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25 Feb 2019


Hackers can use these 4G, 5G vulnerabilities to track you

Security researchers have identified critical vulnerabilities in 4G and 5G networks, bugs that allow hackers to intercept phone calls and use them to track locations.

19 Feb 2019


Shocking! YouTube found recommending soft-core porn videos featuring minors

Once again, YouTube is facing backlash over its content moderation practices.

16 Feb 2019


Soon, Twitter may get Snapchat-like 'News Camera' feature

In a bid to compete with Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is working on a new media-sharing feature.

16 Feb 2019


Twitter doesn't remove direct messages even when you delete them

In a major surprise, a security researcher has discovered Twitter doesn't really remove direct messages from its servers even when you delete them.

07 Feb 2019


Several popular iOS apps found recording screens without user permission

Modern-day apps are known to collect user data to improve their services or to show ads; it is a fairly common practice.

31 Jan 2019


SBI Data Leak: What can you do to stay protected?

Just a few hours ago, India's largest financial institution, the State Bank of India, was found exposing customer data from an unprotected server.

SBI data leaked: Millions of customers' information exposed from server

The largest financial institution of our country, State Bank of India, has leaked data of millions of its customers.

30 Jan 2019


Facebook secretly paid teens to access their messages, browsing history

Once again, Facebook is making headlines for its shady data collection practices.

21 Jan 2019


Soon, Facebook might launch LOL meme app for teens

Over the years, Facebook has been trying to attract young teen users.

10 Jan 2019


Now, post on multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously: Here's how

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram is always testing new and intriguing features.

10 Jan 2019


#BugAlert: Anyone can manipulate Google's search results, spread fake news

A new bug has been flagged in Google, one that can be exploited by anyone to manipulate search results and spread fake news.

07 Jan 2019


Over dozen iPhone apps caught communicating with malware-linked server

Historically, the problem of malicious or fake apps is more pronounced on Android than iOS.

15 Dec 2018


Bug leaks 70 lakh users' photos; Facebook says 'sorry'

Seems like data privacy and Facebook just don't see eye to eye.

12 Dec 2018


Multiple bugs left Microsoft accounts vulnerable to attacks: Details here

A series of bugs left millions of Microsoft accounts - Office, Outlook, Onedrive, etc - vulnerable to attacks.

12 Dec 2018


Google acquires India's hugely popular train tracking app: Details here

In a major move, Google has acquired Sigmoid Labs, the company behind one of India's most popular train tracking app - 'Where Is My Train'.

08 Dec 2018


Soon, Facebook could let you shop from Live Videos

After Instagram's e-commerce-focused moves, Facebook is leveraging its 'Live Video' feature for the purpose of shopping.

20 Nov 2018


Instagram goes after accounts with fake followers, likes: Details here

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram has vowed to combat apps boosting the audience of its users.

18 Nov 2018


Soon, you and your Facebook friends could 'watch videos together'

Facebook appears to be building a new feature for Messenger, one that could let you and your friends 'Watch Videos Together' while chatting.

16 Nov 2018


Facebook Messenger users can now 'unsend' messages: Here's how

Finally, Facebook is rolling out 'unsend' capabilities for its Messenger platform.

15 Nov 2018


This Facebook bug allowed websites to access users' personal information

When it comes Facebook, the news is mostly related to privacy.

10 Nov 2018


Facebook Dating comes to Canada, Thailand: Details here

Nearly two months after taking off in Colombia, Facebook Dating is coming to two new countries - Thailand and Canada.

30 Oct 2018


Twitter could kill the 'Like' button, but not anytime soon

On October 29, The Telegraph reported that Twitter is thinking about removing its heart-shaped 'Like' button as part of an effort to support healthier conversations on the platform.

16 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Dating app for Trump fans leaks users' data on launch-day

A new dating app, meant exclusively for Donald Trump supporters and American conservatives, has found itself in a soup.

30 Jul 2018


Want to learn coding? These 5 apps can help

In an increasingly tech-driven world, coding is certainly a must-have skill even for people with non-technical backgrounds.

02 Jul 2018


Reportedly, China has developed a Star Wars-like laser rifle

If a report by the South China Morning Post is to be believed, we may be pretty close to seeing a mass deployment of Star Wars-like laser rifles.

19 Jun 2018


BitTorrent is being sold for $140mn to blockchain start-up Tron

BitTorrent, one of the most recognizable brands in the world, is reportedly being bought by blockchain-based start-up Tron for a whopping $140mn, according to TechCrunch.

08 May 2018


Instagram rolls out in-app payments feature for commerce

Weeks after launching its "Shoppable Tags" feature, Instagram has quietly rolled-out an in-app payments feature that allows you to make payments without leaving the app.

30 Mar 2018


Instagram restores GIFs after GIPHY re-moderates its library

Instagram has reactivated GIPHY integration to bring back GIFs to its Stories after GIPHY claimed to have reviewed and re-moderated its library, ensuring that its content was safe for the Internet.

04 Mar 2018


Facebook testing voice clip status updates in India

In a bid to bring more people, speaking regional languages, on board, Facebook is beta-testing a micropodcasting feature in India which will enable status updates through voice clips.

09 Jan 2018


Telegram app gearing up to launch own cryptocurrency

Popular private messaging app Telegram is creating its own Blockchain platform "Telegram Open Network" (TON) and native cryptocurrency "Gram" to enable payments on its app and beyond.

11 Dec 2017


Taking public-transport? Google-Maps will tell you where to get off

Ever took public transport and missed your destination while traveling to a new place? Well, Google Maps will now make such journeys less stressful.

06 Oct 2017


Snap CEO says Spectacles sales are 'over 150,000 units'

When Snap launched Spectacles, it didn't hold back from making marketing gimmicks. One of the brilliant ones was the idea of Snapbot vending machines, which would pop up at random places and from which, you could buy Spectacles.

08 Sep 2017


Amazon files for arbitration against fraudulent Kindle Direct authors

Amazon has filed for arbitration against book publishers, authors etc. who allegedly made use of the Kindle Direct Publishing system to inflate sales numbers by unscrupulous means.

21 Aug 2017


Report: Former GE CEO being considered for Uber CEO

Since Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was asked to resign from his post in June, Uber's search for a new CEO has been long and dramatic.

16 Jul 2017


Amazon has been creating a new messaging app in secret

Messaging apps are widely popular and a bunch of them are already available on the market.

15 May 2017


Apple acquires Lattice Data to strengthen its AI base

As an effort to establish a stronghold in the AI business, Apple has now acquired Lattice Data by paying a rumored amount of $200 million.

11 Apr 2017


Google to invest $875 million for curved Pixel screens?

According to reports by the South Korean press, Google is engaged in talks to invest $875 million in LG Display, a world leader in producing screens for smartphones and tablets.

30 Mar 2017


Facebook to launch group chatbots at F8 conference

Facebook's F8 annual global developer conference is set to be held in San Jose from 18th to 19th April.

09 Mar 2017


Tinder Select: The exclusive dating app

According to a TechCrunch report, over the past six months or so, Tinder has been operating a secret, invite-only version of its hugely popular dating app.

02 Nov 2016


Study finds Uber and Lyft guilty of racial discrimination

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that ride-hailing start-ups Lyft and Uber have problems of racial discrimination.