Charles Darwin: News

NCERT scraps evolution, periodic table for high school; experts baffled

In 2018, then-junior education minister Satyapal Singh asserted that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is "scientifically wrong" since none of "our ancestors...saw an ape turning into a man" and called for its removal from the curriculum.

Darwin's autographed document up for auction, could fetch record price

A letter autographed by British naturalist-evolution theorist Charles Darwin has gone up for auction and is believed to fetch a record price.

24 May 2020


Nitish Bharadwaj feels Vyasa's theory of evolution is more relevant

BR Chopra's popular mythological series Vishnu Puran is set to return on TV.

Australia set for action as competitive cricket returns

Competitive cricket is all set to resume in Australia for the first time since coronavirus pandemic caused disruption.

05 Jan 2019

Andhra Pradesh

Kauravas were test tube babies, claims Andhra University head

Speaking at Indian Science Congress on Friday, Andhra University Vice-Chancellor G Nageshwar Rao said Kauravas were test tube babies and Ravana had several airports in Sri Lanka.

01 Jul 2018


People will accept my theory over Darwin's in 20yrs: Minister

Union Minister Satyapal Singh yesterday reiterated his controversial claim, that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is "scientifically wrong," and predicted that his theory would replace the scientist's, "if not today, tomorrow, or 10-20 years later."

21 Mar 2018

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking's funeral at Cambridge church on March 31

The funeral of legendary British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking will be held at a church in Cambridge on March 31, his family has said.

21 Mar 2018

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking to rest in Westminster Abbey near Newton, Darwin

The ashes of renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking will be interred in Westminster Abbey near the graves of celebrated scientists Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

23 Feb 2018


IISER asks students why HRD minister was wrong about evolution

HRD MoS Satyapal Singh's controversial comment on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution has made it to exam question papers in Pune's premier Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER).

20 Jan 2018


Union Minister Satyapal Singh: Darwin's evolution theory is scientifically wrong

Minister of State, in the Human Resource Development (HRD), Satyapal Singh doesn't want Charles Darwin's "theory of evolution" to be taught in schools. But, why is that? Amusingly, he claims that since our ancestors haven't mentioned that they saw an ape turn into a man, the theory is scientifically wrong.