrackers is complied with on New Year.

24 Dec 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi-NCR: EPCA shuts industries, bans construction activities for 3 days

The Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) today imposed a three-day ban on industrial activities in pollution hotspots and construction work across Delhi-NCR in view the national capital's severe air quality.

24 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Delhi's pollution level remains 'severe' for third consecutive day

Pollution in Delhi remained in the severe level for the third consecutive day, as wind speed and other meteorological factors remained "highly unfavorable" for dispersion of pollutants today, according to authorities.

23 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Attention Delhiites! City's AQI worsens, CPCB suggests minimum outdoor exposure

A Central Pollution Control Board-led task force has advised people to minimize outdoor exposure for the next three to five days and avoid using private vehicles, with Delhi's air quality slipping to the severe category.

22 Dec 2018

Air Quality Index

With smog covering around, Delhi's air quality turns 'severe'

Delhi's air quality deteriorated to severe category today as a cover of smog surrounded the national capital and prevented dispersion of pollutants, authorities said.

12 Dec 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air-quality remains 'severe', mild rain adds to pollution woes

Thick haze engulfed Delhi today as air quality in the national capital remained severe for the third consecutive day with mild rains further adding to pollution woes, authorities said.

02 Dec 2018

Air Quality Index

Delhi's air quality deteriorates, slips to 'very poor' category

Delhi's air quality deteriorated again today and slipped into very poor category due to local pollutants as authorities predicted further increase in pollution level.

27 Nov 2018


As air quality deteriorates, thick haze engulfs the national capital

A thick haze engulfed Delhi as the air quality deteriorated, authorities said today, adding eight areas of the national capital recorded severe pollution level.

21 Nov 2018

Air Quality Index

Delhi's overall air-quality 'very poor', some areas record 'severe' pollution

Delhi's overall air quality remained in the 'very poor' category today, while pollution levels in some areas touched 'severe' levels due to low wind speed, authorities said.

19 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi continues to choke, air quality remains 'very poor'

Delhi's air quality remained in the 'very poor' category due to slow wind speed and high humidity today, authorities said.

14 Nov 2018


IIT-Kanpur's plan to wash away Delhi's pollution awaits clearance

In an unprecedented approach to tackling pollution in India, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), in collaboration with IIT-Kanpur, had earlier announced plans to wash away Delhi's toxic air using artificial rains.

11 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air quality remains severe due to unfavourable weather conditions

Delhi's air quality remained in the "severe" category today owing to unfavorable weather conditions and a significant increase in contribution from stubble burning, authorities said.

10 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air quality improves from 'severe' to 'very poor'

Days after Delhi witnessed 'severe' air quality post-Diwali, its air quality improved today to 'very poor' category, after local pollutants "reduced significantly" and the contribution from stubble burning remained "marginal" due to wind speed, authorities said.

09 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi air sees improvement, quality remains 'severe' however

Delhi's pollution level remained 'severe' for the second day, as a thick haze engulfed the national capital, even as the authorities said there was a significant improvement in the air quality as compared to yesterday.

08 Nov 2018

Delhi Police

#DelhiPollution: Ban on medium/heavy vehicles entering city, till Nov 11

With Delhi choking on smog and worsening air pollution, the Delhi Police, on the instructions of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), has issued a ban on all heavy and medium vehicles entering the city from Thursday night, starting 11pm.

Delhi: Drunk man sets 18 vehicles on fire, FIR registered

In a bizarre and equally shocking incident, a drunk man set vehicles on fire in Delhi's Madangir area on Tuesday.

04 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air quality improves to 'poor' category

Delhi's air quality continued to improve as today, the pollution level reached to 'poor' category after oscillating between 'very poor' and 'severe' for nearly three weeks.

Social media account created for citizens' complaints: CPCB informs SC

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) today informed the Supreme Court that it has created accounts on Twitter and Facebook where citizens can lodge complaints about Delhi-NCR pollution.

01 Nov 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi: EPCA urges halting private transport for 10 days

With the national capital's air quality poised to enter the 'severe' category on Thursday, the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has urged residents to refrain from using private transport for the first 10 days of November.

30 Oct 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air-quality turns 'severe' for the first time this season

For the first time this season, Delhi's air quality turned "severe" today.

For fireworks after 10: Durex's take on SC-order is creative

The Supreme Court's order, earlier this week, which capped burning crackers in Diwali for only two hours prompted many responses, but the one by Durex takes the cake.

27 Oct 2018

Air Pollution

Shut coal, biomass industries; minimize use of private vehicles: CPCB

Stringent measures, including minimization of private vehicles and shutdown of coal and biomass industries, are recommended by the CPCB-led task force between November 1-10 to deal with the alarming increase of pollution in Delhi.

24 Oct 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi's air-quality slips to 'very poor' at AQI of 312

Delhi's air quality today dipped to 'very poor' barely two days after staying in the 'poor' category.

Delhi: Air quality poor, expected to worsen further

With Diwali just over a couple of weeks away, Delhi's air quality has dropped to the 'poor' category with a pollution cloud hanging over its head.

18 Oct 2018

Manish Sisodia

Delhi: Get 10% discount on using Metro-card in DTC buses

To encourage the use of public transport among commuters amid rising air pollution levels in Delhi, the Delhi Cabinet today approved a proposal by which one can avail 10% discount on using the Metro Card in DTC cluster buses.

18 Oct 2018


Delhi: Air quality remains 'very poor' for second consecutive day

The air quality in Delhi remained "very poor" for the second consecutive day on Thursday, with several areas in the national capital nearing severe levels of the pollution, according to the authorities.

17 Oct 2018

Climate Change

Delhi's air-quality deteriorates to 'very poor' for first-time this season

Delhi's air quality for the first time this season deteriorated to 'very poor' category with several areas in the national capital nearing towards severe levels of pollution, according to authorities.

16 Oct 2018

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi: Emergency action plan rolled out to combat 'worsening' air-pollution

As the air quality in Delhi remains "poor", an emergency action plan has been rolled out which includes steps like banning diesel power generator sets and construction activities.

11 Oct 2018


Ex-IIT Professor GD Agarwal dies during fast-unto-death to save Ganga

Former IIT Kanpur Professor and Ganga activist, 87-year-old GD Agarwal, passed away on Thursday at AIIMS Rishikesh following a four-month-long hunger strike against authorities.

08 Oct 2018

Air Pollution

Wind from stubble burning areas worsens Delhi's air quality

Delhi's air quality has slipped back to poor category due to change in wind direction, which is now flowing from stubble burning areas in Punjab and Haryana, authorities said today.

06 Oct 2018


Delhi's air quality remains poor for second consecutive day

Delhi's air quality remained poor for the second day due to change in wind direction, which is now flowing from the stubble burning areas, authorities said today.

22 Sep 2018


Delhi's air-quality turns 'good' for second time this year: CPCB

Delhi's air quality turned "good", for the second time this year due to the persistent monsoon that washed away pollutants from the air.

NGT directs CPCB to inquire about 51,837 industries in Delhi

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to constitute a committee to inquire about the status of 51,837 industries in the Delhi which are running in residential areas without requisite approvals.

04 Aug 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi air quality to worsen, try and stay indoors

After experiencing relatively good air quality for the past few days, Delhi's pollution levels are to set to increase, thanks to a raging dust storm in Oman.

29 Jul 2018

Air Pollution

Meteorological factors improved Delhi air-quality; source still not addressed: Greenpeace

Noting that air quality in the national capital had improved due to meteorological factors and not by addressing the "source of pollution", Greenpeace India stressed the need for taking comprehensive action to contain such sources for sustained clean air days.

16 Jun 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi: Air-quality improves but pollution-level remains 'severe' for 5th day

Delhi witnessed a decline in its air pollution level on Saturday, but it continued to remain in the "severe" category. Authorities expressed hope that air quality would improve during the day due to dispersion of pollutants.

14 Jun 2018


Air quality in Delhi remains beyond 'severe' for third day

The air quality in Delhi remained beyond the "severe" level for the third-day with the PM10 level beyond 796 in Delhi-NCR and 830 in Delhi, particularly.

13 Jun 2018

Air Pollution

Delhi: Air-quality beyond 'severe' due to dust-storm in western India

The air quality in Delhi today deteriorated beyond the "severe" level because of a ground-level dust storm in western India, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) data showed.

20 May 2018


Stringent guidelines, AMR needed to treat pharma waste: Experts

Experts have said that there is a need for stringent guidelines for the treatment and monitoring of waste discharge from pharmaceutical industries.

05 Dec 2017


NGT slams Delhi government for failing to control air pollution

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) pulled up the Delhi government for not providing an action plan about the steps to curb air pollution.

19 Sep 2017

Climate Change

Bengaluru Lake Frothing: Centre seeks CPCB's response over phosphorus pollution

Bengaluru's Bellandur Lake frothing has turned the Centre's attention to high phosphorus content in laundry detergents, bars, and industrial cleaners.

03 Sep 2017


Delhi: 40-member teams to observe, report on pollution

The Central Pollution Control Board constituted 40 two-member teams to observe and submit daily and weekly reports on the pollution in Delhi over the next four months.

Environmental pollution: SC bans five toxic chemicals in fireworks

The SC has banned five chemicals in fireworks- antimony, lithium, mercury, lead and arsenic -which increase air and noise pollution.

18 May 2017


Parts of the Ganga not even fit for bathing: RTI

Parts of the Ganga, the savior of sinners, are not even fit for bathing, an RTI response has found.

11 May 2017

Delhi Police

Ghaziabad- IPS Officer Sanjeev Tyagi's father found dead at home

On Thursday morning, the father of UP cadre IPS Sanjeev Tyagi was allegedly discovered with a gunshot injury to his head at his Ghaziabad home.

21 Mar 2017


Karnataka witnessed non-PAN transactions worth Rs. 2,710 crore post demonetization

Post demonetization, numerous jewellers, petrol bunk owners, real-estate developers and contractors from Karnataka deposited more than Rs. 2.5lakh in their bank accounts till 30th December, 2016.

08 Nov 2016

Navi Mumbai

All this happened in Mumbai on 8th November

20,000 bikers hit the road to demand reservation for Martha community in education and Government jobs.

19 Aug 2016


CPCB study finds 41 Indian cities with poor air quality

A survey conducted across Indian cities by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) brings to light the alarmingly poor quality of air amongst a large number of cities in the country.