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05 Dec 2022


5 political dramas to binge on OTT

OTT content has become a part of most of our daily lives. From binge-watching shows to watching gripping films, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video have been a constant source of entertainment.

11 Jul 2022


Actors Kate Mara, Jamie Bell are expecting second child together

On Sunday (July 10), Hollywood actor Kate Mara announced on Instagram that she was expecting her second child with her husband and actor Jamie Bell.

27 May 2022


Kevin Spacey charged with sexual offenses against 3 men

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects) has reportedly been charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men.

26 May 2021

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey bags a project, four years after #MeToo allegations

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is returning to acting with an Italian movie titled L'uomo che disegno Dio.

15 Nov 2020


David Fincher becomes a Netflix-exclusive director with 4-year deal

David Fincher has been one of the few Hollywood directors to have had this close an association with any particular OTT streaming platform.

07 May 2020


Kevin Spacey compares his downfall after #MeToo to coronavirus-linked layoffs

Kevin Spacey is making it to the headlines again, not for a good reason, of course.

12 Sep 2019

Washington DC

8 best shows you can stream on web

With the boom of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and others, the language of entertainment has changed.

09 Jan 2019


Love, Death & Robots: David Fincher's upcoming Netflix animated series

Netflix is trying to maintain its position as the premiere streaming platform by adding new and exciting content in the face of increasing competition.

31 Dec 2018

Kevin Spacey

Donning 'Retired since 2017' cap, Spacey delivers pizza to photographer

The season of forgiveness and giving is upon us, as the year ends and disgraced two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey seems to have gotten into the spirit of giving.

28 Dec 2018

Kevin Spacey

Video evidence of Kevin Spacey's alleged sexual assault exists

Kevin Spacey is one of the biggest names to be embroiled in the #MeToo allegations.

25 Dec 2018


Charged with felony sexual assault, Kevin Spacey releases bizarre video

Kevin Spacey was dropped from the role of Frank Underwood in Netflix's original show House of Cards after he got embroiled in controversy over sexual harassment charges.

08 Nov 2018


Robin Wright initially refused to star in 'House of Cards'

Actor Robin Wright recently revealed that she was initially skeptical to star as Claire Underwood in Netflix's hit series 'House of Cards'.

24 Oct 2018


Not "56-inch seena", but a thin-skinned man: The real Modi

If there is one adjective that defines Narendra Modi in totality, it has to be 'Frank Underwood'. Much like Underwood, Modi has 'limited' ethics, wants to win at any cost and the ever-astute man never forgives.

04 Sep 2018


Robin Wright says Kevin Spacey can reform himself

Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey co-starred in Netflix's acclaimed show 'House Of Cards'. They played on-screen power couple, Claire and Frank Underwood.

28 Aug 2018


'House of Cards' to have characters resembling Koch brothers

Netflix's 'House of Cards' airs on November 2 for its sixth and final season.

20 Aug 2018


Kevin Spacey's latest movie earns just $126 on first day

Kevin Spacey used to be one of the most respected names in Hollywood. However, the recent #MeToo allegations led to his mask slipping. Unsurprisingly, his career took a hit.

08 Aug 2018


Netflix announces 'House of Cards' Season 6 release date

Calming anxious fans, Netflix has announced that season 6 of 'House of Cards' will air on November 2. The final season will have 8 episodes, unlike the previous ones which had 13 episodes.

18 Jun 2018


British TV director's Tesla car bursts into flames in LA

After one of its autopilot-capable Model X cars was involved in a fatal car crash a couple of months back, Tesla has found itself in a sticky situation yet again.

06 Mar 2018


'Black Mirror' to be back on Netflix with Season five

There is another good news for all those who binge watch Netflix original series. After the final season of 'House Of Cards' was announced at the Oscars, the teaser of season five of 'Black Mirror' has now been released.

05 Mar 2018


Claire to take charge in 'House of Cards' final season

The teaser of the final season of 'House Of Cards' was unveiled by Netflix during the 90th Academy Awards.

05 Dec 2017


Robin Wright to lead House of Cards season 6

Good news for all the fans of Netflix's flagship series, House of Cards.

31 Oct 2017


Netflix cancels 'House of Cards' over sexual-abuse allegation against Spacey

Netflix has canceled 'House of Cards' after its lead actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment. The sixth season, which releases in 2018, will be its last.

30 Oct 2017


"Spacey made a sexual-advance toward me when I was 14"

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey tweeted on Monday morning apologizing to Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, who accused Spacey of trying to seduce him when he was only 14. He has also admitted that he is gay.

19 Sep 2016

Priyanka Chopra

Game of Thrones breaks records!

Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama series, has broken records for the highest number of Emmy Awards ever won by a fictional series.