Motor Vehicle Act: News

22 May 2024


Pune Porsche accident: Drink driving charges added against teen 

A juvenile court ruled on Wednesday that the 17-year-old boy from Pune who hit two techies with his Porsche and killed them will face charges of drink driving.

21 May 2024

Juvenile Justice Act

Porsche accident: Bar's owner, manager arrested for serving minor liquor

The owner and the manager of a bar in Pune were taken into custody on Tuesday for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor who later caused an accident and killed two people.

28 May 2021


Cyclist slapped with challan for riding on wrong side

In what can be seen as a mix-up or a stringent action, 47-year-old Rajbahadur Yadav was slapped with a challan or court memo under the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act for allegedly riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road in Surat city of Gujarat.

04 Apr 2021


Habitual traffic offenders to be 'named and shamed' in public

Traffic offenders can now be "named and shamed" along with having their licenses revoked.

13 Sep 2019

Delhi Traffic

Truck driver fined Rs. 2L in Delhi; biggest challan yet

Weeks after the amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act, a truck driver in Delhi was slapped with a Rs. 2 lakh fine on Wednesday, the biggest challan yet.

12 Sep 2019


BJP-ruled states reduce hefty traffic fines, and Gadkari isn't happy!

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which governs a large part of the country, has been embarrassed by its own Chief Ministers.

08 Sep 2019


Truck driver fined Rs. 86,500 under new Motor Vehicle Act

In a bizarre piece of news, a truck driver in the Sambalpur district of Odisha was fined a whopping Rs. 86,500 for traffic violations.

03 Sep 2019


#MotorVehiclesAct2019: Delhi man fined Rs. 23,000 for violating traffic rules

Following the implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019, hefty fines have been issued to thousands of people, across the country.

01 Sep 2019

Nitin Gadkari

New #MotorVehicleAct: Rs. 1,000 for jumping red light, and more

Heftier penalties and fines for traffic rule violations come into force today across the country as 63 clauses of the newly-amended Motor Vehicle Act will be implemented from Sunday.

26 Sep 2018


Veteran actor Dalip Tahil rams car into auto-rickshaw; booked

Veteran actor Dalip Tahil was arrested after a car being driven by him allegedly rammed into an auto-rickshaw in suburban Khar of Mumbai, police said today.

08 Apr 2018

Kailash Gahlot

Delhi: 7,219 buses issued challans for flouting pollution norms

A total of 7,219 buses were issued challans for flouting pollution norms in Delhi since the past six years.

07 Apr 2018

Kailash Gahlot

Delhi: Over 7,000 buses booked for flouting pollution norms

Over 7,000 buses, a majority from neighboring states, were booked for flouting pollution norms in the national capital in the last six years, the Delhi government informed the state Assembly.

08 Aug 2017


Amit Shah to help fortify BJP's place in Rajya Sabha

Amit Shah is set to make his grand entry into the Rajya Sabha after the current round of polls.