Libya: News

ONGC scrambling to restart Libya operations, scale up in Venezuela

India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is in talks to restart operations in Libya and boost production in Venezuela, according to Sushma Rawat, ONGC's Director of Exploration.

17 Dec 2023


61 migrants, including children, feared drowned off Libyan coast

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced on Saturday that 61 migrants, including children and women, have drowned in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya.

17 Sep 2023

United Nations (UN)

Libya floods: Death toll surges to 11,300, over 10,000 missing

The death toll from the ravaging flooding in Libya's eastern coastal city of Derna surged to 11,300, with over 10,000 still missing, the United Nations (UN) said on Saturday.

15 Sep 2023


Binance aids Libya flood victims with $500,000 BNB token airdrop

In response to the devastating floods in Libya, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced a $500,000 (around Rs. 4.15 crore) BNB token airdrop.

27 Jul 2021


UN: Migrant boat capsizes off Libya, 57 presumed dead

A boat carrying African migrants capsized off Libya's coast Monday, leaving at least 57 people presumed dead, a UN migration official said.

18 Nov 2020

Donald Trump

Why some Muslims voted for Trump, despite his anti-Islam rhetoric

Outgoing United States President Donald Trump has faced a lot of criticism as an anti-Muslim figure.

20 Apr 2019

Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj appeals Indians to evacuate Libyan capital, Tripoli, immediately

Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, yesterday urged Indians living in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli, to evacuate the country immediately.

20 Apr 2019

Donald Trump

Trump, Libyan-warlord Haftar talk on phone, "discuss ongoing counter-terrorism efforts"

US President Donald Trump spoke this week with Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan warlord fighting to capture the capital Tripoli, the White House said yesterday.

09 Apr 2019

Antonio Guterres

UN chief Guterres calls for immediate halt to Libya fighting

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres yesterday strongly condemned the military escalation near Tripoli, the capital city of Libya, and called for an immediate halt to the fighting in the country.

24 Dec 2018


Here are world's safest and most-unsafe travel destinations for 2019

As we are stepping into 2019, we have also started making our travel lists.

30 Mar 2018


Suicide attack hits eastern Libya, eight killed: Security Officer

At least eight people were killed while eight others were injured in a suicide car bombing of a security barricade in eastern Libya on Friday.

02 Feb 2018


90 migrants feared dead as boat capsizes off Libya coast

About 90 migrants are feared dead as an overcrowded boat capsized off the Libyan coast, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.

24 Jan 2018


Dozens killed and wounded in Benghazi twin blasts

At least 33 people, including military personnel and civilians, were killed and dozens more injured in twin blasts near a mosque in Benghazi, Libya.

26 Jul 2017

Emmanuel Macron

Libya peace talks: Rival factions agree to ceasefire

Libyan peace talks achieved a breakthrough after two rival leaders, UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar who controls Libya's eastern coast committed to a conditional ceasefire.

06 Jul 2017


Libya: Field Marshal Haftar announces the 'liberation' of Benghazi

Following violent clashes between Islamist militants and the Libyan National Army (LNA) last week, LNA commander Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar claims to have liberated Mediterranean port of Benghazi.

27 May 2017


Egypt strikes terror camps after attack on Coptic Christians

The Egyptian military has launched airstrikes against "terrorist training camps" in neighboring Libya in retaliation to an attack on Coptic Christians.

20 May 2017

Terror Attack

Libyan militia attacks rival faction-controlled airbase, kills 141 people

At least 141 people were killed in an attack on airbase in south Libya.

11 May 2017


Drugs being smuggled from India to IS terrorists intercepted

A shipload of tramadol, 37 million pills worth $75mn, was on its way from India to Islamic State terrorists in Libya, when it was intercepted by the Italian police.

13 Apr 2017


Slave markets flourishing in Libya: UN Migration Agency Report

A recently released UN migration agency report revealed that increasing number of African migrants traversing through Libya are being trafficked and traded through slave markets in Libya.

02 Mar 2017


UN: Libya is epicentre for migrant child sex abuse

The UN has warned that Libya, from where lakhs of migrants attempt to cross the Mediterranean into Italy, has become an epicentre for migrant child sex abuse.

16 Oct 2016

United Nations (UN)

Attempted coup to overthrow UN-backed government in Libya

Militias from Libya's Tripoli initiated a coup to overthrow the UN-backed 'Unity Government' by seizing important state buildings including Rixos hotel, a complex that houses state council assembly.